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    Health and Wellness Show: A conversation with Dr. Jack Kruse

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    Today we'll be joined by Dr. Jack Kruse.  Some of you know him, some of you love him, some of you can't understand anything he writes about on his monster blog, jackkruse.com.  He burst onto the paleo scene years back with his Leptin prescription and his cold thermogenesis protocol.  During his day job as a neurosurgeon he gets into people's heads and spines and for his side job he busts your brain open with his encyclopedic knowledge of the workings of the human body, circadian rhythms and quantum biology.  We'll cover diet, workings of the mitochondria, the importance of sunlight, water and oxygen and how to biohack your body and environment for optimal function.

    Join us Fridays at 10AM EST.  

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    Cell Danger Response!!! The Bridge Between Stress and Illness!

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    Wondering What Happened to Your Body?

    Wondering Why You are Still Sick?

    On Monday, November 9, 2015 at 8 PM (eastern time) Dr. Jess Armine will explain how stress creates illness. It's called the "Cell Danger Response".

    We have always known that very stressors can create illness in the human body and, frankly, we have given it "lip service".

    Last week Dr. Jess Armine and Shawn Bean attended SHEICON2015 given by Dr. Ben Lynch. Dr. Jess had the honor of boing o0ne of the speakers. The main feature in the entire seminar was the cell danger response and its relationship to mitochondrial dysfunction as well as the degradation of all your bodily processes.

    In other words, the very basis of disease and illness!

    Understanding the cell danger response is the path to healing. This upcoming Monday Dr. Jess Armine will, in his usual manner, make this complex concept easy to understand and fun! (trust me, it wasn't easy)  :-)

    Join us and learn! They'll be plenty of time for questions and answers. Dr. Armine will create a PowerPoint for everyone to follow along.

    We promised you cutting edge research and we are delivering! See you then!

    Here's the pdf: http://goo.gl/NyEJ9U




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    Leaky Cells? Leaky Brain? Leaky Mitochondria? What does it all mean?

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    Have you been told that you have a leaky gut? A leaky brain? or a leaky mitochondria?  What does it all mean??

    Wonder why you are not getting better?

    Womder why you wounds are slow to heal?

    Now's the time to find out! On Monday, 3/24/14 @8pm DST, Dr. Jess Armine will explain the very base pathology that affects everyone with chronic illness. He will explain how the cells get in this predicament, what it does to the healing ability of or body and....most of all....how to heal it on your own!!!

    We have had many great shows people....but this is going to be the most important one of all (so far)!

    Join us for a fascinating lecture followed by a Q&A session!

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    The truth behind gluten & how to power up your mitochondria

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    Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Dr. Joe Pizzorno will be discussing the truth behind gluten and how to power up your mitochondria.

    Dr. Joseph E. Pizzorno, ND, is one of the world's leading authorities on science-based natural medicine. A physician, educator, researcher and expert spokesperson, Dr. Pizzorno is founding president of Bastyr University, America's largest and most successful accredited institution of natural medicine. Licensed as a naturopathic physician in Washington State since 1975, he has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors for his academic, professional and public affairs leadership. Dr. Pizzorno is the author of Total Wellness and co-author of the internationally acclaimed physician's reference Textbook of Natural Medicine. Among his many affiliations, Dr. Pizzorno serves as a board member for the Institute for Functional Medicine and is a contributor to developing the Functional Medicine model.

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    First Contact Radio 4/25/15 Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Flat Earth Interview pt3

    in News

    First Contact Radio 4/25/15 Show #1341 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, April 17 – 25

    UFO News
    UFO Appears In Orbit With Space Station On April 22, 2015

    Updated Message Is Being Sent To Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life


    Dan Aykroyd's New Interview on UFOs, Government Cover Up and More

    New interview with Jim Marrs

    Daily Stories
    First Contact Radio - Mark Sargent - Flat Earth Clues Interview part 2

    Strengthening And Protecting The Aura


    Warrior of the Light -pg 63

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

  • Healthy Ageing Rocks with Dr. Al Sanchez Jr.

    in Health

    Al Sanchez, Jr., a former college instructor, entrepreneur and current president of Amarc Enterprises, is a member for the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research, an organization founded in 2004. After losing both his mother, Julia, and sister, Tina, to colon cancer, he committed to joining his family, friends and colleagues in their quest to find better options, access to information, treatments, and hopefully one day a cure for those stricken with such a devastating disease.

    Al speaks at various health conferences throughout the world and shares with audiences his experience and research presentations on degenerative disease and his knowledge of health that have helped many people find answers, hope and a better quality of life in many situations. He is committed to the Foundation’s mission to seek out promising, validated complimentary/integrative treatment methods, to actively educate the public about them and to support and assist in funding research for development of integrative and safe treatments to help others. He like so many others is dedicated to the belief that we can vastly improve the Health of the World with educated choices, improved diet and life style combined with natural products that can change the lives of our family and friends in our struggle especially in cancer and other degenerative diseases, one person at a time. 


    Toll Free: 800-960-6760

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    Get Your Body Into Balance for the New Year 2015

    in Health

    Host Michael and Theresa discuss Isagenix CBS system of wellness.

    Cleanse (whole body cleansing)

    Balance (balancing your organs, hormones and mitochondria)

    Support (nature sleep and healthy immune function) 

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    5 year old girl with Mood / Aggression / Anxiety / Tics / Constipation. HELP!

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    A new and interesting show!!! A Mom in Australia asked our "merry methylation" detectives to help her little girl.

    She is 5 years old with Mood / Aggression / Anxiety / Tics / Constipation..... What could it be? Is it PANDAS? PANS? Methylation problems? Mitochondrial dysfunction? Or something else?

    On Monday, November 10th at 8PM eastern (USA) , (That is 12 noon, Tuesday Nov 11 in Melbourne OR 11am Tuesday, Nov 11th in Brisbane), Dr. Jess Armine will moderate a discussion group of clinical detectives to help ascertain the root cause(s) and subsequent downstream effects of this little one's malady.

    Our expert anel will include Sterling Hill* (creator of mthfrsupport.com and "Sterling's app"), Clinician Cynthia Smith*, Clinician Shawn Bean*,  and Yours Truly (of course) 

    Special Guest Amy Joy Smith, NP*, PANDAS expert and national speaker on PANDAS has graciously consented to join us!

    Also, Carolyn Ledowsky, ND*, naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist and head of MTHFRsupport AUSTRALIA will also join us.

    It doesn't get better than this people....Tell your friends!

    I would like to express gratitude to the mom who has brought this to us....in my opinion there is no greater love than to place all the "cards on the table" for the whole world to see. We promise to do our very best!

    Join us!!!!!




    *For full Bio's on the expert panel, please go to www.mabim.org

    * For Carolyn Ledowsky's bio, please go to http://www.mthfrsupport.com.au/about/our-team/

    *for Amy Joy Smith NP go to http://hillparkmedicalcenter.com/practitioners/amy-joy-smith-n-p/



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    Repeat Archived Show- MitoSynergy with Charles Barker

    in Health

    My apologies to anyone cathcing the show today live or in podcast as I had technical difficulties and was unable to have my guest, W. Dennis Parker on the show. I will be rescheduling Dennis Parker very soon.  I played an Archived Show, MitoSynergy with Charles Barker as it's one of the favorites from my archived shows.

    Thanks for your patience and stay tune for announcements about Dennis Parker's, Spiritual Mind Management topic!


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    Open Mike Night 2 !!

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    Our last Open Mike Night went so well that we are doing it again!

    This Monday, April 28th at 8pm Eastern Dr. Jess Armine will open the phones again to answer all your burning questions!!!

    There were many callers that we were unable to answer last time, so we made this show 90 min long. Join us and staright answers to tough questions!

    Also, you will meet our new office asistant Meggan who will tell you about our new website and OUR NEW ON-LINE VITAMIN STORE and tell you how you can get 20% off the best vitamins chosen by Shawn Bean and Dr. Jess!  We even have our own GI Repair Kit!!!

    Learn about high dose Vitamin IV's that will be available at the beginning of May via Dr. Kashurba!

    People, this will bea great show!!!! See you there!