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    Episode 106: Memphis Legend MJG

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    Finally after having Ball on many episodes ago we get the other half of the legendary Memphis duo MJG 

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    DJ Nia Boom welcomes The Legendary "MJG"

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    Get Ready Fam! the one and only MJG from the legendary Memphis duo EightBall & MJG  will be joining me LIVE! Tune In and Call 323-443-7518 or hit me up in the Chat Room with your questions and Comments Let's Go! 

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    Die4 Radio always playing the best Hip Hop from all over!!!! Join the experience and rock out with your boy Diar Lansky & the Die4 Team!!!! Tonight's Special Guests will be Kool G Rap, A+(Souls Of Mischief), CMG(The Conscious Daughters) & MJG .... Call in number 646-200-4945 - 8:30pm PST!!!! Press 1 To Speak With The Host!!!!!

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    HTLV Radio – Highlighting Rameen Aminzadeh (Filmmaker)

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    Rameen Aminzadeh, the Chief Operating Officer of Beats, Rhymes and Relief, is highly recognized Filmmaker with over 17 years of experience directing, editing and producing film, television, and live concerts across the nation. His work has been featured on Discovery ID, A&E Network, The History Channel, National Geographic, MTV, TLC, and ABC. He has worked with artists including Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, The Outlaws, Nas, The Black Knights, Creed, Mandy Moore, Brittany Spears, Henry Rollins, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, Eight Ball & MJG, 36 Mafia, as well as countless underground hip hop and rock groups nationwide.

    The purpose of Beats, Rhymes and Relief, is to utilize music to create a neutral, apolitical and secular environment to being people diverse people together united around a larger cause, while celebrating our common humanity. Music is the conduit. Through appreciation of music, we can each play a role in contributing to alleviating poverty, suffering and disaster globally.

    Please join Mz. Jai and Tea Time for an indepth interview with this highly experience film maker on Monday, February 16, 2015, at 7:00pm PST/10:00pm EST.

    Listen and comment by phone by dialing (646)200-3148.  Or listen online at: http://www.hottopicstalkradio.com/htlv-radio.html or listen and join the chatroom conversation at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tbreedlove


    *The HTLV Radio and the HTTR Network is sponsored by Shades of Afrika (Corona, CA & Long Beach, CA)

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    Michael "5000" Watts interviews on Audiofix

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    Tune in as Audiofix interviews CEO, DJ and Chopped and Screwed Ambassador Michael "5000" Watts.

    Known primarily for his chopped and screwed Swisha House remixes, Watts has successfully turned regional mix tape distribution into a record label empire. 2005 brought about national notoriety for Michael “5000” Watts. His company,Swisha House, celebrated with the chart topping victories of Houston hip-hop rookies turned luminaries Paul Wall (The People’s Champ, 2005) and Mike Jones (Who Is Mike Jones, 2005) as well as a number of highly acclaimed independent releases featuring a gifted mass of up and coming artists including the unforgettable The Day Hell Broke Loose: Parts 1 & 2 (1999, 2003).

    He quickly moved on to become a household name on the streets of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The rest of the nation has officially adopted the sound of a genre in itself, chopped and screwed music. Also to his accomplishments, Watts adds being the first DJ to have a screwed and chopped major label CD when he remixed Eightball & MJG’s Space Age 4 Eva in 2001.He followed this feat with the release of David Banner’s Mississippi: The Album.

    I have a mix show that I’m doing on KBXX 97.9 The Box in Houston, Tx. every Sunday 9:00pm-11:00pm and we do straight Swisha House mixes, screwed and chopped. I’m dedicated to doing those shows every week. I try to make sure I stay in the streets and in touch with what’s going on.”  says Watts

    Now he’s starting a new venture in his career by teaming up with Tx electronic music master Badbowy BMC Trill Step. Trill Step is a southern version of Dub Step created by Badbowy BMC. The first mix Return 2 Trill Step is available on line now.



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    Interview w/ Underground Rap Legend @SonnySpoon3000!

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    As an independent artist Sonny has recorded a total of nine albums and has collaborated with hip hop heavy weights such as T.I., Cee-lo Green, Field Mob, 8-Ball & MJG, Bun-B and Young Jeezy. He is also globally known for his hit single "The Dirty Bird," written for the Atlanta Falcons during their Super Bowl run in 1998. His new album Back to Work was released in 2011.

    For more on Soony Spoon check out our Blog at http://TheSashaMarinaShow.com


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    We will live Atlanta own Sonny Spoon here on Dagrahyndmusic radio

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    Sonny Spoon


    Georgia rap legend Sonny Spoon is an extremely diverse artist with many talents. Born and raised in the city of Macon, Sonny Spoon has worked diligently to make a name for himself and put his city on the map. His career began at the tender age of 14 when he started performing at local talent shows and gaining the confidence of his peers and elders as a creative story teller through music. His lyrics reflect the pain of young black males being raised in the deep south and the trials they endure while seeking to maintain a positive perspective and become successful. No stranger to the streets, Sonny’s music truly imitates the life he lives.

    As an independent artist Sonny has recorded a total of nine albums and has collaborated with hip hop heavy weights such as T.I., Cee-lo Green, Field Mob, 8-Ball & MJG, Bun-B and Young Jeezy. He is also globally known for his hit single "The Dirty Bird," written for the Atlanta Falcons during their Super Bowl run in 1998. His new album Back to Work was released in 2011.

    Sonny Spoon was well on his way to stardom when his career was suddenly derailed because of his incarceration for narcotics and weapons possession in 2003. Upon his release from the federal prison system, Sonny Spoon has been on a mission to ensure that other young people are aware of the consequences of bad decision making. He has worked diligently with public schools, non-profit organizations and many independent agencies that would allow him to share his testimony as a deterrent for at risk youth.

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    "The Power of Persuasion" with "Pooh & The Inspirations

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    Join Apostle Natalie Young as she host RHL Ministry Radio's weekly broadcast of  "THE POWER OF PERSUASION " with The Ministry of Pooh & The Inspirations." The apostle and brethren use every argument and persuasion, to lead men to believe in the Lord Jesus, and to act as his disciples. Their zeal and diligence were for the glory of God and the good of the church. ~2 Corinthians 5:12~  Their musical styling is soulful quartet, yet it is shockingly contemporary and futuristic. The group combines live instrumentation with rich vocal harmony and bone-chilling lead vocals. Musical variety and diversity has become a trademark of Pooh & The Inspirations, and the band only continues to earn more recognition and accolades with each new recording and performance. Contact: Manager: Mimi Jones 813-618-7526  Email: info@madizonjonesgroup.com Website: www.madizonjonesgroup.com



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    Interview with Underground Railroad Entertainment Group's Rap Artist Lil A

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    Lil A was born Garrettson AnJuan Duncan and was raised in a small neighborhood about 5 minutes from Memphis called Woodstock.  Rapper, Lil A’s style and flow are based on creativity.  Lil A was inspired by early Memphis music. Lil A played the saxophone as a young boy in Woodstock Middle School. Lil A’s Father Duane Duncan also known as Blasting Cap along with band member Kevin was an early music pioneer  in the early 80's to late 90's and worked with artist such as 8 Ball & MJG & Al Capone.



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    born in Cincinnati Ohio April 1st 1981 at University Hospital the third of three children growing up in the various neighborhood of Cincinnati such as English Woods western hills bond hill Mount Auburn and Over the Rhine Tebo Notes stArted rapping at age 11. He was always a little unsure of what to do with himself until a conversation with his Dad gave him the push he needed to pursue his music career.  His Dad told him he should rap and stay into music since he was always rapping to songs by 2pac and Outzkast. After thay Tebo began entering talent shows charity events performing at birthday parties and any events he could to showcase his gift. He's performed in front of such artists as Camron(Dip Set) Juvenile 8Ball &MJG and Project Pat just to name a few. As his music was getting ready to take off Tebo caught a case and had to put his music on the back burner for a while but he never stopped writing or having a love for music.Out of jail and getting back to the music Tebo created his own style which he calls HARMS.  HARMS is a mix of hip hop and R&B Pop with a little bit of Jazz. A sound Tebo is looking to grace us all with now and in the future. Tebo is a great father of two beautiful sons whom he's also implemented the art of music into their lives. A creative innovative writer and artist who thrives on versatility. Not conforming to one style of music but is committed to working hard and reaching everyone on every level.Never allowing the struggle of life to consume him and keeping a strong faith in God and his dream. Pushing through all the hate and pain.  Tebo continues to reach out and show love to fellow artists even when the love is not returned.  He's striving to reach all goals and beyond greatness to achieve the ultimate goal of success.  

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