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    Mitzi Weinman-It's About Time -Founder of TimeFinder on Scott Cluthe's P I Radio

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    Scott Cluthe helps you get it together when he's hosts' Mitzi Weinman, Fouder of TimeFinder and author of 

    It's About Time: Transforming Chaos Into Calm, A to Z. Call in with your TimeFinder questions to: 347-308-8478.

    You have the same twenty-four hour day as everyone else. The challenge is making the most of that time—being able to accomplish your goals while also making time for yourself and those you love. In order to do this, you must first accept that you cannot manage time; you can adjust and be flexible. 

    Written in an A-to-Z format with the busy reader in mind, this guidebook seeks to help you reduce stress and boost productivity. Each chapter stands on its own, allowing you to hone in on the things that are most important to you. For instance, chapter J focuses on jump-starting your day; chapter M helps you avoid maxed-out schedules; chapter S encourages you to slow Mitzi Weinman is the founder of down and stop; and chapter W helps TimeFinder, which offers practical you change your approach to waiting. 

    Every chapter concludes with next steps to keep you moving forward. You can turn the chaos in your life into calm and be more organized by taking action and focusing on controlling what you can truly approaches to personal productivity.

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & TimeFinder Mitzi Weinman

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    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Mitzi Weinman. 

    Mitzi Weinman is the founder of TimeFinder, which offers practical approaches to personal productivity. As a coach, workshop leader, and professional speaker, she helps people develop good habits and techniques to reduce stress which can result from not planning, procrastinating, feeling disorganized, and overwhelmed, and rushing to get things done, at work and/or at home. Since 1989, TimeFinder’s programs have provided  ongoing support and professional and personal development to hundreds of companies, individuals and associations including New Balance, Reebok, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Pearson Education and Marriott University. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University and lives in Needham, Massachusetts, with her husband, son and dog.

    this episode Q&A- includes:

    • PCOS- treatment to achieve fertility..

    • cysts? consider dissolving herbs such as red clover or comfrey..

    • varicose veins- witch hazel, plantain oil, fenugreek, horse chestnut and avoid spicey foods

    • how to make hawthorne tincture..

    • Clostridium difficile colitis- slippery elm balls and corn silk infusions..

    • why Susun does not use golden seal.

    • preventing premature rupture of membranes (PPROM).. 

    • yarrow for mouth care..

    • hiatus hernia- explanation and recommendations..

    • marijuana is a magnifier..

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    For Families: Back to School Transition by Mitzi Weinman

    in Education

    For this week’s episode of eFitFamily , Laura London will interview Mitzi Weinman, a dynamic, passionate speaker, trainer and time strategist who inspires her audiences to re-evaluate their approach to work and life, and take actions resulting in a positive impact each and every day. Mitzi realized that the work she does with managers, executives and entrepreneurs, transcends to students. The daily struggles that students and parents have with homework, school projects and over scheduling has led Mitzi to offer programs and coaching to students from elementary and up, as well as parents.
    Her extensive experience in coaching and training comes through clearly in each topic.  Mitzi speaks on a range of subjects including:  Time & Productivity, Projecting an Organized Image, and Building a Balanced Routine to Reduce Stress and Clutter.

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    Sandra Wilson Interviews Mitzi Miller EIC OF EBONY MAG

    in Radio

    Sandra Wilson Show Celebs Interviews Mitzi Miller Editor in Chief of Ebony Magazine. To hear dial 1-347-215-7005

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    Welcome back Mitzi Szereto to Chatting With Sherri

    in Entertainment



    On this special episode of Chatting With Sherri we welcome back Mitzi Szereto. In Darker Edge of Desire, Mitzi Szereto takes the sexualized Gothic and ratchets it up a few notches into the danger zone, opening a door into the darker side of lust and love that only the courageous dare to venture through. 

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    You Matter To Me with Cindy Wilson( Mitzi)

    in Christianity

    Come and join Cindy Wilson as she ministers the Word of the Lord and releases Prophetic words both Corporate and personal.She is looking forward to praying for you here Saturday evening at 8 p.m. central time !! For more about this ministry you can go to   youmattertomeministry.org

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    Fight for Your Write

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, Mitzi Weinman, author of It’s About Time!: Transforming Chasos into Calm, A to Z, shares tips for making this school year the best possible. Spotlight on Moms features Notoya Green of TripletsInTribeca.com. World-renowned literacy expert, author and motivational speaker, Pam Allyn, shares information about BIC Fight for Your Write and why writing is so important. Author of How to Raise a Drug Free Kid, Joseph Califano, Jr., shares tips on talking to your child about drugs. Deneen Renae, Founder of Chalk Project and author of The Wiblets book series, shares how her son is her inspiration.

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    The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray -

    What if Dorian Gray Faked His Death and Led a Secret Life?

      Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s classic novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, Mitzi Szereto’s The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray continues where Wilde left off with the Faustian tale of a man of eternal youth and great physical beauty who lives a life of corruption, decadence, and hedonism.

      The story begins in the bordellos of Jazz-Age Paris, moving to the opium dens of Marrakesh and the alluring anonymity of South America. In his pursuit of sensation and carnal thrills, Dorian’s desires turn increasingly extreme as he leaves behind yet more devastation and death. He ultimately settles in present-day New Orleans, joining forces with a group of like-minded beings known as the Night People. They inadvertently return to Dorian his humanity when he falls in love with a young woman he rescues from becoming their victim.

      Will she be his redemption?

      Or will she be his final curse?

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    #237 - Introducing the 2014 Harlem Book Fair

    in Books

    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show on Friday, June 27th at 2 p.m. (EST) for a LIVE interview with Max Rodriguez, the Founder of the Harlem Book Fair.  2014 marks the 16th Anniversary of the Harlem Book Fair.  This year's festivities take place July 10-12, 2014 in Harlem, NY.  The theme is GLOBAL I AAM: Expanding Self Expression through the Arts. 

    The Harlem Book Fair is the 2nd Tour stop of the 2014 Called to Serve:  Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) and several CAOT authors/members including Yelva Burley, Mitzi Carrasquillo and Myrlande Sauveur will be showcasing their books on July 12th at CAOT's booth at the Harlem Book Fair.  Visit www.2014caot.blogspot.com and click on the "Tour Schedule" tab for more details regarding participating authors from Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT).

    Listen LIVE on Friday, June 27th at 2:00 p.m. (ET) at www.blogtalkkradio.com/christianauthorsontour and call (858) 357-8408 to ask questions of our scheduled guest. 


    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT)


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    Baby Boomer Wisdom with Designer and Author Mitzi Beach

    in Lifestyle

    Award-winning Interior Designer, Author and Baby Boomer Marketing & Lifestyle Specialist, Mitzi Beach gives us her treasured time.  Mitzi, armed with 30+ years' experience and a masters degree in interior design, along with key industry certifications—is ready to do battle with the elephant in the room: the "Silver Tsunami" ready to hit the United States of America.

    The largest & wealthiest demographic in this country is aging. An estimated 12,500 Boomers turn 50 every day, causing unquestionable changes to Social Security, Medicare and, of course, housing. Mitzi firmly believes the Boomers can and must be the generation that changes the way we age in this country and her unique combination of education, expertise and experience—even the Aging in Place principles evidenced throughout her own "Living Lab" home, called Cypress. 

    Mitzi's book "Boomer Smarts Boomer Power" is available on Amazon.com and her speaking experience includes the Antique & Design Center at High Point Furniture Market, national and regional presentations for the National Kitchen & Bath Association and more. 

    Her site, http://mitzibeach.com/ provides "Boomer Smarts" wisdom, cooking, design and lifestyle to increase Living with Wisdom. Workshops- The Living Lab Class, Selling with Wisdom, and The Big 5- provide more Baby Boomer insight and solutions.  

    We look forward to finding the power in the generation that has rocked our world for seven decades!

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    Half Past Dead Paranormal Radio

    in Paranormal

    This Episode is dedicated to our Sister para page ESP, earth bound spirits of the paranormal.  Mitzi Gilliam and Mishka Zon of ESP will be giving free short readings to as many as they can fit into the 30 minute span of the show. Please those who have had readings on the Monday free reading spot give some new people a chance as time will be short. You must give your name and date of birth and you may ask only one direct question. Thanks everyone. Roger Belt Host.

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