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    Minqua People of the Welsh Mountains

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    Host Anita Wills, shares the history of the Minqua;a Community of tri-Racial Isolates who inhabited the Welsh Mountains in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The name Minqua referred to, The People of the Muddy River. It was a reference to the Susquahanna Indians who were the original inhabitants of that region. They were joined by Free Blacks, escaped slaves, and Run away white Indentured Servants. Over many generations the community of the Minqua was formed. The community is somewhat dispersed by not forgotten. They live on in Folktales and Legends surrounding the area known as the Welsh Mountains.

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    Minqua - The People of the Welsh Mountains

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    The original inhabitants of the area known as the Welsh Mountains were the Susquehanna Indians. The area was named by Welsh Settlers who received a Patent for the Land from William Penn. The Susquehanna were also knowns as the Black and/or white Minqua. That is the name that the people of the mountain, black/white/indian, answered to. They were not Tri-Racial Isolates, they were the People who lived by the River. Sometimes they were referred to as the People of the Muddy River. Although William Penn was a friend to the Indians, they were not a part of his transaction to Patent their land. The Susquehanna had no idea or concept about selling land, or even owning it. They occupied the land for over eleven thousand years before the Europeans settled there...,

    So it is not surprising that they remained in the Welsh Mountains, even after it was transferred away from them. As European Colonization took hold, they Welsh Mountain Natives were joined by Free Blacks, and then escaped slaves. Then came the disenfranchised whites from surrounding, Chester, Berks, Lancaster, and Dauphin County. From the early 1800's to 1976, the people of the Mountains lived their lives in Isolation. Their community elders were the Natives, who taught them how to survive in the Mountains. They lived for many generations in Interracial Peace and Harmony. The descendants of the Minqua, continue to live in and around the mountain, and throughout the Americas.

    This program is dedicated to the ancestors and descendants of the Minqua - People of the Welsh Mountains.

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    Passing Time Interview Welsh Mountains

    in Culture

    This episode is an interview with Rob Lukens the President of the Chester County Historical Society. The interview covers several generations of our family in Southeastern Pennsylvania and references my book, Black Minqua the Life and Times of Henry Green. 

    Join us on Saturday September 27th, for the Welsh Mountain Historic Tour in New Holland Pennsylvania (Lancaster County). We will return to the Mountains and present life as it was in the 1700's for Tom Green and others. 

    Follow the Link for more information! 

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    The Importance of History in Genealogy Research

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    Tonights show takes on an important Topic; of the historical backdrop in Genealogy.  Genealogy is a word used to describe a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor to you. There are direct ancestors and others on the branch who are blood relatives. For me Genealogy is not only locating ancestors but profiling them through the historical context in which they lived. This is important especially with Native and African Ancestors whose history is mirred with movements they had no control over. 


    Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color and Black Minqua The Life and times of Henry Green are now available for purchase through Amazon.com or the Leboudin Site.



    Available at Leboudin Site







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    Black Minqa The Life and Times of Henry Green

    in History

    Join Author Anita Wills as she shares the history behind her latest book, Black Minqua The Life and Times of Henry Green. 
         In Black Minqua, a time period from the late 1600's through the 1900's is covered.  From the late 1700's through the 1900's, the people living on the Mountain were vilified and treated as outcasts. They were the remnants of Negro/Indians who remained in an area of White Settler Farmers from Europe. Yet they were self-sufficient, Land Owners and Businessmen. 
         Thomas and Joseph Green owned Warranted and Patented land in Chester County (East Caln) in the early 1700's.  The Patents were signed by William Penn's sons, Thomas, John, and Richard. They were not squatters but held original title to the land they lived on. Tune in as more of their story is be shared on this broadcast.
         On  9/11/1851, Henry Green particpated in an event now known as the Christiana Resistance. He was a member of a group of free blacks vowing to use any means necessary to prevent fleeing slaves recapture.  Their mentor was Frederick Douglass, a Freed Slave himself, and their leader was William Parker. The Underground Railroad path led through the Welsh Mountains going to all points North. Some of  the freeing slaves remained on the Mountain under the protection of Green's Banditti.
    Join us as we share the story of the Green Family and how they left their mark on history!

          "It has been called by a great many names, and it will call itself by yet another name; and you and I and all of us had better wait and see what new form this old monster will assume, in what new skin this old snake will come forth." Frederick Douglass 1865

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