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    Daniel Bell, Earnest Lacy, Derek Williams, Dontre Hamilton, Frank Jude, again and again its the same story, A black man is killed or beaten by Milwaukee Police and nothing is done. Enough is enough and the time has come to put it all on the line. KB AND THE REVOLUTIONARY RYDERS throw their hands in the air and scream I CANT BREATH!!!!!!! From public sodomy to rape and assault the Milwaukee Police Department has been been the biggest gang in the city from day one.There has to be change in this country with the neverending, senseless, murder of Black men at the hands of Gestapo law enforcement officers. Governor Thot Walker has already told us he has the National Guard on speed dial just in case us negros act a fool. We know that there will be no indictment of the officer who murdered Dontre Hamilton. The question is WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT???? Why are Black officers so quiet on this issue? What changes should the people demand?? Why are we still killing ourselves??? Why did Sheriff Clarke loan Charles Barkley that dunb ass cowboy hat????


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    Mile High Club: Fantasy Flight with Lethal Lipps

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    The Mile High Show’s co-pilots Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire takes listeners on a Fantasy Flight with award winning adult entertainer Lethal Lipps AKA the "Deep Throat Diva" for an open and frank discussion on ‘sexual hang ups’. Lethal shares her personal and professional insight on how she’s overcome both internal and external stigmas placed on working within the adult film industry. Lethal Lipps is “Bigger than ” and more than just her “Orgasmic Oral” skills.

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Could Soon Be the Bobblehead Capital of the World

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    Lovers of Bobblehead dolls unite! On this episode of Smart Companies Radio with host Kelly Scanlon, Phil Sklar the co-founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum will stop by to chat.  Sklar explains why he gave up the security of his job; Senior Auditor at Ernst & Young; and Manager of Treasury Analysis and a Corporate Financial Analyst at Sensient Technologies Corporation to head up a life-long “bobblehead” dream in Milwaukee.


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    Mortgage Talk1 hosted by Rick Montgomery, he'll be taking about foreclosure program I. PHILADELPHIA a.d the structure of there courts. A.d MILWAUKEE foreclosure program. This Sunday following, Sunday Morning Gospel
    Join us...9:00am

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    The Jericho Mile - The endless march away from apathy towards empathy.

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    In this authentic and inspiring episode, top Behavioral Training Expert and life coach David Rutherford describes what it means to walk The Jericho Mile. David's incredibly unique life experience has taught him the very real truth behind the devestating effects of living with apathy and lacking drive. In this high energy hour of radio he shares his "Real World" views on this critical subject matter. David also outlines four Froglogic concepts to help get listeners on the right path towards walking The Jericho Mile.  David includes lessons learned from the Navy SEAL Teams, as a Combat Medic, International Training Expert, Author for kids and adults and as one of the top motivational speakers in America  to help explain the power and rewards of learning to walk The Mile. Don’t miss this highly motivational and inspiring show. Saturday at 930 am EST. HOOYAH

    Top Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Author and Performance Coach, David Rutherford ignites audiences with his high energy, no nonsense approach to motivating people to succeed in any environment imaginable. As a top Behavioral Training Specialist David motives people from all walks of life with his motivational philosophy called Froglogic - A Navy SEAL Motivational Training Program. Derived from 20 years of personal exploration into the human condition David combines his incredible journey with 70 plus years of Navy SEAL operations, training and elite lifestyle performance successes. His masterful ability to inspire enables individuals and teams to forge their Self-Confidence, Live the Team Life, Embrace their Fears and Live with Purpose. HOOYAH 

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    INSIDEtrack: Sarah Brown is all about the mile

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    Sarah Brown is all about the mile. Ever since high school she has been laying down fast times that have turned heads. As a University of Tennessee graduate she turned this love for the mile into a profession and is currently among an extremely talented group of elite women who run for New Balance. We will talk with Sarah about, her training, time as a lady Vol, and where her next mile might be run. 

    For more from Sarah: @SarahMB15



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    When Going The Extra Mile, Trips You Up!

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    Do you always feel like you are the one who goes the extra mile at work, in your family, in your community, in your world? How is that working for you? Join LeAnne Parsons as she welcomes Lisa Marie Pepe to Life Coach Radio Network!
    LeAnne Parsons The Walk Your Talk Coach! She has created incredible momentum within the first six months of launching her coaching business. Her impact within the adoption community has provided a much-needed roadmap for change. LeAnne has developed an educational platform with a Core Energy focus that offers transformation and inspiration. Her programs include workshops, seminars, retreats and collaboration! As a speaker, coach, radio host and advocate for a Conscious Adoption™ approach, she journeys with others to embrace life full out, and walk with integrity into a Legacy Now Lived™ 

    Here is a note from Lisa Marie!….Greetings! My name is Lisa Marie Pepe and I currently reside in East Haven, CT. In addition to being a Certified Wellness Coach, I am the owner of Positive Transformation Wellness Coaching. I have extensive experience working directly with others, having worked as a mental health clinician, educator, and massage therapist over the past 16 years. Although I have always gravitated towards helping others, it wasn’t until more recently that I discovered my true calling in life: to empower others to empower themselves to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. 

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    Mistakes, with Michelle Houchens - the Mile High Medium and Psychic

    in Spirituality

    Michelle Houchens - the Mile High Medium and Psychic ~ Today Michelle will talk about Mistakes.

    In her current state of development (we are always growing), Michelle has transcended over 300 levels of consciousness and has had discussions with up to eighteen Beings at once on the Other Side or in other Universes.

    She is clairaudient, clairvisual and clairsentient. As a clairaudient she can hear and channel every word she is given which can lead to unique and interesting information. Using such resources, Michele has successfully provided her clients with a variety of services and assistances. Many say that she has assisted them to find greater happiness, personal health, clear direction, financial abundance and increased knowledge of themselves, others and their life purpose on Earth." 

    You can contact Michelle at Houchensm@gmail.com

    For more information visit: MichelleHouchens.com

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    RLSN Milwaukee Baseball Report Presented by beachbodycoach.com/edubs66

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    There has been lots going on in Milwaukee since the Brewers season came to an end. Evan returns for RLSN Baseball with the Milwaukee Baseball Report to catch everyone up on what has happeened. This show is presented by Beachbody. If you are looking to lose weight and get healthy, Evan can help. Visit www.beachbodycoach.com/edubs66. 

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    DSMALive 'Rents: A Mile in My Shoes - Joe Solowiejczyk

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    Joe Solowiejczyk is a healthcare professional who has lived with Type 1 diabetes for over 40 years.  Joe is President and founder of A Mile in My Shoes, a company that publishes books & produces videos on patient self-management and psychological coping as well as providing counseling and training to patients, families and health care professionals.

    Having worked in the field of diabetes for over 35 years, and a person living with Type 1 diabetes for 52 years, his work focuses on translating his personal & professional experiences into unique patient care programs. As a nurse, diabetes educator and family therapist, he specializes in assessing how family dynamics impact the management of diabetes and designs interventions that result in more effective coping and optimal metabolic control.

    Joe works extensively with both patients and professionals on the Family-Approach to Diabetes Management. He works with pediatric patients and their families in hospital clinics and private physicians’ offices, and conducts workshops nationally and abroad for parents to help them cope with their child’s diagnosis and daily challenge of living with diabetes. He designs educational and counseling programs for both children and adults with diabetes, as well as seminars for health care professionals on integrating family therapy into clinical practice.  

    He is a faculty member of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute and Children with Diabetes. As President of A Mile In My Shoes, Joe provides consulting expertise to pharmaceutical companies and health care marketing firms in the development of unique and positive partnerships among healthcare professionals, patients and products.  

    Joe has appeared in San Francisco/Bay Area newspapers, local and national television and radio, as well as NPR's “All Things Considered”.


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    American Daily Review: Mob Rule Grows

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    Obamunist judges judicially nullify the U.S. Constitution; Obama IRS calls Tea Party groups "icky" (or, "prissy-sissy repression rears its ugly head once again"); Anti-gun nut PSA tells kids to steal their parents' guns and violate plethora of gun laws in the process; The Interview proves a box office bust - but we all know what the critics hate it, now don't we?; "The Kings of the East" are mobilizing; Obama Regime quietly mobilizes for a ground war against ISIS that it is, in fact, already waging; the Ferguson insurrection spreads to Milwaukee, murders two cops in New York City, and threatens "New Year's Rockin' Eve"; and here's hoping you and yours had a blessed and merry Christmas.

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