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    Celebrity Chef Sam Talbot on Living The Sweet Life with Type I Diabetes

    in Self Help

    This is my recorded interview with Sam Talbot for an article I wrote about him for MindBodyGreen.com

    Author and celebrity chef Sam Talbot has a new book out: The Sweet Life - Diabetes without Boundaries. The Sweet Life is chock full of fresh, vibrant recipes, as well as one-of-a-kind tips from Sam on how to navigate the road of living with diabetes. Any way you slice it, Sam Talbot is the model for living a healthy lifestyle, and has a visceral understanding of how to live in harmony with the food that sustains us. I caught up with him one morning as he was headed to a yoga class in New York City.

    Sam Talbot was a finalist on Bravo's Top Chef for Season 2:  http://www.bravotv.com/top-chef

    Check out the article and some of the transcript of my interview here on Mind Body Green as well!  


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    Show-#31-Guilt Free Eating: having your cake and eating it without guilt.

    in Motivation

    1st Guest: Lindsey Smith, Author, Speaker, Health Coach.


    The Food Mood Girl, Lindsey Smith, is a health and wellness coach with passion. She is author of several books including her upcoming book, Food Guilt No More. She helps people uncover their cravings and emotional connections with food so they can live a healthy and happy life. She has been a featured expert on The Lisa Oz Show, CBS News Stations, WTAE and KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live. She loves kale smoothies and rapping about self-love.

    2nd Guest: Susan Liniewski, CPC ELI-MP  


    I am an eating disorder survivor I was dx at 48 with chronic anorexia and severe depression. So many relapses, a heart attack and several hospitalizations including spending most of 2007 in treatment, I recovered in spite of myself.  I went back to school at the age of 59 and became a Certified Professional Coach. I also reached the status of Master Practitioner Energy Leadership Coach.  I am coaching around eating disorder recovery and discharge. I have developed a unique discharge program. 

    3rd Guest: Barbara Biziou, Global Ritual Expert and Vision Coach.


    As a global wisdom keeper and an agent of change and transformation, Barbara seamlessly integrates her extensive knowledge of practical spirituality, rituals, psychology, neuroscience and business into her practice.  Her greatest passion is marrying cross-cultural ancient rituals and applying them to current times, creating what she refers to as the “alchemical art of ritual fusion.”

    Barbara creates rituals for men and women going through all of life’s transitions as well as businesses, Broadway shows and non profits. She is the author of 2 books and blogs for The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Rewireme.com and What Now, WhatNext. 

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    Tamara Star: 7 Traits of Unhappy People

    in Relationships

    Tamara Star brings a unique perspective to GOOD LOVE that crosses cultural, socioeconomic, business, and egoic barriers.  She’s spent over 25 years as a straight shooting guide delivering intuitive truth while utilizing traditional and non-traditional methods to get results. With one foot deeply rooted in the world of main stream business, psychology & coaching, and the other firmly planted in what many consider the alternative healing world of energy,  

    Tamara successfully bridges the two together creating a perfect strategy for getting results in your world. Tamara Star’s work appears regularly in The Huffington Post, Positively Positive, The Good Men Project, News.com Australia, Blog Her, Think Simple Now, Yoga Mint, Meet Mindful, The Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, BeYouMedia, MindBodyGreen, and numerous print publications around the world.

    Dr. Wade is clinical psychologist, author, TV host, and motivational speaker, who inspires thousands of people each month with her dynamic range of events and free teleseminar's.


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    Excuse Me, Your Hormones are Showing

    in Health

    Our guest today is Puja Madan, the creator of WildRadiantWoman.com. and our topic is understanding our hormonal blueprint for healthy, happy living. Our host, Shirley Gutkowski, will dive deep to find out what we can do to have more balance in our life related to our often out of control hormones.  Why do they get out of control and what can we do about it. 

    Puja also offers powerful  wellness and productivity programs for women entrepreneurs and leaders, empowering them through lifestyle choices. Her formats vary - online courses, 1-on-1 coaching, workshops and relaxing retreats, but her mission remains the same: to support women live their healthiest, happiest life. An MBA and a graduate of the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Puja also writes regularly for publications such as the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, ElephantJournal, Complete Wellbeing and others. Puja has been practicing and teaching meditation since 2002. She combines the wisdom of the East with practical techniques of the West that create powerful results for women who work with her. 

    Join us today for a peek into the world of your hormones, it may just change your life.

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski

    Producer:  Laurie Samuels

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    Food Mood Girl Lindsey Smith & The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Graduate

    in Self Help

    Lindsey is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

    Her stories and tips have been featured on the Liza Oz Show, MindBodyGreen and CBS News. She is also one of the leading contributors on ehow.com.  When she’s not drinking kale smoothies, you can find her writing, speaking and rapping about self-love.


    Interested in doing what Lindsey does?  Want to learn all about how you can live a heathier life or transform your passion into your career?  Check out this site for more information on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition:


    Also receive a free copy of my book, Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy when you sign up in full for the course!  

    Email me here for your free copy, upon confirmed enrollment:  edie [@] smashon.com

    Find out more about The Institute for Integrative Nutrition here!   http://portlandwellnesscoach.com/IIN

    Class start dates are 9/15, 10/20, and 1/12.  Get started today! 

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    Living Life On Purpose: Treyce Montoya Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life

    in Self Help

    Life Purpose Expert and Career Coach, Suzanne Strisower hosts a conscious living show with interviews about Sustainability, Spirituality, Optimal Health & Well Being, Self-Help & Personal Development and Inspirational New Authors, Musicians and Entertainers.

    My Guest from 12-1pm PST: Treyce Montoya

    Treyce Montoya is the author of 20 books and will soon be seen on an upcoming reality television show. Since 1987, she has been using handwriting as a holistic healing modality and she created Handwriting Formation Therapy (HFT) which has had a positive impact on children and adults worldwide.

    She's going to share interesting insights about people that can be derived from their handwriting and how to help people change their lives by how they write. Get 40+ Freebies from Treyce  www.AskTreyce.com

    My Guest from 1-2pm PST: Lloyd Burnett

    Life coach, writer, and spiritual teacher Lloyd Burnett is the best-selling author of "The Voice Inside Your Head: How to Use Your Mind to Instantly Create Financial Security & Attract Money." He helps people break through barriers and get into the flow of abundance, peace, and prosperity. Lloyd is a Huffington Post blogger and contributor to MindBodyGreen and the Elephant Journal.

    Contact Suzanne:

    To be interviewed contact Host, Suzanne Strisower  Find your purpose in life - get a FREE 30 min session with Suzanne & get her FREE Guidebook from Awaken To Your Life Purpose

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    Denise Griffitts Interviews Corporate Psychologist Dr. Patricia Thompson

    in Business

    Dr. Patricia Thompson is an award-winning psychologist and management consultant who is passionate about helping her clients flourish. Since 2004, she has advised CEOs and senior leaders to assist them in achieving their best outcomes. She founded Silver Lining Psychology, to teach businesses how to use the science of positive psychology to achieve greater outcomes.  She is also the author of The Consummate Leader: a Holistic Guide to Inspiring Growth in Others…and in Yourself. 

    She has been featured in CNN.com, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, The Network Journal, MindBodyGreen, iVillage, Elephant Journal, CareerBuilder and other sites.

    Originally from Alberta, Canada, she completed her B.A. in sociology at the University of Toronto. She then went on to earn her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Georgia State University. As part of her training, she completed a predoctoral internship at the University of Pennsylvania and a postdoctoral fellowship through Emory University’s School of Medicine.

    Patricia has taught courses and facilitated seminars at the Wharton Business School, the University of Toronto, Emory University, Spelman College, Georgia State University, and various community organizations. She has also won awards from the American Psychological Association, the Southeastern Psychological Association, and the Georgia Psychological Association for excellence in research. For the past 15 years, she has assisted individual clients of all degrees of functioning and businesses of various sizes to accomplish their goals.

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    Law of Attraction - What Makes You Glow?!

    in Spirituality

    Join Anna K. as she interviews guests weekly about what makes them GLOW...inside and out!  Every Friday, 10am EST.

    Nadya Andreeva is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book on digestive health for women Happy Belly: A Woman’s Guide to Feeling Vibrant, Light, and Balanced. Professionally trained in mindful eating, yoga, and positive psychology, Nadya helps women create a healthy relationship with food that honors their body’s unique chemistry and eliminates bloating and irregularity.

    In addition to her one-on-one consulting and online group programs, Nadya has partnered with Banyan Botanicals (world’s #1 retailer of Ayurvedic supplements) to host the YouTube show Ayurveda For Life. She is also leading an annual detox programs for Yoga Journal Russia with over 3,000 participants. Nadya is a wellness expert for MindBodyGreen and is sought out as an ayurveda and digestion expert by Women’s Health, Well&Good, Yoga Journal, Self, Examiner, and Redbook magazine.


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    The Brilliance of Vision Boards, Books, Quilts etc.

    in Lifestyle

    Vision Boards are a map to your future, the one you set forth.  Remember it all starts with a thought!  Here's one of many links online that supports your creating a Vision Board if you decide you still need more help after this show  Make A Vision Board Website

    My first experiences with Visioning came from reading Shakti Gawain's Book: Creative Visualization.  I learned to meditate on my goals in pictures.  Most of the work is done for you. You don't have to be a great artist to design your life...find the picture online or in magazines and cut & paste your way to Deep desires!

    According to MindBodyGreen website you don't have to have a board you can leave signposts throughout your home as long as it's inspiritng to you.

    I decided to make both a Vision Book and Vision Quilt projects for designing my future.  I still have vision boards strategically placed throughout my home, but I like the idea of taking a book with me when I travel or sleeping under and being wrapped up in my intentions! (What a lovely warming thought!)

    Vision Boards can be as cluttered or spacious as you like in words, pictures or encompass textrures. If you want to live by the Ocrean maybe  attach some sand or seashells to your board.  Find a key chain with your chosen car logo on it and replace your car keychain with it to remind you of what you are driving soon!  Check out the examples I've listed here and watch this wonderful video aobut Vision Boards from Step One Vision Boards

    Join us as we Brilliantly design our futures and Map Your life! 

    Remember to Bring On Your Brilliance!!

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    Michael Taylor: Ivy Towers, Steel Mills, and Yoga Mats

    in Lifestyle

    Mike is a guide and resident healer at Strala. Named “Best Mover” by MindBodyGreen and one of Shape Magazine’s Hottest Trainers, he’s practiced Eastern movement and healing techniques, including tai chi, qigong, and shiatsu, for more than three decades.

    In his younger years, Mike challenged centuries of reasonable and well-tested martial traditions in hundreds of competitions, by applying unruly imagination to a world where rules were unbreakable. As he got older, he happily become more interested in supporting bodies than disrupting them, and continued on to medical applications of the mind-body connection in university. Mike studied mind-body medicine at Harvard, and alternative medicine and psychology at Oxford. After running into walls with standard medical practice in the U.S. and England, Mike left his healthcare roots. He worked at a steel mill for a while, joined a web company, and then founded a few more.

    Now Mike has found his way back to health care done right, helping people let go of stress in their bodies and minds, become their own best caregivers, and live happy capable lives. Mike is a long-time runner, cyclist, rower, skier and snowboarder, and climbs a few mountains in his spare time.

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    Loretta McNary talks to Expert Nutritionist & Health Coach Hayley Hobson

    in Entertainment

    Loretta McNary Live is a premier blog talk radio show created for an empowered, active, and diverse TV, radio, social media and online listening audience. LML uses a progressive live call in format to target an ever expanding market of online listeners wanting an impressive menu of meaningful, and authentic conversations.

    Today our guests is Expert Nutritionist and author Hayley Hobson.

    Hayley Hobson is a Trained Health Coach from the cutting edge Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and received her J.D. from Rutgers School of Law. She is a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor. She is the Founder and owner of NoBo Pilates & Yoga studio in Boulder, Colorado and She is a doTERRA Certified Pure Essential Oil Diamond Director and a Pangea Beauty Ecologist. Her insights and articles can also be found on her blog. Positively Positive, Mindbodygreen, Elephant Journal, Natural Cures, MastersShift and Islaorganics. She has also been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, Natural Health Magazine and Triathlete Magazine. 

    She is also author of the book Hayley’s Hip Guide to a Healthy & Abundant Life Using Essential Oils.