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    Milling About with Grayson Hugh

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    Grayson Hugh is Back To The Soul with a new album, returning to his blue-eyed southern soul sound, country and rock roots. Grayson tells host Robin Milling the inspiration for the album and stories behind such songs as the title cut, Rock 'n Roll Man, Getting On With My Life and Already In Love With You; a tribute to his marriage of seven years to wife and collaborator in life and music, Polly Messer.

    Grayson says the album is a return to his soul both musically and spiritually. He explains, 'A song like Thank You Lord; I'm very grateful to be alive, be sober 11 years and my gratitude also being happily married finally after many dysfunctional relationships I'm very grateful to my higher power.'

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    Milling About With Tovah Feldshuh

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    Broadway veteran and entertainer Tovah Feldshuh joins host Robin Milling to talk about her new one-woman show Aging Is Optional, inspired by her beloved mother Lillian after passing away at 'over 103.' She tells Robin, “In honor of that event I wrote the show because she was really a beacon of light and died well over a century old without dementia so it was just a miracle.” Her show deals with quantum time with what she calls the memory box.

    Tovah is happy to still be in the game of showbusiness where most women of a certain age are put to pasture. Her last role on Broadway was a trapeze swinging grandma in Pippin and she was ready for that! “I wasn't scared because I had a swing-set as a three year old child in Scarsdale in the backyard with two swings and a metal bar with two chains which was like a little trapeze and I would hang upside down!” She's kept her Pippin figure swimming a half mile every day, biking and hiking; most recently up Mt. Kilimanjaro!

    Sunday is a double-header for Tovah who not only performs at 54 Below, but continues her role as Deanna Monroe, the head of Alexandria, in the premiere episode of season six of AMC's The Walking Dead.

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    Milling About with Marty Balin

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    Marty Balin: singer/songwriter, founding member of Jefferson Airplane and hit maker of Jefferson Starship joins host Robin Milling to share 50 years of musical memories with his new CD, Good Memories.

    Spanning five decades, whether you grew up in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or 2000s you'll always remember such songs as It's No Secret, Count on Me, With Your Love, and Miracles; to name a few. Marty tells Robin how they came up with the name 'Jefferson Airplane,' along with his fond memories of Grace Slick, and not so fond memories of playing Woodstock! He says the behind-the-scenes goings on at the festival were much more memorable.

    When Marty isn't making music he is making art. His art gallery in St. Augustine, Florida features his paintings and lots of memorabilia for sale.

    As a follow up to Good Memories, Balin – who is known as “The King of Love Songs” – will release The Greatest Love; a new album of original music.

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    Milling About Remembers David Bowie

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    Legendary rocker DAVID BOWIE has died January 10, 2016 at the age of 69; just two days after his 69th birthday and his latest album release, following an 18-month battle with cancer. Blackstar, his 25th and final album released January 8th has been described as a 'parting gift to his fans.'

    His other most recent musical creation was the off-Broadway show, Lazarus featuring his music and starring Michael C. Hall; based on The Man Who Fell To Earth.

    Host Robin Milling dips into the archives to pay tribute to the Thin White Duke in this interview from 1992 with Bowie and Tin Machine bassist Tony Sales.

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    Milling About @ The Sagamore Resort

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    Milling About visits The Sagamore Resort in Lake George, New York, an idyllic property on Green Island in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains.  Everywhere you turn is a view of the lake and the mountains. General Manager Tom Guay who grew up in the area tells host Robin Milling guests can hike the surrounding mountains as well as relax. There's a serenity with the sweet smell of pine permeating from the year-round lobby fireplace. Just outside is the Veranda terrace where brides begin their matrimonial walk down to the lake to say, 'I do.'  The 385- room resort in existence since1883 is rumoured to be haunted, especially Room 209. Director of Sales Lori Rehm tells Robin about the resident spirits. There's a 1930s maid whose affair with a guest caused the wife to smother her with a pillow. Lori says some guests have seen someone in a maid's outfit standing in the corner or felt the blankets being tugged down by someone, and when the lights were turned on there was noone there! Visit www.thesagamore.com 

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    Milling About with Patrick Wilson & Paul Wilson

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    Patrick Wilson and Paul Wilson join host Robin Milling to talk about their film Big Stone Gap. It was a labor of love for the Wilson brothers who's family roots are steeped in the small Virginian town. As children they recall spending summers with their grandparents who lived in Big Stone Gap. They tell Robin it was bittersweet to return to the place of their fondest childhood memories to shoot the movie, even staying in the house where they summered. Patrick says, 'It's really been the most personal project I've ever been a part of.' Paul tells Robin the story of how the Wilson family has been immortalized in the town with 'Wilson Road,' and the 'Paul J. Wilson' bridge named for their grandfather. In fact their grandparents were friends with the parents of writer/director Adrianna Trigiani who waited until Patrick was old enough to play the part, to make the film of her book.

    Patrick and Paul's collaboration goes beyond movies, as they also have a band called The Wilson Van along with their brother Mark playing renditions of Van Halen songs.

    Big Stone Gap also stars Ashley Judd, Whoopi Goldberg, Jane Krakowski, Jenna Elfman, and John Benjamin Hickey.

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    Milling About with Linus Roache

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    Linus Roache exits the courtroom and enters the world of high stakes trading in Supercapitalist. Linus reunites with host Robin Milling after being her very first guest on Milling About.
    He talks about what it might feel like to be super rich and how he would spend his wealth philanthropically. After years on Law & Order, Manchester-born Linus is a bonafide New Yorker, making it official by becoming an American citizen.
    The star of Batman Begins also weighs in on the Dark Knight Rises tragic shooting, and how movie violence may not be to blame. Next he will make a miniseries in the U.K., The Making of a Lady based on a love affair between an English lord and his housekeeper.

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    Milling About at The Samoset Resort

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    Milling About visits The Samoset Resort in Maine where romance, relaxation and recreation meet at their lovely waterfront property sitting on the edge of Penobscot Bay. Just sit back on a lawn chair and watch the boats go by or play 18 holes of their championship golf course while taking in spectacular views of the ocean. Luxuriate in your renewal journey at The Spa at Samoset after negotiating rocks on the near mile trek on the Breakwater to the Lighthouse.
    General Manager Connie Russell and Spa Director Julie Slade join host Robin Milling. Connie came to the hospitality business working at his father's motel in his hometown of Orono. Along the property are one and two-bedroom cozy cottages Wind Drift, Spring Tide and Sea Spray, which Connie says are perfect for couples with screened porches and gas fireplaces. The glorious 100 year-old Flume cottage juts out on the rocks boasting an outdoor hot tub on a glass railing deck overlooking Penobsot Bay. Like any historic hotel, The Samoset originally built in 1889, has had it's share of ghost stories like the elevator closing or opening by itself!
    At The Spa, Robin was treated to an aromatherapy massage deeply inhaling frankincense; the scents are tailored to your mood. Before your massage, breathe in the ocean air while sipping tea in the serenity room with privacy screens so you can walk around freely in their cushy velvety robe. Julie tells Robin the massage mixes western and eastern traditions with reflexology, Chakra work and Swedish. A former owner of her own day spa in Camden, Julie led Colorado whitewater rafting tours before she settled in Maine, and now she comes 'skipping to work!'

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    Milling About with Eddie Izzard

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    Eddie Izzard joins Milling About host Robin Milling from London to chat about fulfilling his boyhood dream of being a pirate, as Long John Silver for SyFy's Treasure Island.
    Eddie describes the action adventure swashbuckler as the 'Goodfellas' version of the classic story. He tells Robin his tales of not having to find his sealegs as he wound up getting seasick on dry land! He also offers acting tips for working with his faithful parrot co-star. Eddie mastered hobbling about on one leg with a 1700s crutch which he says will come in handy for Treasure Island two.
    Watch Treasure Island premiereing Saturday, May 5 on SyFy.

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    Milling About at The Nonantum Resort

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    Milling About visits The Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport, Maine which is rich in history dating back to 1884 when Henry Heckman built a stately home overlooking the Kennebunk River to honor his ship's captain brother David, lost at sea. The name Nonantum is Algonquin Indian meaning 'rejoicing;' fitting for the resort celebrating over 125 years. The lobby of the Carriage House is homey with a welcoming fireplace and fresh baked blueberry scones, featuring Maine's finest fruit. The original old-fashioned elevator with iron gated door and manual lever is refurbished, and is still used to ferry guests.
    General Manager Tina Gordon, celebrating her 21 season, joins host Robin Milling to talk about the hotel's newest finds which have been discovered through renovations such as the original hotel safe, and a priceless stash of letters from guests to the innkeeper found inside horsehair plaster in the walls from the early 1900s. Tina says there is a resident ghost Sadie who likes to hang out by the fireplace, and kitchen spirits who have been known to move pans and throw things off the top of the refrigerator to get the staff's attention!
    Innkeeper Jean Ginn Marvin who left a life of politics in Maine legislature for hospitality, makes sure she walks 10,000 steps a day making the guests happy. When at The Nonantum drive along Ocean Drive, and in less than 1.2 miles you'll get a glimpse of President George Bush's summer estate which sits on it's own private little island at Walker's Point. The secret service took some getting used to but Jean says the Bushes are regulars at Nonantum for parties and events and couldn't be more charming and appreciative of their hospitality.

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    Milling About with Sara Paxton

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    Actress Sara Paxton rings in the new year with horror thriller The Innkeepers. Sara plays a hotel employee of the Yankee Peddler Inn, which was actually known to have ghosts staying there.
    Sara tells host Robin Milling about strange encounters she experienced while living in the Inn, and an actual haunting she witnessed on a jaunt to New Orleans when filming Shark Night.