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  • 02:10

    Boardwalk Radio Episode 006 - The Mind Behind the Madness!

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    After a short State of the Boardwalk Address last week instead of our normal Boardwalk Radio, Boardwalk Wrestling seems to have turned a corner into a new era of the promotion. With that, Boardwalk Radio returns this Sunday with your host Boardwalk Director Michael Pettis as he welcomes to the show his guest this week... The always controversial Mike Zybala! That's right, the man behind Chimpo the Chimp, the Dragonzord, Mechanized Soul, "Zybala's Gonna Hug You" and the only one who could get away with turning a battered hooker into his manager. This should be quite an interesting interview, and we urge any of you who would like to chat with Mr. Pettis or Mike Zybala to call into the show! You'll see the number at the top of this page, or you can hit the Skype button. And as always, we will have the Boardwalk Radio chat open at the bottom of the page! Also, we will play our favorite game, "Face, Feud and Forget" and talk some old school wrestling as well. Be sure to catch the show!

  • 02:19

    Boardwalk Radio Episode 005 - Julliet Brooks Sets the Record Straight!

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    Join us again this Sunday night, as Boardwalk Director Michael Pettis returns to host another exciting edition of Boardwalk Radio! We will recap all of the week's action from Live and Xtra, as well as take a look at our upcoming cards as we start to move towards our next iPPV, Dead Man's Hand. Our special guest this evening is the original handler of Julliet Brooks. She will be on for a great one on one chat with Mr. Pettis, as she sets the record straight about her character being misused by a certain handler who claims to be as sweet as "Kandi." That alone says that you can NOT miss this episode, no matter what E-Fed you are in! Plus, we will play our favorite game, "Feud, Face or Forget" and more!


    Be sure to join in on the live chat on this page during the show, or call in to talk to Mr. Pettisor our guest. Again, this show will be HUGE! If you miss this episode, you are absolutely missing out....

  • 02:52

    Boardwalk Radio Episode 003 - The Marvelous Fallout from All In!

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    Join your host Michael Pettis and other members of the Boardwalk staff, as we dicuss the All In pay per view and Xtra pre-show from tis past week, and discuss the matches in depth. We will also look foward to the cards for Live and Xtra next week, and some of the current storylines. Our special guest will be the handler of "The Marvel" Matt Meyhu, who lost his Internet Title on Xtra, but came back to win the inaugural Boardwalk Rumble. We will have an in depth question and answer session, plus play a game we like to call "Feud, Face or Forget."


    Be sure to listen live and join us in the chat room, or call into the show if you have question for the staff or our guest... Or if you just want to be part of the show!

  • 03:00

    Boardwalk Radio - Episode 001 - This Isn't Your Mom's Daily Soap Operas!

    in Entertainment

    Join your host Michael Pettis and other members of the Boardwalk Wrestling staff as we discuss the past week's results, and this coming week's cards. Plus, we bring you some build up for our upcoming pay per view, All In! We will discuss some of the drama as of late, and how it is only hurting the fed and the staff. We will also discuss some rumors and news outside of the cards.

    Also, our special guest this week will be Cory Danielson, the handler of "The One" Bucky Evans. We may even start some new weekly features. Be sure to turn in to the first edition of our new weekly 2 hour radio show!

  • 00:30

    Boardwalk Wrestling Radio - The Introduction

    in Entertainment

    Listen as your host Michael Pettis leads a 30 minute discussion with what is happening right now in the world of Boardwalk Wrestling, as a preview to our upcoming Boardwalk Radio show! Joining him for the half hour is Travis Malekpour, handler or Rico Smith, Harold Goldgraft and others. Starting with the next broadcast, you will be able to call in or use a chat box at the bottom of the screen to voice your opinion! At that time, we will begin a two hour weekly show. Boardwalk Wrestling... What will we come up with next?!