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    Michael Anthony Johnson is "live" on Centertainment on Fridays @ 7pm CST!

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    Join Michael Anthony Johnson as we explore the scriptures, especially in Isaiah 45 this week. God said he would give "you the treasures of darkness and hidden wealth of secret places, so that you may know that it is I, the Lord God of Israel, who called all you by name!

    How do you know scripturally that you are called? We discussed last week that the "wise, after the flesh, the mighty and the noble are not called" but God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound and overturn the wise! 

    Don't miss this exciting time in the Word, and the exciting season that you, your family, friends and ministry can experience just by staying prayerful and hearing what "the spirit is saying to the church!"

    You are ready! You are Set! Why haven't you left that place yet?

    For some of you, it's time to move on to the things of God!

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    Tony Gill interviews Michael Anthony Johnson via Tony Gill Show @ 7pm CST!!!

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    Tony Gill interviews Michael Anthony Johnson via Tony Gill Show @ 7pm CST!!!

    If you missed the broadcast, here's the link to hear what God did on this show: 


    What a glorious way to share what God has been doing and is doing in the life of Michael Anthony Johnson, joined by Doc Bradford Howard, Jr. Tony Gill interviews Michael and the Spirit of God does some unique tapestry between the three gentlemen! 

    Tune in and be blessed and there may be something 'just for you' in the broadcast!

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    The Word on NiACOM Expressions with Michael Anthony Johnson/tonight @ 8pm CST!!

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    NiACOM Expressions with Michael Anthony Johnson is on the  tonight @ 8pm CST!!

    Spend an hour with me in the Word Of God! Every week, there is an encouraging and/or impactful Word to help us grow! Let's explore Psalm 119 tonight as we lean on God's strength to grow in this season of change, crushing, excitement and newness!

    Be refreshed in the spirit of your mind, as we look and take the Word at face value in light of what we see through current events, the economy and our own lives in comparison to the Bible!

    The Bible is still the only book that has answers for every day life!

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    Meet "The Real Michael Anthony Johnson!" The mind of Niacom, on SSWAG Talk Radio

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    SSWAG Talk Radio with David & Gwenn Simmons, welcomes Founder/CEO of Niacom Radio and TV, Michael Anthony Johnson.

    Michael Anthony Johnson is the Founder/CEO of the world renowned radio and TV show, Niacom!

    NIACOM is an online radio network that produces and broadcasts Christian self-help and life improvement programs that have been designed to benefit and enrich listeners through positively improving as many vital areas of life as possible. The programs, hosted by Mr. Michael Anthony Johnson, cover a broad range of subjects.

    Michael's ministry has grown by leaps and boundsover the years and it continues to grow daily. Michael's Ministry is one that has compassion for God's people. He is definitely called by God to minister The Love of God to The World. Niacom ministers to the broken hearted, the sinner who hasn't received Christ, the unloved, the rejected and many, many more. 

    Tonight, we will delve into the life of Mr. Michael Anthony Johnson. If you want to meet and greet the mind behind the success of Niacom Radio and TV, don't miss this episode. 

    Tune in Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. cst!  You may listen online by logging into www.blogtalkradio.com/niacom and click on the link to the show. You may also dial 323-693-3830, press 1. 

    Get ready for an evening of, not just information, but revelation! 

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    Interview with Founder, Owner, CEO Mr. Michael Anthony Johnson

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    Tonight's show is a full fledge interview with Shirley Ann and Mr. Michael Anthony Johnson, Founder & Owner of Centertainment is one you don't want to miss. This interview is full of transparency, laughter, growth, fun and just allowing God to be the Producer of this show.

    Time spent with Michael Anthony Johnson was like no other interview that I have conducted. This gentleman is very viberate and knows what he is speaking about. He has a passion for his business and vision. He was the Founder and Owner of the renowned NiACOM where he allowed indie and grassroot artist to grow in the industry of musics, arts, authors, and the like. His vision became so large that he had to expand NiACOM by transitioning it into CENTERTAINMENT Radio (FM) and Televsision. Michael is spreading his wings. He is the most sought out in his industry. He is working on many projects that are National and International. He is partnering in Paris, UK.

    I was truly blessed and honored by having the opportunity to get him on my show. There was never a dull moment during our interview and the synergy was amazing!!! Enjoy the show!!!

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    "The Truth" is on Centertainment Tonight @ 5:30pm CST!

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    God has magnificently blessed this group with an impressive creative edge. Their commanding vocal talent is at a level of achievement which is brilliantly demonstrated on their current project “All God His Glory” which features the remarkable singles “Thank God” and “Hallelujah.” What a supersized gift the Lord has given to the Kingdom of God! Their impeccable vocal artistry and talent continue to revolutionize the gospel music industry. Moreover, the group has provided inevitable proof of great talent and an even greater future.

    The Ladies of God gospel group is comprised of three enormously vibrant women of God. They are Jonita Johnson AKA Lady J, a native of West Monroe, Louisiana. Frances Daniels AKA Lady D, a native of St. Joseph, Louisiana. Valisha Washington Tolliver AKA Lady V, a native of Austin, Texas. Currently, they reside in Monroe, Louisiana. They are saved and filled with the Spirit of God!

    Undeniably, this group consists of individuals who are keenly aware of their God-given purpose for the end times. Each member of the Ladies of God has been tried and proven. When the group encountered the evil works of the enemy’s road blocks, they continued to trust God to provide an expressway! God has never failed them yet! Thus, each one of them can testify with the utmost authenticity, that it is “All God His Glory” that they are ministering to! They are living the life and singing the story!


    Join us for an incredible interview with "The Truth" with Host Michael Anthony Johnson

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    PROPHETIC VOICE "Michael Anthony Johnson!" Radio Interview

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    Our very special guest is: Michael Anthony Johnson (Owner/Creator & Executive Director) of Ctertainment Television. Learn all about a new worldwide programming happening in the US and across the globe. It's innovative, It's exciting, It's here!

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    Damon "DaRil" Nailer on Centertainment Radio Show Friday 11.20.15 @ 7:00pm CST!

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    As a recording artist, DaRil has 6 CD's under his belt -R U Ready-2000, A Jing, Jing Thing-2001, Strictly Divine-2004, Conception & Rebirth-2010 & Versatility Mix-Tape-2015 & Triple Threat-2016.

    As an author, Damon Nailer has written one inspirational eBook entitled The Great Taste of Success, which provides wisdom and insight concerning destiny, gifts/talents, spiritual growth/personal enhancement, positive thinking, and success tips.  Currently, he is preparing to release his second eBook A Greater Taste of Success and Revelation Rightly Revealed (R3) (This book will analyze the most intriguing and mysterious book in the bible-Revelation).

    Last, but not least, as a talk show host DaRil hosts his own TV talk show entitled Motivating the Masses, which provides direction, inspiration, and education concerning our daily lives.

    Join us by clicking link to access the show from any device or call in to be a part of our interactive audience at 323-693-3830 and press "1". We'll take it from there!



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    Recap of the Stellars from Michael Anthony Johnson & more @ 8:30pm CST Tonight

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    Recap of the Stellars from Michael Anthony Johnson & more @ 8:30pm CST Tonight!

    NiACOM Platform 2014 is on the tracks tonight @ 8:30pm CST!!

    Be there tonight as we start out the New Year with great music, great conversation, inspiration with your favorite team: Michael Anthony Johnson, (yours truly), Vonzell Washington, Teirrany La'Shun Bledsoe, Darrell Spence, Comedian Shangles, Harold J...& "you!"

  • Jerry Wayne is on The Centertainment Radio Show on Oct 30 @ 7pm CST!

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    Some artist’s are talented, but then, some are anointed and appointed to do what God has called them to do.  With that being said, allow Centertainment Radio to introduce you to:

    Jerry Wayne 23, a young, anointed and gifted artist, from North Carolina.  Stepping on to the gospel scene with a new fresh sound that hasn’t been heard before under the guidance of Damion Murrill.  This young man is sure to be a positive and aspiring light to millions of people around the world,

    Jerry was introduced to music at a young age, singing and leading songs in his home church choir at 5 years old, in addition to playing drums with his brother Daniel at 9 years old, following the musical roots from his family's quartet group “The Golden Silvertones”.  Jerry grew up with a love for quartet music, but never aspired to have his own group but he has always been a solo artisit.

    At the age of 20, Jerry learned about the goodness of the Lord first hand. He had a spinal cord surgery that left him paraplegic from the waist down. Jerry recalls, “ I remember it so vividly from losing the ability to walk, and everything that had to with my waist down, to the doctors telling me I wouldn’t be able to walk again, and learning to forgive.  I remember crying out to the Lord saying, "whatever you need me to do, I’ll do it, just heal my body Lord!”

    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

    “ Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him” Job 13:15