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    The Queen Me Show: Breaking The Curse

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    A curse is any expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or attach to some other entity—one or more persons, a place, or an object. In particular, "curse" may refer to a wish that harm or hurt will be inflicted by any supernatural powers, such as a spell, a prayer, an imprecation, an execration, magic, wichcraft, God, a natural force, or a spirit. In many belief systems, the curse itself (or accompanying ritual) is considered to have some causative force in the result. To reverse or eliminate a curse is called removal or breaking, and is often believed to require equally elaborate rituals or prayers. Why do we believe that if our mothers and grand mothers never married that marriage will not be an option for self? Why do we believe that just because your family has a history of cancer that its possible you will have it too? Why do we believe that curses is placed on us and if we believe do we believe we can break the spell? 

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    Bert Martinez joined by Mary King, Kate White, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Angela Sloan

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    Mary King IRS Problem Solving Attorney and co- author of the book Protect and Defend. Mary’s career as an attorney began in 1993 after graduating from Stetson University College of Law.   Her career in law has primarily focused in IRS problem solving as well as mortgage foreclosure defense

    Dr. Joan Borysenko distinguished pioneer in integrative medicine is a world-renowned expert in the mind/body connection. Her work has been foundational in an international health-care revolution that recognizes the role of meaning, and the spiritual dimensions of life, as an integral part of health and healing. Eloquent and inspiring in settings that range from hospitals to hospices, from theaters to conference venues, and from boardrooms to houses of worship, she is a credible bridge between faith and reason. Her brilliance, humor, and authenticity in combination with the latest research make her a compelling and inspiring speaker and writer

    Kate White the author of I Shouldn't Be Telling You This: How to Ask for the Money, Snag the Promotion, and Create the Career You Deserve, is the former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan, where she increased circulation by 700,000 and took the magazine to #1 on the newsstand. She is also the New York Times bestselling author of ten suspense novels, including the upcoming The Wrong Man

    Angela Sloan CEO and founder of Sloan Financial Group, has dedicated herself to helping her clients secure their financial affairs.  Unfortunately at a young age, she was swindled out of her life savings by her “trusted” advisor.  This misfortune motivated Angela to make it her life’s work to keep bad things from happening to good people

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    So, How Do You Win Before You Begin??


    Think through where you want your efforts to lead before you even begin. Do not assume that the most obvious endgame is the correct one.

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    DEMONS NATURE AND ACTIVITY/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sessions/Marshall Perot

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    Amazon.com: Pat Holliday kindle - Kindle Edition: Books


    Demons can possess: 1. Knowledge, (Mk. 1: 24), Matt. 8: 29-31). 2. Will, (Matt. 12: 44) 3. Emotions, (Jam. 2: 19,) 4. Self-awareness, (Mk. 5: 9). 5. Ability to speak, (Mk. 1: 24). Demons are spirit beings: The demon's primary objective is to rob, kill, and destroy causing loss of peace and harmony. They introduce death, greed, misfortune, suspicion, anxiety, and confusion into human life.. 

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    POETIC LACE on " The Power of Persuasion " hosted by Apostle Natalie Young

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     POETIC LACE on  THE POWER OF PERSUASION " hosted by Apostle Natalie Young " Poetic Lace, real name Le’Serone “Lace” Smith,  The release of the album led to Poetic Lace making guest appearances in the movies “Running” and “Trap Livin’”. Poetic Lace also became the founder and co-host on “Spiritual Warfare Prayer”, a conference prayer line that’s open to everyone across the world. God established Poetic Lace more and more as time grew with invites to minister (perform) all the way to being a featured artist on many websites.  Poetic Lace became the new co-host on The D-Hour Radio Network’s new online radio show “The Covenant Café”. Poetic Lace became a member Pastor Ervin Jones III’s church, Restoration at Life Changing Ministries and his longtime friend, Leezola Coats, became his girlfriend. Shortly after this big move, Poetic Lace was announced to be on Coast2Coast Indie Top 50 Mixtape, number 14 on Modern Beats’ September 2012 Top 20 Independent Artist, number 7 on Hit Talk’s January 2013 Top 20 Independent Artist and other accolades for his hard work . Lace went on to release a segment called “Heart of The Streets”, where he interviewed homeless and misfortune people to make a change in our communities. Announcing that Poetic Lace was casted to play as the role of Sarge in the stage play  "He Wants It All."  Poetic Lace released a new single titled Soul Therapy featuring Transparent and Worshipers Victorious.  Poetic Lace was nominated for The Prayze Factor People’s Choice Award in the category of Holy Hip-Hop Artist of year.  



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    Ep 8: Chamalongos with guest Candelo Kimbisa

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    Join us Thursday Jan 22nd 7pm EST (Friday 9am Japanese Time) at Divination Radio with your hosts, Fiona Benjamin (Chinese-American Diviner) and Michael "Uncle Monkey" Lennon (Cartomancer).

    This week we have the esteemed Candelo Kimbisa of Kimbisa.org and Candelo's Corner radio show coming on to discuss the chamalongo divination system and conduct readings with them. We will also have last week's guest, Robert Lucas, of Ancestor Healing, coming on the show 

    Working with his spirit guides, and using his seasoned knowledge of herbs and plants, ritual ceremonies and songs, Candelo works with the forces of the unseen world to harmonize your energies with those of your ancestors and your own spirit guides, opening new pathways in your life and setting you on the road to greater success in all your endeavors. A gifted medium and diviner, Candelo uses the tools of Kongo shamanism to locate where foreign entities and energies have invaded the client’s aura, a condition which can sap a person’s strength and luck over time, permitting illness,  unease and other forms of misfortune to gain a foothold. His experience manipulating and redirecting these invisible currents of energy gives him the ability to break and clear away malign spiritual influences and bring in positive ancestral guidance so that the client can be restored to the harmonious vibratory state necessary optimal to health, happiness and success.

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    Johnny Watson Show

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    On Last Monday's Show -
    Debuted"Wheel of Misfortune" yet AGAIN! (Technical Difficulties), last week we ended the show with our favorite "Doug White" or "Vanna Dmax" so why not AGAIN. Things were heated up on "Clear The Air" that nearly sent Tina Marie back into depression, but nothing gets to her now, and she threated to sue Facebook Owner. Comedians Chipps Cooney and Joe Carney did a great interview as Steve Irwin and Big Foot. Comedian Natty Bumpercar stopped by the studio. What will we think of next? STAY TUNED. STAY INVOLVED. STAY WATSON.

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    The Johnny Watson Show

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    On Monday's Show -
    Debuting "Wheel of Misfortune", last week we ended the show with our favorite "Doug White" or "Vanna Dmax", things were heated up on "Clear The Air" that nearly sent Tina Marie back into depression, but nothing gets to her now. Who will be the "Blast From The Past" this week? Comedian Natty Bumpercar is coming in studio. Rumors are flying around the network that Bill Cosby might be stopping by to talk about his new tour. What will we think of next? STAY TUNED. STAY INVOLVED. STAY WATSON.

  • Crystal Silence League Hour Episode Seven: Why ME?

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    Reverend Jon Saint Germain is the Voice of the Crystal Silence League, providing Spiritual guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and telepathic contact with people and spirits.Tonight we'll look into how negative self-programming attracts misfortune and can set us up for failure.

    We'll also further examine the origins of New Thought and how Trancedentalism influenced it. Also we'll examine one of the most misquoted Buddhist sayings in history, its origins and how it influence New Thought, Trancedentalism and the technique of Projection.

    Mr. Saint Germain will take calls from listeners and give free readings. Call (657) 383-0525 to participate and press "1" to speak with Mr. Saint Germain.


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    Naomi's Daughters: "Prepared for the MORE"

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    Next on "Naomi's Daughters"

    "Prepared for the MORE"

    A Broadcast brought to you by Kingdom United Ministries Network


    Call in for the LIVE broadcast @ (914) 803-4491 and press (1) to speak with the hosts

    Happy New Year to ALL!  As we enter into a new year, for many of us, it is a time of hope for better days and an attitude of "good writtens" to the old.  We reflect on what  is behind us and take assessments of the fragmentsleft behind.  Was there a purpose for our pain?  Can anything good come out of the heartache, adversity and misfortune of previous years?  Will we ever see the "best days" promised us before the season of adveristy came to try us?

    Join us on the next "Naomi's Daughters" broadcast as we discuss this as well as other topics of this new year.  Invite others and visit our wepage by going to Kingdom United Ministries Network website @ www.kingdomcomenet.com.  You are welcome!



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    The "Misfortune" in the Tarot and Open Lines with 'Johnnie TwoBrows' John Marani

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    The Tarot Talk Show is back with an all-new episode!  Metaphysical Meanderings' blogger and Tarot Reader "Johnnie TwoBrows" John Marani is in the Tarot house!  John is here to discuss the "misfortune" in the Tarot, and how to help clients through it.  The lines will be open, and we will be taking YOUR calls and questions!

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