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    Miscommunication in Relationships: Sexually and Mentally

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    Miscommunication in Relationships: Sexually and Mentally

    Do men and women send mixed signals (miscommunicate) while dating, sexing, or while in marriages, and/or romantic relationships, etc? What would be their logical intentions more likely than not? How big of an issue is it really? Have you ever been a victim or a perpetrator of relationship miscommunication issues? Are they intentional or unrealized when done? Are they usually done for selfish reasons?

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    Ever heard of “partying with consent?”  If you hang around a college campus, that’s the buzz phrase that means you don’t have sex without permission. Sounds easy, right?  But some people (like rapists) just aren’t getting it.  What’s the deal?

    Jonathan Kalin, founder of “Party with Consent,” started the movement to help end sexual assault on college campuses and health masculinities.  He admits that most of the efforts to help curb campus rape has led to confusion and a lot of frustration, and he’s identified three barriers to solving that problem. The idea that sexual assault is simply the result of miscommunication; the fact that there is a real communication problem surrounding sexual consent; and the contradiction of athletics.

    Jonathan travels the US to promote and explain the philosophy behind the Party with Consent movement.

    There’s no denying there is a serious sexual assault issue on campuses. Even the president launched a major campaign last fall to address the problems. So does Jonathan have the answers?

    Tune in Saturday at 11 am Pacific time to hear what he has to say and to ask questions about the problem and what some people are doing about it.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like.


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    Conflict and Miscommunication Across Cultures

    in Culture

    Nina has worked with many cultures in her decades of mediation work. She will share concepts such as the different ways of looking at fairness, how cultures respond to conflict and why they have dissimilar desires as to their goals and outcomes, how people express the same emotion in a variety of ways, and why it is a common mistake to "pretend to be in someone else's shoes".  This very practical 30 minutes will help you understand some of the diversity across cultures that can create problems and explore positive steps in working through the conflict.

    Nina Meierding has assisted in the resolution of thousands of disputes and has conducted training throughout the world, including Canada, Sweden, Ireland, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and India.  She has been an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California  for almost 25 years, as well as Southern Methodist University's Dispute Resolution program for almost 20 years.  For her many years of service and expertise, Nina was awarded the Peacemaker Award in 1992 by the Southern California Mediation Association for her outstanding work in the conflict resolution field and in 2005 she was awarded the John Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award which is an international award given annually by the Association for Conflict Resolution.  In addition to her teaching and training, Nina is the mediation consultant and mediation partner for the Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System (WSEMS).

    For More Information:  Nina Meierding

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    Social Media Miscommunication - Making social media work

    in Motivation

    Social media has its ups and downs! Without emotion behind the words, a lot of misunderstandings can and do occur. This can lead to hurt feelings and ruined friendships. We also discuss cyberbullying and other issues surrounding social media and our modern world. 

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    Relationship Talk with Lynne - Unwrapping the Language of your Spouse

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    Lack of communication is a pivotal downfall of any relationship; be it work or friends.  It is especially crucial with couples.  The Bible notes that "Love conquers all " but it never mentioned it being immune to miscommunication. Like the fact that he felt his gift this year of quality time clearly trumped the Tiffany bracelet you talked about.  Is he being inconsiderate or does he simply not hear you?  Are you being unreasonable or are you both speaking different love languages?  Reflections with Lynne tonight will speak to knowing your spouse's language of love.  Call in...let's talk. 

    Reflections with Lynne - Relationship talks!

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    He Said, She Said (“Miscommunications” & “Misunderstandings” of Men and Women)

    in Relationships

    A lot of times the lines of communication between men and women are disconnected. Sometimes we just don't know how to interpret what each other are saying. Women are said to be "too emotional" and men are "too logical. That’s when the old saying women are from Venus men are from Mars comes into play.  Join us Friday as we discuss "He Said, She Said". As we begin to break down the miscommunication between men and women.

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    Terms and Conditions for dating and relationships?

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    Tonight we are talking with Kinte Indyshowcase about the terms and conditions for dating and relationships. If you are unsure about what dating terms and conditions are all about, tonight's show will clear that up. Most heartache in relationships result from miscommunication.  How do you ensure the person you are dating is on the same page and understands where you are and what works for you? Where does dating stop and a relationship start?

     Kinte is the host of the Mars/Venus Show....

    “Men and Women Talk: the Mars/Venus Show” is a radio show with a panel of women and men talking about issues of the day. This program deals with a wide range of topics such as relationships, Dating being superficial, the workplace, Catfishing and much more.

    Mondays 6pm pst/ 9pm est @ www.indyradio.org •Email: Marsvenspodcast@gmail.com •Voice mail: (662) 771-1306

    Join as we talk about our dating terms and conditions  3479457556 follow Ebony @ http://www.ebonyempresstv.com

    email http://ebonyempressuk@gmail.com


  • 2015 three month overview

    in Dreams

    Using numerolory with month and day of your birthday, a three month overview. Callers can receive a quick look at 2015 covering finance, relationship and general information using month and day of birthday only.  This is a continuation of the last show and I apologize for the miscommunication.  This will give each caller an overview of the new year. Numerology is an interesting science and is used in the bible, with a book called numbers. God's universe is mathmatically precise and numbers do not lie.  If your check book doesn't balance you can usually find it.

    I look forward to speaking with you.

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    "...Things Often Unspoken & Unseen..."

    in Radio

    In this week's episode, the Platinum Queens West family seek to address the ongoing issues that are often gone unspoken or worse...It is believed to stand among the numerous reasons why men and women especially, within the black community. For far too long, many households or the reminants of them, have been damaged by one of many misleading adages; '...what gows in this house stays in this house...'

    Today, we are encouraging unedited and open dialogue in the first of many broadcasts in order to strengthen the often strained and many severed bonds necessary to promote, repair and save ourselves as well as each other...as a people and a nation on the rise.

    The call in number is (347) 884-8239 as we air live every Sunday at 3PM Pacific Standard Time/6PM Eastern Standard Time. See you there...

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    Why Men Don't Listen to Women on What's Right About Men

    in Women

    Today on What's Right About Men? - Why Men Don't Listen to Women.

    If you are a woman have you ever ever asked your boyfriend or husband why don't you ever listen to me?  If you are a man you know the times when you heard the words but aren't listening.  Many times men have difficulty validating and emotionally supporting their wives or girlfriends join us as we share with you some of the reasons behind this behavior.

    Callers are welcome and encouraged:  1-347-205-9869


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    10 tips for useing words powerfully free coaching

    in Spirituality

    Join Scott as we discuss the powr of words.  Communication is one of the most important things we have at our disposal to connect with other people.  Using words carefully to help a person achieve their professional and personal goals.  Learning to speak powerfully will help people avoid miscommunication and help them to be more honest and live authentically.  If you're interested in setting up your discounted coaching session please e-mail at POPERCEPTION@AOL.COM or follow on twitter @poperception you can also call in for your free mini coaching session at 516-590-0357

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