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    Guest: Adam Clarke - A seasoned Threat Management & Investigative Specialist

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    Join our host, award winning Private Investigator, Joshua Askew of JMA Investigative Services, Inc. (www.JMAPI.com). Our guest during the show is Adam Clarke - A seasoned Threat Management & Investigative Specialist.

    Adam has Advanced firearms 1, 2 and 3, Defensive edged weapons, CRMIPT, Executive Protection, Anti-Terrorism Officer, and multiple other security related training courses under his belt.

    Adam has held the title’s of: Director of Training for The S2 Institute, Director of Threat Management and Investigations for Critical Intervention Services (CIS) and as the Chief of Special Operations for Mercury Radio Arts (http://www.mercuryradioarts.com/)

    Additionally, we will have a gift card giveaway to one lucky caller and some local music in between breaks!

    Tune in Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 at 6pm Eastern


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    Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) called for the US to face a human rights trial
    North Korea is accusing the US of spreading the Ebola virus, claiming it has been “bent on the development of bio-weapons” in order to achieve world supremacy.

  • Hebrew Culture Is Life

    in Spirituality

    Hebrew Culture is Life

    Comparing Cultures with the culture of the Hebrews. Discussions of law, contracts, and covenants.
    Your path to righteousness is a change in lifestyles, of mind, and of heart.
    From filthy rags to righteousness 
    Heathen to Children of Israel
    Stiffneck to Circumcised Heart
    Self to Charity
    Uncleanness to Holiness
    American to Hebrew

    The trumpet is being blown and we are revealing the snares and traps of the wicked. REPENT THE KINGDOM IS AT HAND.

    2 cor 10:4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obediance of Christ; and having in readiness to revenge all disobedience, WHEN YOUR OBEDIENCE IS FULFILLED.

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    Daughters of Yishra'Al: Weapons of Our Warfare

    in Religion

         We are in a time where we need to be strong for the Most High. Life is going to get more difficult for Yishra'Al so what should we be doing? As Believers, what are the weapons of the warfare that Yah has given us? Today we start a new series to study what we can do to defeat the enemy, through YAHUSHUA


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    Life Lessons from Vets book interview with Chad Robichaux

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    Every day 23 vets and/or active military commit suicide.  There is a divorce rate of between 80-90% among military families. Chad Robichaux is changing that statistic – and he's changing it with the incredible love of Jesus!  His faith-based Mighty Oaks Warrior program can boast that no soldiers have committed suicide after going through his program!


    Chad did 8 tours in Afghanistan as a Special Operations Force Recon Marine,  and he received the Medal of Valor for his service in law enforcement. He has his PhD and MBA, he's a professional MMA fighter, a best selling author, and he and his family have survived PTSD. His book "Redeployed" tells of his journey, and his recovery.


    Chad is the first to say that faith in Jesus is the key to healing.  Now, Chad still does the occasional MMA fight – but most of his time is spent leading the Mighty Oaks Warrior program, and serving Veterans in need through Serving California.  


    With the Might Oaks Warrior Program – Chad and his team work one on one with active duty military and veterans.  This is a faith-based immersion program that now the military is recommending to soldiers who are suffering from extreme PTSD.  This program uses NO DRUGS, and, again, can boast that no soldiers have committed suicide after going through the program!  There have been no divorces in families that have gone though the program!  And now Chad is training counselors across the country, starting new programs and helping soldiers and vets heal through the love of the Great Physician.


    Chad was also extremely influential in helping with the release of Sgt. Tahmooresi – the Marine who was held prisoner in Mexico after accidentally crossing the border with weapons in his car.

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    Monday Night RAW Post Show Recap w/Smarkdown Radio

    in Wrestling

    After a mediocare TLC, we will recap all the action and fallout from RAW!

    Join us to see how they will make Brock v Cena 3 interesting (Is that possible?)

    See who was injured from the hard hits and use of all the weapons!

    Will there be retalation from anyone?

    What new conflicts will surface leading into Royal Rumble?!?


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    Dec 15th "Middle of Nowhere: Iran and the Democrat Report on the CIA"

    in Politics

    Monday Night Show!

    When: 11p ET

    Where: www.blogtalkradio.com/BeadWindowRadio

    Call-in: 347-989-8743

    Topic:  “Middle of Nowhere: Iran and the Democrat Report on the CIA" w/ Mark Lijek

    We're in the "Middle of Nowhere" again. What’s going on with Iran and their nuclear non-weapons program? Democrats in the U.S. Senate came out with a report on the CIA interrogation program last week. Why release this now? Don't we already know about this? We're going to talk about it. Call-in and tell us what you think at (347) 989-8743.


    Tune-in, listen and learn, or be a putz…

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    "AHAYAH" DNA..Hebrew Show of NO JU$TICE NO HOLIDAY$ $PENDING 657-383-1173 11P

    in Spirituality


    1st>>>TELL PEOPLE YOU KNOW, "Do not take part in any RIOTS, MARCHING or GROUP GATHERING, or PUBLIC anything on the streets, PLEASE!!!"
    2nd>>>Do not blame all law officials for the actions of MOST                                         3rd>>>BOYCOTT every HOLIDAY on the CALENDAR coming up soon and4th>>>BOYCOTT SCHOOL ATTENDANCE...from nursery school and up to the COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES...Have older students care for the young children and continue their book learning at home, in a safe environment. So they do not go out on the streets during the rioting that is planned and will occur if Daren Wilson is set FREE. Use already established home schools that you know of in your area, private child care centers, or stay at home grandparents homes. Ask retired teachers to assist in your communities...This request is for ALL PEOPLE TIRED of the injustice done to EVERYONE in this USA, Corporation.Let us ACT and not REACT this time.

    LET'S come together and use THE ONLY WEAPONS WE HAVE, THE CREATOR GOD "AHAYAH", Our WISDOM or (Good Sense) and Our spending power... If we want a CHANGE we have to REARRANGE the way we think and do things. Todah/Thank You..

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    THE PERRY STEEL SHOW. “Why support Alternative Media?”

    in Politics

    During my years as a Blogtalk Radio host, I used an alternative news media called BrassCheckTv which provides alternative news. In the many years I have used them they have never asked for money. But now because of the cost to produce and distribute the information, they need donations. I personally feel that we who strive for the truth should support each other. The weapons of deception are financial in nature. They know we do not have the revenue to maintain a high level of coverage. What they do not except is they are not the only source of information.

    Daily I hear many who have been deceived by main stream media, and do not do the research behind the issues.  Listening to a recent interview the gentleman was asked about "Alternative news" and his reply was that you cannot make any money doing that, even if you are telling the real story. That is why tonight we'll play some of BrassCheckTv tapes and talk about how we can develop a system to support each other.  

    I have no doubt it will be hard, but we do not want a news media full of commercials. We must be listener supported with an open carpet for callers to express their views regularly. To ask questions and seek answers. To be informed on all level of issues, and to teach others knowledge which will enable them to know the truth. Tune in tonight and let's talk about how we can support each other.


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    Why are more & more police officers becoming murderers hidden behind police uniforms? Why aren't these political leaders nationwide ignoring this SERIOUS problem? Why are the National Guards that consist of our family members and dear friends being used against us when we demand these senseless murders to cease? It seems like these police officers are mainly targeting "black men" although we know men of other races and nationalities [especially the Hispanic men] are being singled out & targeted. Zimmerman completely disobeied the instructions of the dispatch policer officer to NOT follow Trayvon, but he ignore the order causing an unnecessary comfortation with Trayvon. Zimmerman ASSUMED he would be able to over power Trayvon because he's much larger; however, when Trayvon was whooping Zimmerman's butt. Zimmerman shoot & kills Trayvon in cold blood. Our tax dollars are being wasted by putting Zimmerman in protective custody. We shouldn't be funding the protection of a malicious killer. If Zimmerman truly felt his life was in danger at the moment & time he and Trayvon were in a physical fight, then Zimmerman shouldn't have NEVER EVER followed Trayvon. Zimmerman's disobedience to the law put him in that situation NOT Trayvon.

    Michael Brown was INTENTIONALLY targeted because he is a young black man. Therefore, these bullies in police uniforms decided to confront him harassing him although he wasn't violating ANY laws at the time they approached him. Now, this young man is dead due to murderers in police uniforms.

    Eric Gardner has a lengthy criminal history according the news reports and many police officers purposely target "black men" particularly who have such record to try to justify their reasonings for harassing & killing them. 





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    Your Weekly Dose of Political Incorrectness: A Life of Thoughts 12-14-14

    in Politics Conservative

    This week: Congress passes a spending bill to avert a government shutdown.

    They also passed a bill that violates our 1st, 4th, and 5th amendment rights.

    A school district in Maryland bans use of the phrase "Christmas break" after Muslim protests.

    An Alabama police officer makes the news for a GOOD reason.

    The future has arrived: The U.S. Navy has laser weapons!

    The CIA torture report was released.  Let the condemnation begin!

    ISIS is beheading Christian children because they won't renounce Jesus.

    The Bonehead of the Week is a collective effort and much more!


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