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    Dice: Re-inventing the Job-board and Social Recruiting Innovation

    in Technology

    How is Dice innovating and moving from a traditional job board to being an innovator in social recruiting?  Join Michael Marlatt as he chats with Dice's SVP of Sales, Elizabeth Schillo, to explore this question as well as many more from this year's mobile recruiting conference in Mountain View, CA.  


    This episode will explore

    Re-invention of Dice
    Talent Sourcing & Engagement Tools (Dice Open Web & #Dice141)
    The mobile job-seeker
    MREC14 Conference (This year's presentation)
    How is Dice innovating and moving from a traditional job board to being an innovator in social recruiting?


    About Our Guest:

    Elizabeth Schillo, SVP of Sales, Dice | @Eschillo1

    Elizabeth Schillo serves as Senior Vice President for Dice and Clearance Jobs, leading all North American sales channels. She is in charge of account management, new business sales, customer-centric sales communication, sales training, new product sales, and strategic partnerships for business development to generate annual results of over $130M. Since joining Dice, the business has successfully launched Open Web™ and Sourcing Concierge offerings to rave customer reviews, resulting in 300+ customers and $1M in sales in the first quarter.


    * Learn more about Dice Open Web

    * Learn how to use #Dice141 for Twitter.  Simply follow these few instructions


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    Finding a Job with Your Phone: Trends in Mobile Recruiting and Freelancing

    in Business

    My guests will be Alex Abelin and Scott Annan.

    Alex is co-founder and CEO of LiquidTalent, comes from a background rooted in internet policy, external relations and community affairs, and digital sales and marketing.  Prior to starting LiquidTalent, Alex worked for Google for over 7 years, from 2005 to 2013. His career was divided between the Sales and Policy departments. In Sales, Alex worked with Fortune 500 companies under the Financial Services vertical. In Policy, Alex held the sought-after position of External Affairs Manager. His duties included building relationships with government officials, managing an investment fund for nonprofit entities, acting as the intermediary between external membership organizations and schools, and producing Google focused seminars and events for key stakeholders. Alex served as the chief architect in developing eight Google sponsored outdoor WiFi networks; the most notable being the Chelsea CIC WiFi network, the largest contiguous NYC WiFi network ever created.

    Scott Annan, Co-founder and COO of LiquidTalent, brings a strong background in finance and entrepreneurship to Liquid Talent. Having begun his career as a financial analyst, Scott swiftly transitioned to the start-up world having co-founded three companies and authored the personal-development book, AIMbitious, which has enjoyed success in startup and college communities.  Scott has a deep interest in mobile technology and the development of mobile applications to make professional and social interactions more frequent and valuable. Through his experience as a student, artist, author, and finance professional, he has developed a keen sense for the ways to integrate design, technology, marketing and financial viability to establish and grow compelling brands.

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    HRExaminer Radio: Ed Newman - The Mobile Recruiting Debate

    in Business

    Rescheduled to Monday 1/13 @4 pm ET

    Ed is an entrepreneur with a deep background in Human Resources and Talent Management. He currently serves as the Vice President of Strategy for iMomentous, a recruiting technology company. Prior to joining iMomentous he was the founder of InsideTMT.com, a community web site designed for people with interests in Talent Management Technology. Ed was also the founder of The Newman Group and served as its President from 1999 through 2007 when it was acquired by Korn/Ferry International.

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    How to reach passive, neutral, and active candidates with real time recruiting

    in Technology

    Jobseekers agree that finding employment is not only difficult but often times frustrating.   Jobr, a new mobile app, simplifies looking for a job in the same way that Tinder has simplified looking for love.  Join Michael Marlatt and Kay Kelison as they chat with TJ Nahigian, CEO at Jobr.  TJ will share how Jobr is helping employers reach passive candidates through real-time recruiting capabilities.


    About Our Guest

    TJ Nahigian | CEO | @tjnahigian

    Currently, I'm helping to build Jobr, a mobile first job matching marketplace. For the last 5 years, I've been investing in tech companies like:
    - Wildfire (acq Google)
    - Clearwater Analytics
    - Nimble Storage (NMBL)
    - Qualtrics
    - Despegar
    - Airwatch (acq VMWare)
    - HotelTonight
    - Snapchat
    - Lyft
    - Avvo
    - Anaplan
    - several unannounced


    About Jobr

    Jobr lets you advance your career by easily browsing for jobs and connecting with employers without the hassle of a formal job search. Engage with recruiters at top companies and only spend time on those interested in hiring you!  Learn more by visiting www.jobrapp.com

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    Instacruit: The Next Big Thing in Mobile Job Search & Networking?

    in Technology

    The global hunt for passive job-seekers is no easy task.  Instacruit, a new mobile recruiting startup, is helping to change the game by making it easier for recruiters and passive-job seekers find each other globally.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Niklas Lerner, Founder and CEO at Instacruit to discuss how jobseekers are finding new career opportunities globally, without having to send out a single application or CV!


    About Our Guest

    Niklas Lerner | @instacruit  | Founder & CEO, Instacruit

    Niklas is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about mobile recruiting and connecting passive jobseekers and recruiters globally.  Niklas is presently the Founder and CEO at Instacruit.  Instacruit is a unique and smart mobile recruiting service that makes it incredibly easy for job-seekers and recruiters to connect globally. Instacruit is mainly designed to help passive job-seekers become more visible to the recruiting industry and the other way around.

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    How to create and execute on a video interviewing strategy

    in Technology

    According to Forrester Research, it would take 1.8 million words to convey the same value of a one minute video.  Today, videos have become an preferred medium for engaging with audiences online and on mobile devices.  Instead of writing pages of text, videos give you the power to visually communicate your message quickly and efficiently.   

    Today, employers are re-evaluating the traditional hiring process and incorporating video to help shorten the interview process.  During this episode, Michael Marlatt and Kay Kelison will chat with Imo Udom, Co-founder and COO of WePow.  Imo will outline the most effective ways to create and execute on a video interviewing strategy. 


    About Our Guest:

    Imo Udom, Co-founder and COO of WePow

    Imo Udom is the Co-founder and COO of WePow.  WePow is a leader in video interviewing and recruitment communications. Our mobile-native solutions help recruiting teams attract, screen and select better candidates faster. Today, WePow is used by hundreds of organizations all over the world – offering the best and easiest user experience, unparalleled employer branding and mobile-native solutions.

    Delight your candidates, engage your hiring managers and empower your recruiters. Visit http://www.wepow.com/ to learn more about how WePow’s mobile and video interviewing solutions can help your talent acquisition team increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce costs, today.

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    SnapHop: How to maximize your recruiting budget with social and mobile

    in Technology

    Episode Description:

    We know the job-seekers are out there and using smartphones and tablets to explore opportunities.  According to the latest survey from Jobvite, over 70% of job-seekers are now leveraging social media to find opportunities.  However, most employers have yet to fully maximize the potential of social and mobile for greater candidate engagement.


    Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Wen Tian, Co-founder and CEO at SnapHop to explore how to maximize your recruiting budget with social and mobile recruiting.


    About Our Guest:

    Wen Tian | @gosnaphop | Co-founder & CEO, SnapHop

    Wen Tian is a core member of the team at SnapHop, a company that creates innovative talent acquisition solutions. He helps clients leverage best practices in mobile to recruit the best and brightest.

    SnapHop creates innovative talent management solutions that help companies attract, hire and retain the best and brightest.  SnapHop provides Software as a Service solutions that enable companies to rapidly launch mobile talent management solutions that are accessible from smartphones and tablets.

    Site: SnapHop.com

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    Meet nspHire: The Tinder for jobs and freelance work

    in Technology

    Join Michael Marlatt as he chats with the Dan Mullaney and Rasheen Carbin, co-founders of nspHire.  nspHire is a new mobile app enabling jobseekers and employers to easily find and engage eachother.  It's like Tinder for jobs. 


    About Our Guests:

    Dan Mullaney, Co-founder | @nspHire

    Dan Mullaney has two degrees from Georgetown, a BA in Philosophy and an MBA.  He worked for over 8 years in finance in a Business Development role.  He co-founded MBA Project Search, HiredMD, and now nspHire.  Dan's main focus for nspHire is product development and strategic plan formulation.


    Rasheen Carbin, Co-founder & CMO | @rasheencarbin

    Rasheen Carbin has a BS from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.  He worked in finance in a business development capacity and, before nspHire, co-founded MBA Project Search.  For nspHire, Rasheen is key in strategy for marketing and business development.

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    InstaJob: A new mobile app that turns your photos into visual job ads

    in Technology

    What if you could take any picture from your iPhone and instantly turn it into a visual job ad for your business, then easily share it across your social media channels?  Well there's an app for that and its name is InstaJob. Join MREC Talk Radio as we chat with Chris Russell from CareerCloud to discuss Instajob, a newly launched iPhone app designed to help you humanize your company and drive traffic to your career sites.


    About Our Guest

    Chris Russell | @ChrisRussell

    Considered the 'Mad Scientist of Online Recruiting', Chris Russell is an Entrepreneur and a Talent Acquisition Manager who's been working in the online recruiting space since 1999 when he launched his first job board. You can find Chris across social media but especially on Twitter @chrisrussell.


    About InstaJob

    Using InstaJob in your social recruiting will help in three ways. 

    1. More targeted traffic to your career site.

    2. Employment branding through pictures.

    3. Better social engagement.

    InstaJob is currently available only for iOS, an Android app is planned for 2014.  To learn more, visit http://www.careercloud.com/instajob/

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    Marina Byezhanova, Co-Founder of Pronexia Recruiting

    in Jobs

    @Pronexia -- @LINKEDIN -- Company

    I co-founded Pronexia with the aim of changing the face of the industry. Our clients expect a lot from us because we refuse to settle for mediocrity in everything that we do and I look forward to the day when all companies start demanding a lot more, thus forcing the rest of our “competitors” to clean up their act. Mediocrity is a crime – please, don’t be an accomplice.


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    Ivan Casanova blows my mind: Mobile Big Data on Thug Metrics with Bryan Wempen

    in Technology

    Ivan Casanova heads up the marketing and product groups at Jibe, bringing more than 20 years experience in enterprise software marketing and product management. He joined Jibe from TIBCO Software, a $1B+ infrastructure software company, where he served as VP Marketing for five years. Before TIBCO, Ivan was CMO at DataSynapse, the NYC technology startup that pioneered new ways for financial institutions to leverage distributed computing.

    Ivan lives on Long Island with his wife, two sons and new puppy. When not working he likes to relax by playing golf and watching his son play soccer.