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    'ANTM' Recap: Will Drama Cost One Model the Title?

    in Pop Culture

    Aghhhhhhh! I hate being right. (Not really) Okay, it is what it is. After everything that happened during this episode -- Mikey's body not cooperating, Lacey butting in on Mame's photo shoot, Lacey doing slutty poses, Mame freaking out over the potential ruin of her romance with Justin -- who will Tyra announce as the two final finalists on the final America's Next Top Model catwalk? My esteemed colleague Jennifer Lind-Westbrook has anopinion that you are welcome to, but I want to know how you think ANTM will wrap up.


    In our poll about which two will be the last models of the cycle, 55% said Nyle and Lacey, while 34% said Nyle and Mame. Unfortunately, Mikey only got 11% of the 1,037 votes to date. I have to agree that Nyle will be the last man standing. As for the girls ... flip a coin ... but I have more faith in Mame's abilities.


    Now it's your turn to vote for who you think will take home the money, the modeling contract with NEXT and the fashion spread with Zappos Couture. 

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    Indy Power Rankings: Tag Team Top 5 Reveal ft. Roscoe Eat Lisa

    in Wrestling

    The Indy Power Rankings team returns to the Elite Podcast Network to count down the top 5 tag teams in independent professional wrestling for the week of November 23rd, 2015. Also on this episode, the team of Mikey McFinnegan & Zakk Sawyers, also known as Roscoe Eat Lisa are LIVE on the EPNetwork.

    @McFinneganBMOC @BeetusZack @IndyPowerRankin @elitepodcastnet



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    Cage Side Submissions Ep:96 Julie Stackhouse Rob Hawk Mikey Rukus Amanda Bell

    in MMA

    Welcome back to another episode of Cage Side Submissions,We plan to provide you with unique and fun-filled SHOWS. News, highlights, and interviews Please feel free to call in with your questions and comments at anytime. 657-383-0267 For our Host Steve Rychel (@CSSRadio) And Host Rachael Blaze (@RachaelBlaze)

    Our First Guest is Actress Julie Stackhouse (@RightInTheJules) She Will be Co-Starring With Felice Herrig in Rob Hawk's up comming film "Cold" she will be playing "Holly" Julie is a Philadelphia Native And has been acting on film and stage since the age of 10 

    Our second guest is Director Rob Hawk (@moviemaker4life) we will be discussing Fight Valley and his next Two Projects "Cold" And "Con8" 

    Our Third guest is Music Guru Mikey Rukus (@MikeyRukus) Mikey has worked with countless fighters and promters in the MMA world he recently worked with WSOF revamping there Fight Song Intro And you will also hear him in theaters this Spring as he worked on the Fight Valley Sound Track

    Our Final Guest is Invicta Fc Featherweight Amanda bell 3-3 (@TheLadyKiller00) Amanda last fight was April 24th at Invicta Fc 12 Aganist Faith Van Duin

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    TPB – EP 118 – TMNT Issue #50

    in Entertainment

    TPB Episode 118 is here! Mike and Joe return to Talkin' Turtles...  This dynamic duo go through issue 50 of the IDW TMNT ongoing and spoil everything, so if you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for???!!! We talk about Splinter and Shredder... where Mikey will go, and so much more!  So grab some pizza, and listen in as we continue the Tubular Turtle Talk here inside The Pull Bag!

     IDW TMNT Ongoing Series Chronology
    GCRN Universal Ratings System
    Check out Joe's Shredder Hand!


    Mike "TFG1" Blanchard

    Joe Reed

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    'America's Next Top Model' cycle 22 episode 15: Lacey, Mikey the final two

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    According to the synopsis for cycle 22 episode 15, the upcoming episode will depict a lot of drama when it is revealed that one of the cast members hooked up with one of the models. The synopsis further mentions that one of the contestants will have a breakdown when the news travels

    This week's episode will also capture a shoot for Zappos. The photoshoot, which takes place by the pool, features an extremely confident Nyle. We predict that he might win Tyra's heart in this competition.

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    TPB – GIANT SIZED- EP 116 AND 117 – TMNT Issues #47-49

    in Entertainment

    TPB GIANT SIZED is here again! Mike and Joe return to Talkin’ Turtles…  This dynamic duo go through issues 47-49 of the IDW TMNT ongoing in preparation for Issue #50!!! We talk about Hun and Casey… where Mikey will go, and so much more!  So grab some pizza, and listen in as we continue the Tubular […]

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    in Military

    Michael Mahler is a former Sargeant in the Washington National Guard. He was enlisted in April 1993 and retired April 2014.  He completed two tours in Iraq; 2004-2005, 2008-2009.  Mikey says he joined the military because he "wanted to do my part, and always loved the military."

    "Dr. Bridget Cantrell has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Nationally Board certified Mental Health Counselor.  Her primary work encompasses therapeutic counseling for war veterans and their families.  She is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hearts Toward Home International, a charitable non-profit organzation dedicated to the recovery and reintegration of trauma survivors.  She works and lectures worldwide and resides in Bellingham, Washington." Bio from Once A Warrier Wired For Life, back cover. 



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    'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 22 Prediction: Who Will Be Sent Home in Week 13

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    The Guys

    Mikey is in full-on rock star mode right now. He won both the challenge and best photo, and Kelly Cutrone, who is a serious, hardcore bitch (in the best possible way) has always had a soft spot for the Sons of Anarchy meets surfer dude. 

    Tyra said it herself, Nyle is slipping. I love this guy. Nyle is always polite; he doesn't bring any drama; he's professional, he's smart, and he's gorgeous. But we cannot pretend that the fact that he's deaf is not a liability. During the nighttime photo shoot, he struggled the most, and his frustration resulted in so-so pics. I would love nothing more than to be wrong in my assumption that the fashion world would fail to fully embrace Nyle, but this is an industry that traffics in physical perfection. 

    ANTM Recap: Which Model's Shot in the Dark Completely Missed the Target?

    The Girls

    It would be very sad if Lacey not only gets eliminated, but is sent back to the boonies with that unfortunate hair cut. That pageboy is going to be a bitch to grow out without a good hairdresser at the ready. Lacey didn't land in the bottom two at the last panel, but she wasn't getting much love at the photo shoot either. Creative consultant Yu Tsai commented that Lacey was modeling like she had a stick up her ass. 

    Mame screwed up the challenge, and had she managed to kill it, she may have edged out Mikey for best photo. She's got the walk and has a strong presence in person, but if any future challenges require public speaking, she could be screwed. A surprising weakness for a pageant queen. 

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    America's Next Top Model' Cycle 22 Prediction: Who Will Be Sent Home in Week 12?

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    The competition has dwindled down to the top five, and the "Fab Five" are fierce. With a frontrunner falling to the back of the pack, nothing is certain. Think you know who's going home next? With the not so congenial Hadassah out of the picture, find out who we think will be eliminated next.

    The Guys

    Mikey is on fire, and I don't just mean when he pees. Mame barely edged him out for best photo. His biggest weakness is the ladies, but his determination to get laid on a regular basis doesn't seem to be having a negative impact on his performance. 

    Nyle has performed better than Devin overall, but the judges obviously see something in Devin despite those freaking eyebrows. Devin is weird enough to be fashion friendly while Nyle's more relatable good looks may wind up working against him. I feel confident a guy is going to get cut this week, so unless Mikey really screws the pooch, either Devin or Nyle is going home.

    America's Next Top Model Winners: Where are They Now?

    The Girls

    Mame has been nipping at Lacey's heels the whole competition, and she's finally starting to pull ahead. If Lacey can't regain her confidence though, the finale could be a Mame-Mikey showdown. 

    Both girls are undeniably gorgeous, so it's just going to come down to winning challenges and working the poses. This should be a dogfight right up until the end.

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  • 'ANTM' Recap: Which Troublemaker Is Sent Packing?

    in Pop Culture

    The judges think Lacey lacked energy and her face was not strong, but they liked her pose. They also loved Mikey's photo. Hadassah's close up was beautiful, while Nyle looked good but could be better. Devin's pose was weird and the judges said it was difficult to find a peaceful part on his face. The judges like Mame's close up and wide shot.

    Mame had the best performance followed by Mikey, Devin and then Nyle. Lacey and Hadassah were the bottom two. Hadassah was eliminated.



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