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    Mixed Signals & A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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    TONIGHT ON THE EXPERIENCE! We are talking about mixed signals. You know when there is a guy that you like and you do all the cute stuff i.e. texting hearts, kissy faces, sleeping on skype together. What happenes when you find out that hes just not that into you? All this Hot Topics, AND A WONDERFUL ANNOUNCEMENT!

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    Mixed Signals W/ Special Guest Hasani Pettiford

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    Men and women sometimes give mixed signals it can be interpreted as “playing the game” when actually the person often takes it as a sign that they not at all interested and simply gives up.

    Join us with award-winning speaker, TV personality, and published author, Hasani Pettiford, has been a recognized authority on human sexuality, interpersonal relationships, as well as, personal growth and development.

    Hasani’s expert advice has been sought after by national print, radio, online, and television networks including TV-One, Trinity Broadcast Network, Black Entertainment Television, Black Enterprise Magazine and Gospel Today Magazine, CBN, The Wendy Williams Show, The Michael Baisden Show, The Russ Parr Show, Hot 97’s Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers and several other national programs





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    Mixed Signals- What is Risen in Us?

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    In relationships, we don't function well with "mixed signals."  Our affection, actions and motives must be clear.  The same is true with our relationship with God through Christ. 
    To the world we must represent the totality of God in the earth.  Not simply what we want to choose.  Today, as we reflect on the Resurrection of our Lord, we will explore what is really risen in each of us.
    Join us for a powerful time of fellowship!  Call 347-850-8436 to join the discussion

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    Why do so many men make their move so fast? Is it because the ladies send out the wrong signals or do we just read them wrong?

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    Bring Your A Game: A Discussion on Hustlers and Rappers, and Education

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    I’m Lardy Miss Clardy with an announcement! 

    Jan. 24th @ 7:30pm PST, bring you’re A Game.  And the topic that day will be about bringing you’re a Game.  A Mario Van Peebles documentary, with Ice Cube, Sean Combs and Spike Lee; private prisons and how it involves the education gap for blacks and Latino youths.

    Do rappers and hustlers have education, then why do they end up in jail?

    Do rappers and hustlers in the music industry give mixed signals to our youth and young adults about education over rapping and hustling?

    Did rappers and hustlers choose to get quick money to pursue their careers, getting money to buy equipment to be a producer or to pay for studio time to be rappers or singers?

    Do rappers and hustlers practice what they preach? Are they saying the total opposite of what they preach now days, when they were the same ones that dropped out and went to jail?  

    Are our youth and young adults influenced by their lifestyles? the good and the bad?

    What is the chances to become successful as a rapper and hustler?  Think about Jay-Z and Kanye West and 
    Floyd Mayweather, did they have an education?  How did they become so successful? What does education got to do with it?

    How can we stop this...?!?!?!

    Somebody help me with this subject and bring your A GAME!!!

    Watch this video below.


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    BJPenn.Com Radio Marlon Moraes, Kelvin Gastelum, & Javier Vazquez

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    Our first guest Marlon Moraes, is the WSOF Bantamweight Champion and riding an 8 fight win streak. We will talk with Marlon about his upcoming fight against Josh Hill, which is a re-scheduled fight from back in September of last year. We will talk with Marlon about having the bout rescheduled, his opponent, his current win streak, and where he places amongst the worlds other bantamweights. We will discuss who is left for Marlon at 135 inside of WSOF, if he is willing to take catch weight fights, and much more. Follow Marlon on Twitter @MMARLONMORAES

    Our second guest is set to take on Tyron Woodley January 31 at UFC 183. Kelvin Gastelum is on the show and ready to talk his upcoming fight. Kelvin has the biggest fight of his career coming up and we will talk to him about his journey to get here. Kelvin could be the next in line to fight for the title with a big win and we will talk the pressure or motivation that comes with such a fight. The Ultimate Fighter Winner is undefeated and looking to keep it that way, get ready for a great interview and an even better fight. Follow Kelvin on Twitter @KelvinGastelum

    Our last guest for the night Javier Vazquez is set to take on Garry "The Lion Killer" Tonon at the Gracie Nationals. We will talk with Javier about his upcoming match, competing, his career inside the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, and of course how he is staying busy. We will talk with Javi about where his game stacks up inside the current division, how BJJ has changed and where it is headed inside of MMA, his academy, Battle Balm, and the big expansion he just did at his academy. Tune in tonight to hear about it all and follow Javier on Twitter @javiershowtime


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    The Chad Report : Season Seven Episode Three

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    The Chad Report brings you the latest in news, sports and entertainment, mixed with a wide variety of music! On this episode, Chad and Jeff report and discuss topics including the Northeast United States braces for a record setting snowstorm, a new medical report issues a warning that sitting will kill you, Deflategate, Duke head basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski, nabs his 1,000th NCAA win, Rihanna releases new single featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney, Filmmaker, Michael Moore, defends his comments about American Sniper, the top ten albums of the week and much, much more!

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    The Saturday Caribbean Mix Show

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    Dance and Listen to the hottest Caribbean music mixed by DJ Renaldo Creative live. Hear the best Dancehall, Soca, Calypso and Reggae tunes from all over the world. On this episode Renaldo Creative mix the best Dancehall/Reggae tunes. 


    iTunes/PodCast App (iOS): http://bit.ly.rcipod
    Android: Download Beyond Pod on the Google Play Store. After you install it search for "Renaldo Creative Radio".
    Web: www.renaldocreative.com. 

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    The Night Shift w/ @DJKouture

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    Tonight's show I'm going to play a lot of new records and priority records via USA Djs and Cool Runnign Djs!  I'm going to talk the usual hip hop news/ gossip and in addition to the artist advice, I'm adding a exclusive mix segment at the end which is mixed by DJ OK Da General at the 9:45 hour. Topics discussed: Lil Wayne Sorry for the Wait, Pharall and his Simpson's priemere and Iggy Azaela 

    @issaiam feat. Mila J. - Like you

    @frontstree - I wanna See you

    @law_goodlife - I need that 

    @rnbsanga - Champagne

    Efficial - I do

    Cool Amerika - Make sum shake

    Columbia BT - She Crazie

    Diggy feat. French Montana - Aint Bout to do


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    Chatting with Nevea Lane

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    Hey!!!  We're back for a couple of weeks!!  Join us as Nevea Stops in to chat!!!

    Nevea Lane is an author of romance. Her stories will have an element of real mixed with the unexpected and a dose of humor. There is a world out there that is waiting to be explored by authors who love the thought of cultures, ideas and beliefs mingling and letting passion take them where they will. Nevea is one of those explorers. She likes to push the boundaries, and take you further than you would dare on your own. Are you ready for a passion explosion?

    Let her inhabit your imagination and enrich your senses with vivid tales of passion, love and lust.

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    5 Rounds with John and Eddie Episode 36

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    Every Wednesday and Saturday, co-hosts John and Eddie, take their listeners through 5 five minute rounds covering some of the hottest and most controversial topics facing the world of mixed martial arts today. Tune in to every episode to listen to what they have to say as well as to hear some great interviews, events results, and two guys hanging out, just like you. Call in with a question or comment and become part of the conversation.

    Round 1 - Titan FC Aerofest 

    Round 2 - Van Zant and Herrig, the "Hot Girls" fight

    Round 3 - Jose Aldo, TV Star?

    Round 4 - UFC on Fox Preview

    Round 5 - UFC on Fox pick

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