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    A 15 Minute Guide for Millenials on Annual Benefits Enrollment

    in Finance

    Every year, millions of working Americans spend part of the month of November selecting their employee benefits. It's a confusing experience for most of us. How do you choose what's right for you? 

    This show will focus on helping Millenial workers sift through their employee benefits options and put together a plan that makes sense for them.

    Carol Harnett, president of the Council for Disability Awareness, and Jennifer Fitzgerald, co-founder and CEO of PolicyGenius, will talk through how Gen Y employees can make the most of their employee benefits choices -- in 15 minutes or less.



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    Faith & Society: Continuing the Conversation with Millenials

    in Religion

    This program was recorded before a live studio audience in the Carlton Union Building at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. On this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we continue our conversation with the students of Stetson about faith and the relevance of religion for the Millennial generation in the 21st century.

    It seems every religious group has its fundamentalists.  So, are religious people particularly prone to fundamentalism?  Or, is it just part of some people’s personality? And how about religion and politics?  Is there a line between faith and political involvement? Can we honor both our religious values and our responsibilities as a member of a diverse nation, at the same time?

    The topics for this program were selected by students at Stetson University. We’ll get into these difficult issues of fundamentalism and religion and politics from a faith perspective with the students.  Their questions, and our conversation with them is the content of this program.

    Learn more about Friends Talking Faith with the Three Wise Guys.

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    Faith & Culture: Religion and Millenials in the 21st Century

    in Religion

    This program was recorded before a live studio audience in the Carlton Union Building at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. On this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we have a conversation with the students of Stetson about faith and the relevance of religion for the Millennial generation in the 21st century. (This episode is presented here with permission.)

    The Pew Research Center says: "By some key measures, Americans ages 18 to 29 are considerably less religious than older Americans. Fewer young adults belong to any particular faith community compared to older people today. Also they’re less likely to be religiously affiliated than their parents’ and grandparents’ were, when younger. Fully one fourth of the Millennial generation are unaffiliated with any particular faith group. And more young people say that religion 'isn’t very important in their lives' compared to the elder generation."

    The topics for this program were selected by students at Stetson University. These young adults have some “significant” questions for us around the issues of inclusion regarding faith communities and religious authority.

    Learn more about Friends Talking Faith with the Three Wise Guys.

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    Reaching the Millenials

    in Politics

    We have an exclusive interview with We the Kids President, Judy Lane.  We explore outreach to the Millenial generation.  Such issues include:  community, self reliance, liberty, personal responsibility, traditional family values, honesty, and hardworking.  We shall hit each topic quickly and then listen to what the Millenials have to say.

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    No B. S. Hiring Advice Radio: Hiring Millenials

    in Business


    Who says hiring staff has to be difficult?

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been recruiting leaders and staff for organizations for more than 40 years. He has evaluated more that 400000 resumes and filled more than 1100 positions.

    He is the host of "No B. S. Job Search Advice Radio on BlogTalkRadio" and "Job Search Radio" on WebTalkRadio.net.

    He has created more than 500 videos about hiring and job search and publishes "No B. S. Hiring Advice Ezine" and "No B. S. Job Search Advice Ezine." You can receive a complimentary subscription to either of both at his website.

    On this show, Jeff discusses some of the things to evaluate when interviewing Millenials.

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    Survive 21st Century: Think Like Millenials

    in News

    I get accused of many things. My liberal friends think I am a right wing wacko hard core capitalist.  My right-wing friends think I am a socialist Communist bleeding heart.

    Others think I am a wishy-washy independent playing both sides.

    If you really want to categorize me, then I guess you could call me a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. But that is way too broad.

    I think of myself – without modesty -- as forward thinking. I see myself as thinking like a millennial with the experience of a baby boomer.

    That’s why I see problems differently from most Americans.  Too many of us think we are a Republican or Democrat. The problem is Democrats and Republicans are on the same side.

    Both political parties -- and their elected officials -- are working together -- against you the American taxpayer. And they win every single time.

    The best example is the Congressional committees on the IRS and Benghazi. I'm not saying that something isn’t wrong in what those investigations are trying to look into.  But go back over the last two decades and look at all the other congressional investigations. The Democrats did the same thing when they were in power. Think of all the investigations of corruption by the GOP and the Bush administration that was alleged by Democrats.

    Think of what the GOP did against Clinton with Whitewater and Vince Foster’s death – and Monica Lewinsky.

    What was the purpose?  Campaign tactics. And what's the end result.  Taxpayer money spent and no real answers at all.  

    In fact, when you look at the campaign-finance laws, you realize they work hand-in-glove with these congressional investigations.  They raise money for candidates and special interests.

    And most of us in America fall into this game of either siding with the Democrats or the Republicans.

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    The Millenials ~ A Special Generation

    in Spirituality

    Children born in an era when three major outer planets formed what's called a stellium in astrology have grown up under the most unusual circumstances.  Framed around a cluster of planets, all in close proximity, the millenials have grown up in a world far different than many of their baby-boom parents.  A stellium is a close alignmeent of three or more planets in the same zodiacal proximity.  In the case of these millenials, the three planets were Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune which were all located in the middle degrees of Capricorn, a place in the grand wheel that is being triggered by the current position of Pluto.  This has presented this generation with a much different picture of daily reality than many a generation has had to face.  Saturn represnts responsbility, Uranus harkens rebellion, and Neptune provides a shroud of fog that clouds the view dramatically.  Disillusionment, harsh reality, and a dream that has yet to appear.  This has become the cross this generation bears.  Listen as I speak with one of the world's most respected astrologers on this topic.  Donna Cunningham writes of this topic with an honest, empathetic eye and sheds insights on what will become of this generation.  Listen and learn.  Do you have a millenial under your roof?

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    After President Obama is Black History month still needed?

    in Current Events

    Join us today as we raise the question:

    After President Obama is Black History month still needed?

    Why do some individuals question the relevance of Black history, as if remembering is the same as living the experience?


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    Motivating Millennials

    in Business

    As a group, Millennials are poised on the brink of greatness. With their parent's generation giving way to their own, many are finding themselves facing challenges that previous generations never encountered. No matter how great the challenges (student loan debt, job shortages, etc...) they also possess a resourcefulness and creativity that is a force to be reckoned with, and despite the odds many are rising to incredible heights!  Can you imagine what the landscape of Social Media would look like if an 18-year-old Mark Zuckerberg had feared the global economy, or been afraid to drop out of school to pursue his dreams? What sets these amazing young men and women apart from their peers and allows them to fearlessly pursue their goals? Join me as I discuss motivating Millennials to find their Championship Psychology and reach for the stars with Justin Lafazan.

    At age 18, Justin is the founder of Students4Students College Advisory, and Millennial Marketing Strategy, educational and marketing consulting firms that leverage youth perspective to provide value to customers, families, and businesses.

    Justin is on a mission to help young people challenge the status quo through entrepreneurship.  For more information, visit JustinLafazan.com, or follow him at Twitter.com/JustinLafazan.


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    Critical Market Facts Every Agent MUST Know

    in Real Estate

    The market's recovering, but there's still a lot of volatility, and lots of regional change as well. At the moment, many agents are dealing with a lack of inventory, along with increasing buyer demand from the Millenials (and the re-emergence of "boomerang buyers"). There's a lot going on right now in real estate, so today we're discussing the reality of today's market, and what it means to your business!

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    Black in 2015: The need for a new spiritual identity and formation

    in Christianity

    In 1961 a new Progressive Baptist Convention was formed because it promoted those who were actively engaged in the American Civil RIghts movement. Today a new schism is happening and it is one that creating just as much fuss as the Baptist schism of 1961. Across the country, blacks are leaving the comfort of religious experiences through the church for authentic quests for meaning and spirituality. This is more evident in the Millenials generation (those 25 years of age and younger). This group is actually engaging a more radicalized identity as blacks and non-church members They are calling for more social justice and less institutionalized religious expression. How should the older church deal with them? Is there a need for blacks to forge new paths in religious and spiriual expression? Do we need that "Ole Time Religion" that was good for mama and papa and should be good enough for us? Join Pastor Neal for this and other lively topics on Zera Today.

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