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    The Aaron McCready Show

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    The Aaron McCready Show discusses political topics and features nationally known guests.  Aaron is unafraid and aggressive and will take on anyone including Republicans.

    Aaron will be debating Georgia HB907.  This bill, known as the Uber or Lyft bill, gives the taxi companies more power and drives competion and tranportation businesses out of Georgia.

    Follow Aaron on twitter@aaronmccready or visit him on the web at www.aaronmccready.com

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    Nashville Wakes To Another Celebrity Suicide: Mindy McCready

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    Nashville country music industry wakes today to another celebrity suicide, Mindy McCready. RIP. http://ThinkRichRadio.com takes this painful occasion to lobby suicide awareness & share pieces of a suicide prevention plan. Chap Oscar published an article today titled “Suicide Prevention: A Plan That Works.” As an activist in the movement, he’s the featured guest today. Tom Grant, a music industry celebrity who knew Mindy McCready talks about her talent and her start in country music.
    Kerry Pharr, a made for Direct TV gospel producer-promoter share what he would have missed out on if he'd followed that urge 10 years ago. Almost tearful.
    There are always loved ones left behind-asking the agonizing why over & over again… One confidant today wondering out loud if there was anything he could have done. We’re not presenting the one giant solution, but we are raising consciousness for suicide prevention. It doesn’t always happen to actors & musicians… It’s a serious problem among young adults. And we’ve lost military unable to adjust to Mayberry. It is all around us. Suicide is never an acceptable solution; it causes profound pain to others. In Mindy McCready’s case, a 6-year boy wakes parentless. Catch more enlightening episodes with host Dr. Ted Ciuba, sidekick Chap Oscar, & their wide array of topics & guests aligned to… “All things in the Spirit of The New Think And Grow Rich.”

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    Interview with Alannah McCready

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    ALANNAH MCCREADY recently released her debut EP Love Hangover produced by award-winning Nashville publisher Dan Hodges and renowned Los Angeles based producer John Fields.

    Alannah began singing, appropriately, in cowboy boots and hat. But it wasn’t in Nashville, at the Ryman Auditorium. It was north of Minneapolis in the ex-urban flatlands of Blaine, Minnesota where she stood atop the back of a corduroy couch in 1991 as a four year old, in a ninja turtle costume and ice skates and announced the beginning of her singing career.

    In 2010, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison but not before winning two National Division 1 Championships as a goalie for the Badgers. She lived in NYC for a few years after college, working in the sports marketing world, until she fatefully heard Nashville beckoning.

    So while music has a big part of her heart, hockey has a special place in it too  “Hockey has been a part of my entire family growing up and it brought me to a million different places. My brother and I were always around it, often spending summers training in Toronto and flying every which way for games. I think almost every person on the McCready side has strapped on the skates at least a hundred times in their lives. It’s the Scandinavian blood.”

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    Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice with Mindy Hall, PhD

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    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Mindy Hall. The original live interview was 12/12/14.

    Every interaction is an opportunity. Every action has an impact. Every moment is a choice.

    Leading with Intention challenges you to make a profound, deliberate mark on both your organization and the world around you. Informed by over 25 years of experience with leaders in Fortune 50 companies, biotech start-ups, financial services firms, and non-profit organizations, Leading with Intention provides real-life examples and practical tools for increasing your awareness and being more deliberate in your choices. You'll want to apply its lessons immediately, and return to it again and again as a trusted resource.

    Mindy Hall, PhD is the President and CEO of Peak Development Consulting, LLC. Since founding the company 1996, she has worked with clients throughout North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia to create sustainable organization and leadership development solutions: helping leaders create solutions for today’s challenges, while also growing their capacity to lead future initiatives from within.

    She holds a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University.

    Her website is peakdevelopment.com/

    To order her book click HERE

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com

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    Special Guests: Janine Stange and Jack Caravelli

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    Aaron is welcoming back to the show Janine Stange and Jack Caravelli.

    Janine Stange, better know as National Anthem Girl, is the only person in history to sing the United States National Anthem in all 50 U.S. States.  You have seen her on CNN, FOX News Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, among others.  She will be discussing her tour of the 50 states and her non-profit orgainization to help our military veterans.

    Jack Caravelli will be providing Foreign Intelligence insight to the show.  Jack has worked for the CIA and worked directly for Presidents Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.  Jack will be discussing the rising tensions with ISIS and the recent beheadings.  Russia, Iraq, and the Middle East will also be discussed.

    As always Aaron is LIVE and takes LIVE callers.  Call in at (646) 200-3400 to join the program.

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    SPECIAL GUEST: Joe McCutchen

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    Aaron welcomes to the show SPECIAL GUEST: Joe McCutchen. 

    Joe is founder of the McCutchen Project a mission to get career politicians out of office.

    You have also seen Joe on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" as Mitt Romney's number one supporter

    Give the show a call at (646) 200-3400

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    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 18, 2013) -- "We Hold Mindy McCready In The Light" It is with the deepest sadness we say goodbye to an extraordinary and gifted talent, a daughter, a mother and friend, Miss Mindy McCready. Our attention at this time is devoted to the needs and care of Mindy's family. As Mindy spent much of her life in the public eye, we respectfully request your consideration and sensitivity to enable friends and family this time of "quiet."  To complement formal family arrangements, preliminary plans are being made by Mindy's "friends in music" to organize a memorial in Nashville in the coming days. On January 13, 2013 exactly one month ago, the father of Mindy's 10 month old son, David Wilson committed suicide sitting on the same porch and in the same chair where Mindy herself committed suicide a month later, just three days after Valentine's Day this past Sunday, February 17, 2013.
    Music City News Media & Marketing were Mindy's Representatives.

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    Speical Guest: David Pennington

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    Aaron welcomes to the show current Mayor of Dalton, GA and former Gubernatorial Candidate David Pennington to the show.

    David is a job-creating businessman who has successfully grown and operated businesses employing and supporting hard working Georgians.

    David is the founder of Advanced Insurance Strategies and is a third generation small business owner. He knows that businesses create jobs and grow the economy, not big government.

    As an economics major and graduate from the University of Georgia, David has seen that job creation is not just about what is done on the local level but is also heavily influenced by what happens in the state capital.

    David truly believes government that governs least governs best. The freedoms for which our forefathers fought and our troops defend must be protected. David will work with individuals registered in any party, or no party at all, as long as they will join him in his efforts to promote economic prosperity and protect the traditions on which Georgia and the nation were founded.

    As the Mayor of Dalton, David Pennington has practiced what he preaches. General property taxes have been reduced 28%; general fund spending has been cut significantly; and the general fund surplus has been increased over 50%. To encourage entrepreneurship — business license fees have been reduced by up to 50%, and the permitting process streamlined to shorten the time to begin doing business.









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    Countdown to Election Day!

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    Aaron will be discussing the Georgia political scene as the nation prepares for election day.  Give Aaron a call at (646) 200-3400.


    Aaron is the new voice of Conservative talk radio.  Unafraid and aggressive he will take on anyone, including Republicans.

    Follow Aaron on twitter @AaronMcCready or visit him at www.AaronMcCready.com

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    Guest: U.S. Senate Candidate Amanda Swafford

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    Aaron will be welcoming U.S. Senate Candidate from Georgia Amanda Swafford on the show.


    Aaron will be discussing the Georgia political scene as the nation prepares for election day.  Give Aaron a call at (646) 200-3400.


    Aaron is the new voice of Conservative talk radio.  Unafraid and aggressive he will take on anyone, including Republicans.

    Follow Aaron on twitter @AaronMcCready or visit him at www.AaronMcCready.com

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    Robbyne Kaamil - Activist, Singer, Composer of Freedom Song for Lolita the Orca

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    Robbyne Kaamil sings Lolita's story and her hopes for Lolita's retirement in her native habitat in this rousing, catchy rap and song video, beautifully produced by Daniel Azarian. Check out her catchy tune on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AjxjtHtwXc

    Comedian, author, actress, vocalist, radio personality and advice diva are all hats worn by the versatile Ms. Robbyne Kaamil. Robbyne’s sassy style has landed her appearances on The Howard Stern Show and numerous other radio and television shows across the country. She was featured on the first season of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy when the Fab 5 orchestrated a makeover of one of her friends. She has recently become a favorite featured celebrity on HERE TV. She has been regularly featured on HERE TV’S shows – Threesome, Year in Review, the Sherry Vine Show – She’s Living for This.

    Robbyne recently completed a tour of her electrifying one woman show, Life from One Woman’s Perspective which weaves excerpts from her popular poetry book Get off the Titty with side-ripping comedy and riveting dramatic interludes to explore relationships, politics and life. As an actress Ms. Kaamil has graced the silver screen in several popular independent films including: Bear City: The Movie and Violet Tendencies starring Mindy Cohn of “Facts of Life”. Robbyne is currently starring in the long running off-Broadway production, My Big Gay Italian Wedding.


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