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    Box Office Hits & Misses, Celebrity News & Author Mirthell Bazemore

    in Entertainment

    Today on the Brian The Hammer Show Brian will talk about:

    -Box Office Weekend

    -Celebrity News

    Brian's guest today is:
    -Mirthell Bazemore, Author of House of Elliott series, On the Backburner, The Ugly Side of Beauty, and If I Die, You Die. Born in Oakland California and currently reside in Northern Cal. Graduate of Heald Business College and currently work for a Financial Institution. Mother of one daughter and married for almost Thirty years. Mirthell will be here to talk about her latest release "On the Backburner".

    Join us LIVE at 9am pacific - 12pm eastern time - Call in and be a part of the show 646-595-3032

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    RCM Live - May 17, 2015: Preparing the Atmosphere

    in Spirituality

        Before you enter any room, you would love to have the atmosphere in that room already set. When it comes to a Sunday service at Restoration Christian Ministries or anyplace else, there must be a certain energy or vibe to make that room special.

        Pastor John Bazemore, Jr. gives the formula for filling the room with the tone that is needed to be an effective church and an effective ministry. It's an impromptu message from Pastor B, and it's on RCM Live, courtesy of the King James Radio Network.

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    Mother's Day 2015: The Preciousness of Women

    in Spirituality

        We wish you a happy Mother's Day, courtesy of Restoration Christian Ministries and the King James Radio Network.

        On today's episode, Pastor John Bazemore, Jr. pays his annual tribute to mothers everywhere,including selected women in the Bible who faced different challenges, as do women everywhere.

        We take you to Proverbs 31, where the Bible describes exactly what a virtuous woman is all about. Thank you for stopping by Restoration Christian Ministries on the King James Radio Network..

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    RCM Live: May 3, 2015 - In the Meantime

    in Spirituality

        We come back to our Fourth Sermon with First Lady series, featuring co-pastor and First Lady Darlene Bazemore. In this installment, First Lady helps us with what to do "In the Meantime", while God is working things out in our lives. Sometimes, we just aren't ready to move to the next level. God has to get rid of the rough edges - and in some cases, very rough edges. What do we do while God is dealing with us? What does God want us to do? First Lady provides some of those answers on this early May edition of RCM Live.

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    RCM Live: April 26, 2015 - The Different Ways of Giving

    in Spirituality

        We head to Proverbs 3:9 with Pastor John Bazemore, Jr., and Restoration Christian Ministries, as we address the fact that giving to God is a form of worship. How do we give to God? Through the ministers and pastors that represent Him.

        Pastor B clears up any misconceptions about pastors and preachers, and stresses that giving is to your benefit, and not the other way around. This edition of RCM Live puts the power of giving on display, via the King James Radio Network.

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    Pastor John Bazemore is the founder and pastor of Restoration Christian Ministries located in North Brunswick, N.J.  He most recently launched his very touching book, FROM DESPAIR TO REPAIR, which chronicles his 13 year struggle fighting the good fight of faith with his previous wife Janet, who eventually lost her battle with Multiple Sclerosis. He is also a business owner with his wife Darlene, and they are forging ahead with a growing ministry and business. His anointing lies heavily in the area of Finances and Stewardship.

    Co-Pastor Darlene is an anointed vessel of God who has a gift to pray. Her intercession and love for people, truly exemplifies the heart of God. She is a Psalmist who leads the congregation weekly in Praise and Worship. She is a partner with her husband in business, and they have a vision to win the lost at any cost.


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    RCM Live: April 19, 2015 - Power of the Tongue

    in Spirituality

        We go to Proverbs 18:21 with Pastor John Bazemore, Jr. of Restoration Christian Ministries, as we discuss the fact that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Your future is dictated by the words that come from your mouth. God holds us accountable and responsible for the things that we say and speak. How do we turn that to our favor? Pastor B explains in this message on RCM Live, via the King James Radio Network.

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    RCM Live: April 12, 2015 - God Remembers

    in Spirituality

        First Lady Darlene Bazemore picks up our Fourth Sermon with First Lady series by reminding us that God remembers it all. That includes the prayers that He hears, the troubles that we endure, and everything else.

        Deuteronomy 31:6 says do not fear, and stand against the pressure and pain that is placed on you. After all, God is right there. First Lady gives us the reassurance that God is watching, and will walk with us through it all on this edition of RCM Live on the King James Radio Network.

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    RCM Live Resurrection Sunday: Leading From the Rear

    in Spirituality

        Hebrews 12:1 tells us to run the race that is set before us. However, that doesn't mean that we get to be backseat drivers. God calls us to lead from the front, and not in the background. Pastor John Bazemore, Jr. says that no matter what is going on around you - or who is against you, God still has an assignment for you. "Leading From the Rear" is the message on this Resurrection Sunday, courtesy of RCM Live and the King James Radio Network.

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    RCM Live Healing Service

    in Spirituality

        We turn to the pages of Isaiah 53:5, where the Bible explains Jesus' purpose for him being on the Earth, and also why belief is the biggest part of being healed and delivered from our ailments and iniquities.

        Pastor John Bazemore, Jr. encourages us to not only believe, but to take action towards both our healing and our salvation is this special edition of RCM Live.

    Programming note: Be sure to check out our special RCM Live: Vision Works workshop airing this Tuesday at 5:00 PM Eastern time on the King James Radio Network at www.jamesisking.com.

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    Brian calls her the Ebony Queen of aurhors, With the heart and style of the great  Maya Angelo, Mirthell Bayliss has taken us on a journey of passion and darkness. Her life's journey is told through her book, The House Of Elliot series and On The Backburner.. Sex, Lust, Death and Murder....it's all in there!. She will join us live.....so be prepared to be rendered breathless, and have your heart set on fire...