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    Holiday Travel Made Easy with Mobile Apps

    in Technology

    In this episode of Mobile Insights Radio with Peter Biddle, listeners will learn how to travel easy this holiday season with mobile apps that  streamline and improve the travel experience.
    Peter will be joined by ReeD Martin, Director of Design & User Experience at Mobiata, a startup acquired by Expedia in 2010,  to discuss mobile apps, and tips and tricks for travelers this holiday season.
    MashUp Radio with Peter Biddle is an online radio program that brings together a variety of perspectives to discuss the fusion of technology, life, culture and science and is hosted by Peter Biddle, an Intel engineer and executive.

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    Mobile Apps under Attack – New Frontiers for Securing Mobile Applications

    in Technology

    In this podcast, Caleb talks with Jukka Alanen about how mobile apps are under attack, how apps are being exploited by hackers, and what organizations can do safeguard their brands, data, IP, and revenue while developing and releasing new mobile apps. Already 78% of Top 100 iOS and Android apps have been found as hacked, rogue versions, and industry organizations across OWASP, security consultancies, and analysts have started recommending new protection measures. Jukka Alanen is Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Arxan Technologies, Inc, a security company that specializes in Application Protection. Recently, IBM and Arxan announced a new preventive security solution that extends the IBM portfolio to app hardening and run-time protection. 

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    Tough Talk with Mobile Apps for Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone and his guests Alex Genadinik

    Alex Genadinik is an author of two business books, and the creator of some of the top mobile apps for planning and starting a business on iOS, Android and the Kindle with 350,000+ downloads. Alex's books and apps cover topics that entrepreneurs struggle with the most such as business ideas, planning a business, marketing, and raising money. Alex has a B.S in Computer Science from San Jose State University. Problemio.com creates products to help entrepreneurs build their businesses successfully. Problemio.com has been around for almost 2 years http://www.problemio.com/

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    Mobile Apps

    in Internet

    Tonight Luis returns aftering being out a week with the flu. The two hosts discuss the world of mobile apps, and the future viability of mobile apps in multiple industries.

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    Mobile Apps Made Easy

    in Business

    Dr. Ash Nadkarni, is a resident physician in the department of Psychiatry at Boston Medical Center and the co-founder of Appguppy Mobile, a service that helps people design and distribute cross-platform mobile applications in 5 mintues. Cynthia chats with Dr. Nadkarni to find what new with mobile apps and new innovations we can look forward to seeing in 2012. Join us for lunch on March 20, 2012 at 11:30AM CST on The C-Radio Show.

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    Investing Through Mobile Apps

    in News

    There's a growing number of apps out there that will help you invest and don't forget these hidden costs when buying a home. WSJ's Mathew Passy reports.

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    The Latest In Voice Authentication Mobile Apps - Introducing "MyVoiceKeepass"

    in Technology

    We have been interviewing many people high level executives in the Voice Authentication field.  This is not surprising, as Voice Authentication is starting to be recognized as a very viable Biometric technology, and holds great promise for securing smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and all sorts of other wireless devices.  For instance, if you are in a rush, using fingeprint recognition may take longer than expected, and many people are still squeamish about having their irises scanned.  But with Voice Authentication, all you have to do is merely speak into your iPhone or Android device, and within a second or less, it will unlock for you.  In this radio show, we interview Mr. Brendan Treacy, CEO of VRAI Mobile, based out of the United Kingdom.  They have developed a very unique app called the 'MyVoiceKeepass", which protects your wireless device.  But more than that, along with Voice Authentication, you can use the other, various "unlocking" mechanisms this app possesses, thus, creating a totall safe and secure environment.  Find out more about this very unique app in this interview!

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    Mobile Apps for Business Success with Alex Genadinik

    in Technology

    Host Stacie Walker and guest Alex Genadinik talk about his mobile app customized for business planning and ideas, fundraising,and marketing. Alex is the founder of Problemio, a mobile app company that helps new and existing entrepreneurs create stronger companies for long term success.
    Now Accepting Guest Interview Requests
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    Pharma Brand Ads Within Mobile Apps

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    Myrbetriq®'s Advertising Partnership with RunPee App

    Pharmaguy interviews Walt Johnston, Vice President of US Marketing and New Product Planning, and Emily Sitrin Mason, Consumer Marketing Director - Urology Franchise, at Astellas (see Bios). We discuss a new partnership with Astellas Pharma US and the RunPee mobile app as part of the company's marketing campaign for Myrbetriq® (mirabegron) featuring an animated bladder character. 

    The RunPee app is a movie-viewing app that tells you the best time to "run and pee" without missing the best scenes. While the ultimate goal is to encourage individuals to speak with a health care professional about overactive bladder (OAB), Astellas is encouraging those who experience symptoms of OAB to enjoy the movies this summer and download the app to determine the best time to use the restroom during movies if needed. 

    Questions/Topics of Discussion

    Give us a little background about this partnership. Why did Astellas decide to partner with RunPee?
    Describe how the app works
    Are branded Myrbetriq® ads served up within the app? Describe how that is done.
    What is the target audience for Myrbetriq® and how does the app help you reach this audience?
    What are are the KPIs for this campaign? Has it been successful so far? What data can you share with us?
    What have you learned from this partnership?

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    Your Own Web Tech, Software, Mobile Apps Or Software Service

    in Business

    Please join me as I interview Mr. Hooman Mardohki, founder of WPDevClass. We will be discussing how the average online enterpreneur can easily learn computer programming and start his own tech development business, perhaps someday selling it for a fortune.   At WPDevClass, Hooman teaches students a few essential software languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript), then how to create mobile apps, software services, WordPress Plug-ins, WordPress Themes, and he also teaches the business side of running a tech oriented company.   I’m currently enrolled in Hooman’s training and actually feel VERY comfortable reading and creating powerful software!   Hooman has mastered 16 or so different computer languages, and makes learning  fun and intuitive.  He can literally have you reading code in 20 minutes!   Tune in and open up a whole new world!   Watch three short video tutorial by clicking here.

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    What Mobile Apps Do For Business

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    Many offline businesses have not experienced the massive viral capability that the web offers for even local businesses to take the opportunity increase their customers base and build loyal customers.  With mobile apps the evidence is clear.  The whole world is going mobile and with 80% of the US populayion with cell phones you can see how in the US alone the potential is staggering for increased profits, sales, and  higher customer retention.  Just imagine wht your sales force could do with a mobile app for the business.  After this sho you will be able to see the potential in what you can do and how you can build your business using apps.
    What we do at The App Shoppe is simple. We tell your story, we breathe life into you online presence. When we tell your story people listen. We support the growth of your business through technology and homegrown support. We are the App makers. Join us in the App Revolution TODAY! http://eepurl.com/hlQeQ

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