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    President Obama’s Middle East

    in Politics

    Darrell talks about an interview President Obama gave in which he discussed the Middle East — Iran, Iraq, the Islamic State, Israel and his relationship with Jews.

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    Russia's new role in the Middle East

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    Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger, joins me for a look at Russia's new policy in the Middle East..........what military options do we have?  is this the price of disengagement?......Russia has reached new intellegence accords with Iraq, Iran and Syria.....on another topic, Afghanistan is falling apart as a city has collapsed to insurgents......

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    A Left Perspective of the Middle East

    in Politics Progressive

    In this episode, we'll have a general discussion of the recent US and Iran nuclear deal and process. And we'll have a general discussion on other issues about the Middle East.

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    2016 America, Eurasia, Middle east, Prophecy News and Current Events

    in Christianity

    Prophecy News and Current Events with Watchman n Tower | Warn-Usa.com

    2016 America, Eurasia, Middle east Prophecy will be in this special segment. The Watchman and Tower discuss geo political power players and a biblical context for the end of days. We also discuss the major power players for 2016 and the threats which make up the point of prophetic understanding in the world.


    Originally scheduled as a three hour show, we had major technical problem in our system. We were able to finally get it up and running but could not extend the original three hour show. We will have a three hour show next week, with more of our outlook 2016 and also the "Ministry of One teaching". We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. 

    The Watchman n Tower 

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    Illuminati & the Middle East Chaos

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    Guest: Doc Marquis

    Website: www.itsagodthingproductions777.com

    The chaotic events now taking place throughout the Middle East, including the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa are not spontaneous or a product of random chance.

    At the epicenter of current events is the creation of a new power structure. The architects of this power structure are the globalists… the global elite, or the Illuminati as they are known.

    The plan is not new, nor is the power behind the New World Order. It’s the “old world order” that has birthed the New World Order and its leaders. And there is a plan.

    We’re taking a look at the larger picture with guest and Illuminati expert Doc Marquis during this episode.

    Episode sponsored, in part, by Blue Apron! Visit blue Apron HERE.

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    Strategic Perspective with Avi Lipkin 2 part Middle East Solution and the US

    in Current Events

     Koinonia Institute presents its 2014 Strategic Perspectives IX Conference in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho , intel and insight to understand the times. Avi Lipkin will be adressing Geopolitics in the Middle East and America.

    Avi served in the IDF from February 1972 until January 1973 as part of the IDF Spokesman for the Judea and Samaria Command under Lt.Col Rafael Horovitz.
    His reserves duty includes artillery reserves 1973 to 1989 and then as an officer in the IDF Spokesman’s Office from 1989 to 2001.

    Avi has written five books: Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat?  Christian Revival for Israel’s Survival, Islamic Threat Updates Almanac #1, Israel’s Bible Bloc, and Islam Prophesied In Genesis.  The first three books were written under the pen name of Victor Mordecai for security reasons, but writes the fourth and fifth books under Dennis Avi Lipkin since he is running for the Israeli Knesset elections at the head of a Judeo-Christian Bible Bloc party called “Gush Hatanakhi” in Hebrew.




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    Is POTUS' Middle East Policy Working & For Whom?

    in Politics

    Mark Everson-GOP Presidential candidate, served in the Reagan and Bush Administrations in capacities that included US Information Agency, DOJ, INS & IRS, takes on the President's strategy for the Middle East.

    Jerald Radich, MD & Gail Sperling-Patients andf Doctors need a better understanding of rare blood cancer.

    Steve Groeninger-Sr Director of Communications for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reports on the latest officer fatality trends for 2015.

    Sarah Zink-Co-Founder and COO of Plaid For Women talks about "The Mean Girl Phenomenom"

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    Middle East Synching Up With God's Prophetic Clock & Carson The Musical

    in Politics

    Replay of Wednesday 8/19 Show

    Bill Salus-Prophecy expert, radio host, conference speaker and the best selling author of Psalm 83, explains How The Middle East Events Are Synching Up With God's Prophetic Clock.

    Amy McCready-Parenting expert is a “recovering yeller” and the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions talks about THE “ME, ME, ME” EPIDEMIC. 

    Henry Bushkin-The ultimate high powered Hollywood attorney as Johnny Carson´s  right hand man, fixer and closest confidant for 18 years authored "Johnny Carson."  And the King of late-night's story is now coming to Broadway.  Bushkin is back to brings us up to date.

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    Middle East Peace with Joel Segal

    in Politics Progressive

    People Demanding Action on Middle East Peace with Joel Segal

    We selected the anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks, because our program is dedicated to healing the wounds of war, bringing people together, and building understanding to achieve a lasting and just peace in the Middle East.

    Joel Segal is a longtime organizer, activist, and scholar. He served as a senior legislative aide to Congressman John Conyers for 13 years, and helped found and lead movements to reform healthcare, provide relief to AIDS victims in Africa, as well as for Peace in the Middle East.

    Joel will welcome leaders, experts and activists working for Middle East Peace. In this first program, Joel will interview world renowned scholar Dr. Hussein Yusuf Kamal Ibish, PhD, Senior Fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, and a frequent guest on national and international news programs. We are very honored to welcome Dr. Ibish to help us launch this new show.

  • 10/29/15 Part 2: Dr David Oualaalou discusses strategies in Middle East

    in Politics Conservative

    In this 2nd segment Dr Oaulaalou will be discussing potentioal strategic options regarding the role of the United States in Middle East.  Last week we discussed the key players and their motives.  It a complicated situation, and if you are looking for solutions you do not want to miss this show.  Dr Oualaalou served in the US Army Intelligence Division and has Homeland Security and foreign policy background.  He is curently is a professor at McLennan Community College

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    10/22/15 - (Part 1)Who are the Middle East players and what is their motivation?

    in Politics Conservative

    When it comes to the Middle East, it seems like we'll never understand all the dynamics and motivations of the people.  Is everyone at war with eachother?  Sure seems like it.  We hear the terms Wahabi, Suni, Shea and countries like Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia.  But what's really going on?  Is there any hope for the region?  Any hope for America to navigate these waters and emerge on the other end in a better position?  We will be joined by Dr. David Oualaalou, Professor of Government at McLennan Community College, and former U.S. Army Intelligence officer, specializing in foreign policy.  This will be divided into 2 30 minute segments.   First, we discuss the different players and their true motivations.  Next week, we discuss some strategies and ideas on how to navigate this extremely complex situation.   `