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    The Middle Men Talk Show: Is Some Racism Justified (Replay)

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    As we prepare to launch a brand new season of The Middle Men Talk Show, take a listen to one of our classic shows "Is Some Racism Justified?" Be on the look out for the return of The Middle Men Talk Show with ALL 4 of our original hosts!

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    Back II Reality Part II : The Middle Men Talk Show

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    The Middle Men will reexamine the world of reality TV. From Chicagolicious, to The Real Housewives to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta TV viewers are definitely tuning in to watch reality TV. This contemporary form of TV has changed the way we watch TV forever. Reality TV has blurred the line between actual reality and made for TV moments. Can viewers tell difference? Has TV gone to far with what they are willing to show? Why are these types of shows the most viewed? How can we demand quality TV from networks. Tune in at 6 pm EST / 5 pm CENTRAL

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    Real Talk 2 with The Middle Men

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    The Middle Men will be discussing various topics in the news that have been happening recently.  Topics ranging from government issues, music, local news, etc.  Call you to voice your opinions at 718-508-9972!!

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    Middle Men Real Talk

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    With the case of Marissa Alexander, a Florida woman who has been sentence to 20 years after being charged with 3 counts of aggravated assault for firing a warning shot at her husband, was she wrongfully charged by the judge when he denied the "Stand Your Ground" law in her case?  Is white America making a statement of being black even though the evidence states different?  New evidence arises in the Trayvon Martin case with his autopsy showing marijuana in his blood, George Zimmerman's doctor reports comes back, and audio tapes of the cries for "help" are being used by the Defense.  Do the Defense have enough evidence to utilize the Stand your ground law?  With this being said, will George Zimmerman walk away a free man? With the support of our President, NAACP, entertainers, and some church leaders, would this change the perception of gay marriage?  Will President's Obama suppport of gay marriage help or hurt his chances in the election?

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    Mommy Dearest : The Middle Men Talk Show

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    There is no life without a mother.  But can you continue throughout life without a mother or a motherly figure.  We often praise the great things mother's do and have done for the world.  However, it is taboo in the black community to condemn  a black mother regardless if their situation towards their children's upbringing is good or bad.  Why is it taboo for us not to call out these bad mother's in the black community?  Why are we taught to praise black mother's in the black neighborhood without evaluating what they truly bring to the table for the rearing and development of the child? Is it wrong for a mother to claim the responsiblity of a child becoming successful when someone else raised the child? In our community, why are we so quick to denounce a father not taking care of his responsibilities when some of these mother's do not follow through with their own responsibilities of the child? With the generation of grandmother's and mother's becoming younger, are their priorities still the same as our predesessors?

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    Black Fathers...We Are Present!! :The Middle Men Talk Show

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    Today the Middle Men Talk Show will be discussing Black Fathers. The image of the Black father over the past couple of decades has taken many negative hits from being absent from the home, to not fulfilling his fatherly duty at all. Tonight we will try expose a more positive side of being a Black father, and some of the challenges it takes to make it as a Black father. What are some characteristics of a good father for your own perspective? What are some ways to show more of the positives of fathers in the media? What advice would you give to young fathers to ensure they continue to progress as being fathers? Is there a difference in the roles of the step father and biological father? Also, do surrogate fathers such as uncles and other male role models get the praise and notoriety they should receive in helping mold young men?  What should those do if they do not have a relationship with their father and want to reconnect with them?  
    To comment call 1-718-508-9972

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    Is this Why you are Single? (Role Reversal)

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    Today on The Middle Men Talk Show, we will be discussing the aspect of role reversal in relationships leading up to reasons why some people may be single.  Role reversal is defined as a circumstance wherein two people adopt the opposite role of their normal or switch normal roles. With that being said, you have men who are not taking on the role of being the man and you have women who are taking on this role. You have some women who have been putting on this role of being the man that when they get with another man and she may feel he is not man enough for her.  Nowadays, you have women who are the players, men are the ones getting played.  When meeting someone both parties have to establish who they are in the relationship. If this does not occur, then you may not get out what you put in!!

    How does role reversal impact reasons why someone is single? Where does role reversal stem from that causes a person to be single?  How should a man and a woman establish their role of being a man and a woman? and should we be confined to our genders stereotype?  Is there a double edged sword in a relationship when some women are more masculine and some men are more feminine in that relationship? Is role reversal a taught and learned behavior? Why do some people continue to allow their past hurt determine why they have to switch roles in their future relationships?  

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    The Middle Men Talk Show - Introduces The Talk of The Town & Gin's Juice

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    Every Sunday 6pm est - 5pm central
    This week we will be introducing the world to the Talk of the Town Show hosted by Nick Eden! Following Nicks show will be the introduction of Jin's Juice! Tune in to be entertain today!

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    Gender Wars Black Men Vs Black Women (Fan Favorite)

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    Today The Middle Men will be discussing the ongoing feud in the Black community between the Black Man and Black Woman  over power, respect, and control. Are Black Women really working against the Black Man?  Are Black Men the blame for this issue? Are Black Women fighting for power that the Black Man does not possess? Are Black Women trying to replace the Black Men role? Are Black relationships deteriorating due to the money and power factor? Are Black Men and Women competing to see who's more desirable to non blacks? Why has there been such a break down in communication between Black Men and Black Women? Which one are you first ...a woman or Black?

    Join Us every Sunday @6pm eastern / 5pm central


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    Talk of the Town: Good and Bad of 2013

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    The Middle Men will review the good and the bad of 2013.  From music, movies, media, etc.  Tune in to hear the list of these events.  Call in to state your good and bad of 2013 at 718-508-9972!!!

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    Elementary Genocide from Primary to Penitentiary

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    The Middlemen will sit down with guest @Rahiem Shabazz? to discuss his latest project  "Elementary Genocide from Primary to Penitentiary". @Rahiem Shabazz will identify the goals and purposes that he would like for viewers to learn from his documentary. If you are a parent make sure you TUNE IN  !!!  


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