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    TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT!  TONIGHT as Brother Kerry (A mind/voice of Reason)
    brings forth the "QUESTION" about Free-Trade Agreements. What are they? Who are the parties involved? How does it effect mirco/macro economies ? Does does this effect employment and entrepreneurship for you, your children/heirs?  

    Also to be addressed: Rent-free lifestyles and the skinny on the psycho-socio-eco
    impacts of being disassociated and disorientated away trom your vast Aboriginal Estate. 

    Like always have your pen and paper ready! 

    Civil Alert Rising
    Informative, Engaging & 3rd Eye Opening
    858.357.8450 Option 1 to Ask/Speak

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    Dr. Govinda Koirala - Facutly at URG - Sept 22 2011

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    Our 1 minute Promo:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eRzLA1A7hU
    One of Dr. Koirala’s favorite passages comes from a quote by Mark Twain.  “The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that cannot read them.” 
    Join Jason Winters, Director of the MBA Small Business Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Rio Grande; a Student; and Patrick Dengel, Business Development Specialist with The Ohio State University, South Centers in Piketon on Thursday September 22nd from 4:00 to 4:30 in the afternoon.  We will be featuring Dr. Govinda Koirala, Professor of Economics with the School of Business at the University of Rio Grande.
    Dr. Koirala will discuss:
    Economics and the World around you
    A World-Wide Market Place
    Unemployment and Inflation
    Macroeconomics VS Microeconomics
    Investment for Businesses
    International Trade - Good and Bad

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    An Political Illusion Called Integration!

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    Integration may refer to: In sociology and economy: Social integration Racial integration, refers to social and cultural behavior; in a legal sense, see desegregation Economic integration Educational integration of students with disabilities Regional integration American Studies Integration, the study of pillars kind of routine   Horizontal integration and vertical integration, in microeconomics and strategic management, refer to a style of ownership and control Integration clause, in a contract, a term used to declare the contract the final and complete understanding of the parties Integrated production   In mathematics: Law Of Large Numbers or Averages For Complete Control.   TROOP or TOTAL RULE OVER OTHER PEOPLE.   Runge-Kutta Method Integration, in mathematics, a fundamental concept of calculus—the operation of calculating the area between the curve of a function and the x-axis Indefinite integration, in calculus, the process of calculating antiderivatives—the opposites of derivatives (a.k.a. "antidifferentiation") In numerical analysis and in signal processing, a time series can be "integrated" numerically by various step-by-step means, including autoregressive integrated moving average and the Runge-Kutta methods.

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    Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and Planet 

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    Julie Matthaei is Professor of Economics at Wellesley College where she teaches courses in introductory microeconomics, the political economy of gender, race, and class, and feminist economics. She is also the author of An Economic History of Women in America: Women's Work, the Sexual Division of Labor, and the Development of Capitalism. Julie joins us to share in a conversation about the power and potential of a Solidarity Economy.