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    Is Russia Destined to Nuke the US with Doug Woodward

    in Religion

    Is Russia destined to nuke the US? This is the question that we will be asking today as we are joined by friend and Bible prophecy researcher Doug Woodward. Based on his latest research that went into his new book "Is Russia Destined to Nuke the US", we will be addressing the issues surrounding the tensions between Russia and the US. We will look at these tensions from an economic standpoint, a geopolitical standpoint, a militaristic standpoint, and a scriptural standpoint. With the proliferation of deals betwen Russia and China and all of the activity surrounding the Crimean penninsula there is little question as to why this is an important topic to be discussing. At the end of the day, we must ask if the road to World War 3 is already being paved.

    You can check out Doug Woodward at: www.faith-happens.com. 

    Be sure to check us out at www.bridemovement.com!

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    Militarization of Police Services

    in Education

    Dr. Lisa Quibodeaux, CSU Faculty

    Guest host: Richard Hill

    In the wake of recent violent crimes, many police departments around the country are restructuring their tactics. Some are choosing the militaristic approach with armored vehicles and an “us versus them” mentality. Others are continuing to embrace the community policing strategy which incorporates public approval and minimal use of force. On CSUTalkRadio, we will be discussing the future of military vs. community policing. Tune in on March 11, at 1pm CST

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    in Politics


    Tonight I have edited, for brevity, a show on American Education, our Militaristic Society, and how America has become Prussia. Two Years ago now I did this. And now we have Common Core to underscore my contentions.

    Do you think our “Education System” can be fixed? I disagree, find out why.

    Do you recognize how we are taught the instantly kneel to ‘authority’ be it legitimate in its use against us or not? Why do we tolerate it? Listen and see how that happened.

    This is a one hour presentation and then “Open Mics” should any wish to chime in with their thoughts.

    Please tell you teacher friends to listen in or go to the archives. They may learn why it just gets worse every year regardless of how dedicated they are.

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author F. Ethan Repp

    in Books


    History repeats itself. Take a ride back memory lane to the 1970's. Deceit, revenge, militaristic police, affected legal system and gay tragedy. The end of the Hoover era, amidst the death throes of the Nixon debacle. The author has captured an era, depicting a battle for the soul of the Republic, at the local level.

    Young, handsome, charming Collier Winthrop is enticed by a crusty old Political Boss, Al Caso, to seek Public Office. Collie soon faces an unscrupulous adversary practiced in deceit; manipulated state investigative agencies and a contaminated police department. Events unfold that uncover a sordid police mentality, unveil the civil rights of the Flower Children violated, ruin reputations and threaten the very lives of Collie's confederates.

    How can Collie unravel plots unseen and unimaginable, to survive even the earliest months of his political enterprise. The work portrays the depth and conflict of personalities. Politics is a business of expediency. Otherwise decent people justify immoral behavior in defense of careers.

    Author Bio: Mr. Repp is no stranger to politics, with nearly 50 years of Political/Government Operations, Mr. Repp has taken that experience and is now sharing with his readers. He was first elected to chair a political party at the age of 24 and serve for 20 years. He was the County Supervisor of Elections, Upstate NY Town Manager, Long Island, NY Village Manager of Fire Island and City Economic Development Manager in Florida. Mr. Repp holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and has taught school on the middle school level.

    Keywords: fiction, historical fiction, crime drama, political thriller, civil rights, Hoover, Nixon 

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    We're a Matchstick strike away from Civil War against the Evil import of America

    in Paranormal

      I explain herein why I bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. I explain this not for publicity, nor seeking to win an argument of right or wrong. I explain so that the record is clear as to my thinking and motivations in bombing a government installation.

    I chose to bomb a federal building because such an action served more purposes than other options. Foremost, the bombing was a retaliatory strike; a counter attack, for the cumulative raids (and subsequent violence and damage) that federal agents had participated in over the preceding years (including, but not limited to, Waco.) From the formation of such units as the FBI's "Hostage Rescue" and other assault teams amongst federal agencies during the '80's; culminating in the Waco incident, federal actions grew increasingly militaristic and violent, to the point where at Waco, our government - like the Chinese - was deploying tanks against its own citizens. 

    Knowledge of these multiple and ever-more aggressive raids across the country constituted an identifiable pattern of conduct within and by the federal government and amongst its various agencies. For all intents and purposes, federal agents had become "soldiers" (using military training, tactics, techniques, equipment, language, dress, organization, and mindset) and they were escalating their behavior. Therefore, this bombing was also meant as a pre-emptive (or pro-active) strike against these forces and their command and control centers within the federal building. When an aggressor force continually launches attacks from a particular base of operation, it is sound military strategy to take the fight to the enemy. 

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    On Fascism...and why it is the answer.

    in Politics

    Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss the political movement of fascism. We will also discuss relevant current news.

    As always, your calls are welcomed and encouraged.

    Also of note: Friday, I will be a guest on Circus Maximus @ 7PM EST: http://www.circusmaximusshow.com/shows/

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    The View Up Here talks Canada Day and the perverted CPC vision of Canada

    in Politics

    July 1 has always meant celebrating what Canada is and what it stands for. That is, up until around 2007. Since Emperor stole his "strong, stable majority" it has resembled a Nurmburg rally more than a celebration of things Canadian.

    Moreover, the perversion of CBC coverage into a CPC promo video has cheapened and tarnished what used to be a non-partisan, non-political celebration. Now it is a dog and pony show all about Emperor and his "vision" of a dogmatic, autocratic, plutocratic, militaristic lie of a democratic state.

    There is little semblance to what I remember of Canada Days past. This makes me want to ask you, my listeners, what you remember about what Canada Day USED to be. I don't remember so-called Ministers who have been found guilty of election spending infractions and being threatened with censure from the House telling us what it means to be Canadian. I don't remember a Prime Minister's wife looking anywhere but at the supposed husband she supposedly resides with. A farce, just like this Government.

    Despite this charade of unity and accord, of inclusion and harmony, I invite everyone to share their Canada Day experiences, old and more recent. Let's never forget what Canada was and can be once again.

    WE are Canada, not the CPC, not Emperor's twisted vision, not the sullied reputation they have given us. And as always, Fuck Harper

    Listen, call, join the chat, share your ideas of what Canada is and should be.


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    in Spirituality

    Welcome to our Blogtalkradio !!

    I am excited to announce that my Dear Friend Kristie Daigle will come on the the Phone with us to share much information about what the universe wants us to know through Enochian Astrology.

    Kristie  will bring forward and share very important Channeled messages and Energy that the Universe gives us through Symbols , she taps into the constellation ,planets and stars through Enochian astrology .

    This week we’ll talk about Venus again as she cozies up right next to Uranus. Venus and Uranus will find themselves in an opposition with Zeus (militaristic force) and Vesta (the sacrifices we make) on some very telling symbols, and at the same time, they will be forming a sextile with Mercury. So Venus and Uranus will have a lot to tell us this week. We should also have a lot more time for taking questions, so for those of you who didn’t get in last week, please come back today when we’ll have more time.


    please call into the show with questions at 646-478-4479 .

    it will be fun fun fun !!

    Please come and join us every friday at 11 am Pacific time .

    See you all!

    Blessing !

    Tina Saelee

    Akashic Teacher, Metaphysical & Healing Teacher , Los angeles QHHT Dedicated Practitioner

    Please note that i teach via Teleconference, Skype and Webinar for those who are out of Southern California

    email : astroandtarot@gmail.com



    My Long distant classes & local meet up www.subconsciouschannel.info

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    The Last Jump: A Novel of World War Two

    in Legal

    Specialist 5 John E. Nevola, USA served from 1966 to 1968.  During his military service he was assigned to the U.S. Army Meteorological Command, Yuma Proving Ground - Yuma, Arizona.  John E. Nevola “makes his literary debut with The Last Jump, a historical novel based on United States airborne operations in Europe during World War II. The study of this conflict has been the author’s lifelong passion and he weaves a compelling tale of courage and sacrifice set in a historically accurate backdrop in an extraordinary time in American history.

    A retired Information Technology executive, John E. Nevola has been widely published in business magazines with numerous articles on disaster recovery and terrorism. He authored a column for a post newspaper while serving in the United States Army and is a member of the Military Writer’s Society of America.

    According to the book description of The Last Jump: A Novel of World War II, it “is a war story, a mystery, a love tale, and a tribute to the people who won World War II. Fact and fiction intermix seamlessly to unravel a secret passionately guarded by four aging soldiers. The reader is transported back in time to an imperfect America, with all is incredible virtues and vexing shortcomings, struggling with racial and gender issues while fighting for its very survival. It was a time when Americans stood shoulder to shoulder to free the world from tyranny. It celebrates the spirit and courage of ordinary citizens pitted against the militaristic regimes of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It was a time when the sons of presidents and senators served, fought, suffered and died alongside average Americans and famous celebrities.

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    Daniel Shayesteh on Escape From Darkness

    in News

    Hear interview with Dr. Daniel Shayesteh.  His incredible insight-- Daniel Shayesteh Daniel Shayesteh was many things:
    Radical Muslim Active militant Iranian fundamentalist Death row inmate... ... but today, Daniel is a born-again Christian! He travels throughout the world revealing the actual teachings of the Quran—Islam’s holy book—and shines light on the truth of the Bible. Watch this informative, illustrated testimony as he shares his miraculous escape from darkness. It’s time to understand Islam!
    “Daniel Shayesteh, a former Islamic political leader in Iran—and militaristic trainer of Muslims committed to the extermination of Christians and Jews—is now a dedicated, committed Bible-believing Christian. I first knew Daniel in Turkey in 1989 and 1990 as a new believer in Christ. Since that time, I have consistently witnessed God’s wonderful grace in his life. Daniel, through God’s amazing grace now has an effective, world-wide Christian ministry!” – Rev. Allyn Huntzinger, Executive Vice-President of Christar, Reading, PA Please visit his website--Exodus from Darkness

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    Ron Siegel Radio Network Sept 11 2013

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel is joined by Robert Mott to discuss: Ron Honors Sept 11 Memories Mortgage Minute: Negative equity drops in Q2, 1.7M still “near negative” Real Time Real Estate: Homebuyer Can Tap IRA, Avoid IRS Penalty Word on Wealth:  Things Home Insurance will NOT cover Are Wine Labels regulated? What does Reserve Mean on a wine label? What is required to be on a wine label? Certain property will soon be partially exempt from California’s Sales and Use Tax Thinking of Selling your house? Some reasons to do it NOW Pricing your House to Sell can be tricky Colorado State Senators recalled over gun control support ‘Militaristic’ Napolitano hit with laundry list of demands from Liberal UCal groups What do we want from our President… Does President Obama fit these ideals Featured Guests Robert Mott – The Wine Bar at Old TownRon Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family. Reach Ron at
    800.306.1990 Ron@RonSiegelRadio.com www.RonSiegelRadio.com www.Facebook.com/RonSiegelRadio www.SiegelLendingTeam.com Twitter: @RonSiegel