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  • 01:22

    Minnesota's Black Leadership goes Incognegro

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    With the latest news on the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights and Minnesota's Department of Transportations total rejection of Minnesota's black contractors, you would think someone in the black leadership cast would stand up and say something...

    Join Ron and Don on the The Ron and Don Show as we welcome special guest Lennie Chism and others to talk about the killing fields of process that have rejected the black community and how no black leaders have said a word. 

  • 01:29

    The Ron and Don Show: Evaluation of Black Leadership

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    This show will be one of hot issues regarding the dysfuction of black leadership locally here Minnesota and nationally.
    Just recently a 9-year-old boy was found hung (lynched) in a back yard in the most crime ridden area of Minneapolis - north Minneapolis. There are many unaswered questions about the boy including who is mother and father are; his point of origin and why people are collecting money to send his remains back to Chicago. Who is the Beatiful Foundation and who opened the account at Wells Fargo. How much was raise? Communnity spokespersons and sources tell us a flight has been booked for the dead child, but they still need money to pay for the ticket. Anyone that has ever boarded an airplane knows you cannot book anything without a payment. Now whose zooming who?
    The Vikings Stadium and clandestine meetings. (see www.ourblacknews.com) MnDOT and a raise for failure.. We have a full show and hope you tune in today (Saturday).

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    The Ron and Don Show: The HOT ISSUE Program

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    View Mr. Ronald A. Edward and Don Allen's clip from the Power of Unity Summit in St. Paul. For more information visit www.councilonblackminnesotans.info
    See the clip here: http://vimeo.com/69314635
    Today's program will deal with current local and national issues from the ongoing MnDOT scandal to the historic US Supreme Court desision that has put civil rights and voter ID back on the map.
    This is an 90-minute program and we encourage listers to call in and participate.
    Topics and questions:
    Metro Transit and Black Youth: Is there too much disrespect happening on buses? Edward Snowden: Is he a trader or hero? MN State Rep Ryan Winkler: Was it okay for him to call US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom and should he resign? Minnesota Vikings stadium and contract workforce compliance. The Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights: Rush em or Flush em? Velme Korbel exclusive - no monitoring on the People's Stadium. Minneapolis Public Schools new CEO: Do we need Sup. Johnson? Tune in for this and more...

  • Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights...BUSTED (Again)...MnDOT Too!

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    There is compelling evidence the Minnepolis Department of Civil Rights is not functioning as intended. Join the team of Ronald A. Edwards (Black Focus), and Don Allen (Our Black News) as we welcome special guest Ms. Michelle Gross from Citizens United Against Police Brutality (CUPB) as she explains what is happening within Minneapolis' civil rights construct and how the Civilian Review department is more like a get out of trouble free card for police, politicians, civil rights staff and the mayor of Minneapolis.

    Also we will talk about the Minnexota Department of Transportation and how after 23 years, still no compliance according to the latest reports...their reports. What's next for Kim Collins and her department and how will the business of inclusion happen at MnDOT?

    This and a whole lot more on Wednesday night!

  • 01:33

    ON POINT with Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen

    in Current Events

    The firing of MDCR Corky Taylor. MnDOT's $715.00 Northside Community Response Team The PEW Report - Black Families are broke. and much, much more... News, Politics, Accountibility, Community and Current Affairs. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • 01:00

    Chronic disease; economics of infrastructure

    in Politics Conservative

    Dr Ken Thorpe of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease; King Banaian on MnDOT funding

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