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    Awake in the DREAM Radio with Missy Hill

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    "Moving Out of the 7 Chakras & Into the Galactic Chakras"   Laura Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM are pleased to bring YOU; Awake in the DREAM Radio, our next guest is Missy Hill.   Missy Hill is a body worker/licensed massage therapist and does something she calls Galactic Shamanism which is an etheric healing technique, she works with sound healing modalities, flower essences, essential oils and does 12 Tree Grid readings with tarot cards.  She is a paranormal investigator and is the founder of Nite Vision X and takes people star gazing and to look at unexplainable objects, and ufo's with 3rd generation night vision goggles.  She hosts weekly radio show on Blog Talk Radio, Galactic Earth Fusion.  She is a visionary and works in the morphogenetic field through resonance to help people to see the highest event horizon possible.  Missy also works with crystals and the crystal skulls.   contact info hillnitevision@gmail.com   For more information Google "Galactic Earth Fusion" and "Galactic Event Horizon"  

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    The Galactic New Year Window ~2014

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    Catalina Angel is back to discuss with Missy Hill, "The Galactic New Year Window," The window is between July 17th and August 8th, what does this have to do with ancient Egypt? We will bring forth an energetic update for the listening audience as we are at the beginning of the Magnetic Peak Cycle

    . We will discuss the importance of flowing and being flexible with the energies, staying in the moment, Vertical Connection to Our God Source, How to work with Our Multidimensional Light Body Architecture, and anything else that shows up to be discussed in the Present Moment .

    Catalina is a  Galactic Metaphysician, Etheric Surgeon, Artist in Music and Inspirational Activation Paintings. She has a membership website with her inspirational educational materials and a monthly webclass.

    Her Website is http://catalinasangels.com/

    This will be a fun show and we will also talk about her latest Raspberry Pie, bringing forth fun healthy organic vegan recipes as a nutrional support in these times when our bodies are changing so rapidly during the ascension process.

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    ET's and Tea Time with Laura Eisenhower and Dr.Dream

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    Come relax and hang out with host Missy Hill and guests Laura Eisenhower and Dr. Dream as we discuss all things happening on Planet Earth and in the Cosmos. We will get caught up on astrology, and recent alignments and their effect on the consciousness collective. We will get to hear about their recent trip to Italy and other recent engagements.

     We will talk about their upcoming workshop, "Pushing the Envelope of our Divinity," a weekend retreat being held July 25~27 2014, at ufo hot spot~James Gilliland's,  ECETI Ranch Mount Adams, Trout Lake Washington. Another event Aug 8~11, Contact in the Desert, in Joshua Tree, Star Knowledge and more.

    We will delve into the mysterious and the practical. How do we stay balanced and neutral with essential oils as a tool in these times of heightened constant energetic fluxes and changes.

    Grab a cup of afternoon tea and get ready for a Galactivation, Tour of Love, and a Fun Shift in Your Awake Dream NOW!






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    The Science of Soul and Self~ and the Lodge of Light, Black Mountain, NC

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    Missy is finally back on the airwaves!  Missy is being joined by E Ra Sunchild from Helio Soul.

    Those of us who had the priviledge to be a part of the workshop in Black Mountain have been involved in a deeply transformative and clearing time ~seems like life times of clearing and expansion daily.

    We will discuss some of these topics explored at the workshop, Expanding, Growing, Clearing, and Maintaining One's Spherical Field of Light, The Law of Divine Likeness, Why Divine Alignment is so important, the difference between our Individual Soul, Collective Soul and the Soul of the Creator. We will also discuss why this particular setting is so nourishing to our soul and body. In our spare time we can relax, hike the trails, meditate, chant in the dome or walk the labyrinth. We give a much appreciated shout out to Jay Gore our host who preared us wonderful organic breakfast .with homemade bread and granola. Also Missy will share some her talents about organic vegan cooking along with some help from  Asheville's Edenout. At night we enjoyed looking at the night sky with  Missy's 3rd generation night vision goggles. After this show you will surely want to join us in Black Mountain for the next event.

    There are plenty of pictures scroll through for your enjoyment. Many Blessing to all who listen to this show!

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    Activating the Neutral Observation of SELF in the Presence of Love.

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    Franco De Nicola my very special guest is back with us again to discuss," Actvating the Neurtal Observation of the Self in the Presence of Love."  What is Neutral? Well if driving a car neutral means not going forward or backward, just sitting and if one was rolling down hill would not be necessarily be a good thing. However, in Tai Chi and Qi Gong Neutral Stance can be turned into offense while remaining effortless through the art of deflection. What does it mean to remain neutral in our body, as opposed to in offense or defense posture so our nervous system is not all reved and charged up and still be able take action.  Being neutral does not mean doing nothing but our doing does come from a state of being instead of super imposed should's and must's that are mustered from outside forces. We want to free our nevous system from fight or flight and have our brain waves operate in more of an alpha or theta state where anything is possible. Another reason why we need to come back to neutral compassionate witnessing is because so many events are transpiring at once and  almost life times can take place in a matter of days now. How is this form of neutral observation connected to a state of timelessness ? Well we will uncover all these topics and identify having~ Self Love at the Core is the main area of Focus NOW which will bring everything and everyONE1 else into Focus also.

    This will be another Fabulous show with Franco.  For info about events and services with Franco visit: http://www.francodenicola.com


    Summer time is SUN~Solar Power Time visit: http://www.sunshinesimple.com

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    12:25:12 ~ A Special Holiday Broadcast With Guest Missy Hill

    in Spirituality

    MultiDimensional Joy Radio Presents:
    12:25:12 ~ A Special Holiday Broadcast With Guest Missy Hill
    When:  Tuesday December 25th 2012 
    Time:  12noon EST / 9am PST
    Guest:  Missy Hill from Galactic Earth Fusion
    This program is dedicated to discussing the holidays from a crystalline starseed perspective.  Hope you will join us for this very special broadcast ! 
    Missy Hill is a licensed massage & bodywork therapist who practices an etheric healing modality called Galactic Shamanism.  She is also a paranormal investigator and takes people out to look through her 3rd generation night vision goggles in North Carolina.  Plus Missy is a visionary and helps people to see & experience the highest event horizon for the positive ascending timelines.  You can visit her webite at https://sites.google.com/site/galacticeventhorizon/

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    Spring is here! get your Sunshine Simple Solar Generator for the home.

    in Spirituality

    Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere on 4~4~14/ code 144.   Missy is back from Florida and will be joined by Mr. Mobius. The weather is so strange we go right from winter in some states to tornados. Dorothy should have had a Sunshine Simple Solar Generator for the home. Do these strange weather patterns  mean possible power outages? Prices have been lowered on these wonderful genreators~ $200.00 plus free shipping.

    We will talk about all kinds preparedness, Fukushima what is really going on,all kinds of  weird news, especially coming out of the state of Florida. What is the Super Bug? and  Mobius thoughts on the missing Malaysian plane. Missy has a  weird synchronistic  Disney/ Mickey Mouse story and will also give  her thoughts on how to reprogram the sub~conscious mind against negative entropy with a little book called the Oblivious Gods.




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    The Romantic Enchanted Island~with Joshua P.Warren

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    Missy is back from Puerto Rico and joined by guest Joshua P. Warren with exciting news. Something weird and amazing is going on at Laguna Cartegena the ufo lagoon and all of the west side of Puerto Rico~the Rich Port. We will discuss the difference of why time, flows differently on the island, gravitational forces, the largest radio telescope in the world, Aricebo.Why the waters have healing properties. Thje beautiful bio luminescent bays, Gilligans Island, Camuy Caverns and so much more. You will be captivated by the romance and adventure as this island has so much ecological diversity being 35 miles wide by 100 miles long and has so many mountains and hills you could drive around for days and not see all of it.



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    Dispelling the Myth of Coincidence ......with Tim Beckley

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    Carl Jung defined the word Synchronicity in the 1920's as a, "meaningful coincidence."  This phenomena seems to be greatly accelerating for some individuals and today we will discuss why.  I am honored to have special guest a pioneer in Ufology, author and co~author Timothy Green Beckley with his friend Charla to discuss his recent synchronistic events.

    These events also lead to questions of teleportation and time travel. Are we actually illusionists that can materalize things? We will uncover as many things as we can, examples what are Ultra Terrestrials and Power X, may even delve into secret space programs and men in black.

    Tim will also tell about meeting Ralph Lael back in the day, the author of the imfamous little book,"The Brown Mountain Lights." Tim has been on other radio shows like Coast to Coast am with George Noory and Speaking of Strange with Joshua P. Warren.. Buckle up and get ready to have some fun, we may even teleport~Beam us up!:



    Summer time is SUN~SOLAR POWER TIME! visit  http://www.sunshinesimple.com

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    Flow, Fun, Delightful 2014 ~ Missy Hill with Laura & Dr. DREAM

    in Spirituality

    "My guests Dr. Dream and Laura Eisenhower are back on the show and they are fun and delightful. I have called them the most adorable couple. Some topics of interest being astrology and sacred marriage." ~ Missy Hill

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    Month of May~The Integration with Tom Benzian

    in Spirituality

    Tom Benzian from Truth of the Universe is back to discuss the context of the New Energies that have come in just recently in the Month of May. We are being reincrypted at the cellular and DNA level. We will discuss Tom's session work and what he has to offer at this time.

    We are the Game Changers changing the Big Game and the Old Program. We now have the tools and the New Platform of Support. Our 6th Sense is here~hear. Let's play and have some fun!


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