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    Sports Palooza Radio: Justine Gubar talks about the "Fanaticus" in all of us!

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    Fanaticus: Mischief and Madness in the Modern Sports Fan explores the roots of extreme fanaticism, from organized thuggery to digital hate speech. Justine Gubar divulges outrageous and often shocking incidents, including first-hand accounts from both the transgressors and victims. Gubar reaches back into ancient times, providing a history of fan violence throughout the ages before delving into events of misbehavior, violence, and hatred in the United States and around the world. She revisits several notorious riots and tragedies throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America in order to understand mayhem on a global scale. In addition, Gubar investigates the sports leagues and the security and beverage industries so as to explain the roots of fan misbehavior and to dispel common myths that are often invoked to understand the madness. 

    Justine will be our guest today! 


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    The libertarian Perspective on Police Accountability

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    It seems that lately the police have been able to get away with murder.  Literally.  There seems to be little that is being done to hold police officers accountable for their actions.  From minor incidents like the practice of using their emergency lights to run red lights to killing of our pets to the blatant murder of our citizens.  Over the past several years we have seen many examples of police brutality and murders justified by those tasked with investigating these crimes.  But, as we know, when the police investigate themselves, they always find a way to call the misbehavior justified. 

    Tonight, Loki and Robert will discuss this trend in police behavior and offer some solutions to remedy this situation. 

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    Remembering Thomas Jefferson On His Birthday and SCOTUS' Executive Amnesty

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    Searching for the truth, no matter where it leads and committed to help getting our country back on track.  Bill Martinez Live airs Monday thru Friday 9-12a (ET).  Welcome to a very independent and powerful three hours of talk radio.  

    This morning we're remembering our history as we celebrate Thomas Jefferson's birthday.  Our favorite historian Bruce Kauffmann shares some little know facts including that the Declaration of Independence changed forever our past understanding of the nature of government.  And that back in 1776 it wasn’t the “We hold these truths to be self evident …” passage that grabbed the attention of the Congress, but the list of complaints Jefferson included against the misbehavior of King George III (and, by extension, the British Parliament).

    David French on the Supreme Court's Executive Amnesty Challenge and James Hirsen on HBO's Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas Hit piece of a movie.  

    Plus should Bill Clinton apologize and the story of KICK KENNEDY: The Charmed Life and Tragic Death of the Favorite Kennedy Daughter.  

    And remember to join us for our after show, "Mucho Más Martinez" 12:15p (ET) at www.facebook.com/martinezlive. We'll summarize the highlights of the show and look for your comments.  

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    The Frat House Sports Show #231

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    Ugggghhhhhh! FOOTBALL IS OVER!!!!

    Hey . . .but, Frat House Sports is NEVER OVER! . . . with Super Bowl 50 now in the books we will give it its proper post mortem and eulogy . . .

    . . . and THEN, we’re turning our sights (left . . . and then left . . . and then left again) to the first of two Frat House Sports’ Speedweeks programs in celebration of the return of Motorsports!!!

    Hey . . . NHRA is in full season mode this weekend in Pomona at the Winternationals and NASCAR begins its drumbeat to the Daytona 500 next weekend and we’re along for the ride with them.

    While we’ll be taking a look back at Super Bowl 50 for a bit, we’re also going to be looking forward to NASCAR as we welcome special guest Christian Koelle of NASCAR News Source and chat about the surprising announcement from Brian France about “charter” teams; Tony Stewart’s injury, absence, and replacement; and, the beginning of a very long racing season.

    Don't forget the NHL and NBA are ongoing and that means we need our weekly analyst Matt DiBiase to help us make sense of what’s going on over with the New York Knicks; Phil Jackson on the move to the Lakers; the Maple Leafs – Senators BIG trade; and Dennis Wideman’s misbehavior which has him at home for a while.

    Forget about football. It’s an all NEW season here on Frat House Sports . . . and it requires you listening LIVE at 7 p.m. ET . . . and, calling-in your thoughts: 347 – 826 – 9964.

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    Episode 49 - Football Nonsense

    in Business

    Summary: For their final football pod, Joe Flood and screenwriter Jesse Andrews discuss the crushing loss their Patriots and Steelers suffered at the benumbed hand of Peyton Manning, misbehavior by key players, and their continuing obsession with the drug that is American football. Joe and Jesse she'd a few Skype tears over the last football pod, discuss Jesse's big wins for his novel/movie Me and Earl and the Dying Girl this time last year at Sundance, and promise to do a movies podcast before the Oscars at the end of February

  • test is the place for the placw

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    Most obvious to me

    Take Responsibility

    Must acknowledge our singular responsibility to Protect and Defend with a PERIOD.

    No ifs, ands, buts, howevers, or maybes.

    Stop including the Black Woman in our self-analysis



    When I look at what has happened

    I take full responsibility

    All the misbehavior is directly traceable to the Black Woman not having the natural

    security which is supposed to be provided by the Black Man

    For every action, reaction

    Pushing a swing

    Wind upon a tree branch

    We are violating the very laws of nature, and we need to damn stop it!

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    Brothers & Sisters Tell Their Stories of Sexual Abuse: It's Time To Stop Hiding!

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    After hearing a story of sexual abuse from (1) Sister on Facebook, we were compelled to open our phone lines and give an opportunity to Black men, women, and children to tell their stories of sexual abuse.  It is way past time for Afrikan people worldwide to "open the books" on this savage vestige of european enslavement and bring it to a screeching hault. 

    Until we allow the stories to be told publicly so that we can no longer ignore the abuse, our children will continue to be violated.  This is every Black person who cares to share their story with an audience that is receptive to hearing their pain opportunity to release themselves from the demons and put our Race on alert.

    It's time for healing as it relates to the victims of sexual abuse in our community.  It's time for hearing for the men in the community who don't know and understand how critical our presence is in trying to prevent this misbehavior from continuing.  And it is time for action for all Black men who are still men.  Tune in and share the pain with our injured Brothers and Sisters.

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    Why Do Black Women Support Black Male "Homosexuals"?

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    There is a question that has been brewing in the Black community for a few years now.  Why are Black women the #1 supporters in the Black community for "homosexuality?"  Every time Black people, in particular Black men, make criticisms about effeminine Black male misbehavior, there is a Black woman who comes to the defense of the "homosexuals."  

    How do Black women expect for their daughters to get married to Black men when they support the most negligent Black male disfunction ever created?  More importantly, on this radio program, we will examine the question,

    "Why Do Black Women Support the Very Behavior That Ensures They Will Never Get Married and That the Black Community Will Be Exterminated?"


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    #336 Bubba Gump, Employees Gone Wild, Summertime Rejuvenation, Non-Bank Lenders

    in Business

    Segment 1: Scott Barnett is the founder and CEO of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurants. From its inception, Scott grew the internationally known brand to 50 restaurants and $250 million in sales. He has a new book out called Gumption: Taking Bubba Gump from Movie to Restaurant.

    Segment 2: Richard Burton is an accomplished attorney who specializes in corporate and employment law. Richard is a frequent keynote speaker on employee matters and is the author of the new book, Employees Gone Wild.

    Segment 3: Jude Bijou is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Santa Barbara. She is the author of the multi-award winning book Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life.

    Segment 4: How to Get Unstuck

    Segment 5: Chris Rentner is one of the founders of Akouba Credit, which is an innovative leader in non-bank lending serving the immediate capital needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the 21st century economy. 

    Sponsored by Sage and Nextiva.

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    Successful Writers – Picture Books to Kids' Misbehavior

    in Books

    Dianne Ochiltree is a nationally recognized author of books for the very young. Authors Beat interviewed her recently at the 2013 Florida Writers Association conference. This highly successful and motivated author offers a fascinating insight into a very different kind of writing and the hard work involved with her creations. We then interviewed Dr. Alan M. Davick, asking him whether kids are really wilder now than ever before or is it something we are doing wrong. What is “mis-kidding” and how can we help children choose better behaviors. Every parent, teacher, grandparent and anyone having something to do with children will find this chat with Alan M. Davick, M.D., author of Managing Misbehavior in Kids, a very practical and useful experience. The question is: Are we really hurting our kids by  “Permissive Idiocy?”

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    "Go To Your Virtual Room, Grown-ups! Disciplining The Adults On Social Media?"

    in Lifestyle

    SPONSORED BY RESUMES 4 CHRIST--Continuing our discussion on the parents disciplining their children on social media.. 

    The new outpour of videos showing parents disciplining their children's bad deeds with humiliation instead of spankings has flooded our screens, smartphones, and social media pages. A majority of the time, the videos are addressing some outrageous or potentially unsafe behvaior their child displayed on social media. Whether or not we agree with this method, the fact is that these are reactions to damage already done, and the focus should be more on what compels our children to need to subject themselves to danger by playing roles for strangers in their local area and across the world? Tonight. we are going to discuss the role that adult misbehavior on social media plays in the standards our children feel they can and should meet to be social media cool.Join in tonight at 10:30 PM by calling 347-327-9967.