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    SHINE! with your host Micara Link

    in Spirituality

    Join Intuitive Micara Link for her show all about Intuition!
    Why is it beneficial to listen to your intuition? What blocks your inner voice? How do you strengthen your psychic abilities? Find out the answers to these questions and more!  The show will end with a guided meditation to jump-start your Intuition, and as always, Micara will be taking your calls. Learn more about Micara at www.MicaraLink.com

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    John Carver Show - The Link

    in Self Help

    I have found that most of us have many links attached to our thoughts and actions.
    What you link to an experience is very important. What emotion or memory have you linked to an experience that needs to change for you to move on in life?
    For some, the definition they apply to their link becomes their reality.
    Think of my title as how a hyperlink works.  You click the hyperlink and you expect it to take you to a certain website.
    Here’s the kicker…you and I assign our own hyperlinks.
    Every “link” you have established, in your life, can be changed…by YOU!

    Discipline is what you must have to resist the lure of excuses” ? Brian Tracy, No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline
    “You can make excuses or you can make progress. You choose.” ? Brian Tracy, No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline
    What you link to an experience is very important. What emotion or memory have you linked to an experience that needs to change for you to move on in life?

    For some, the definition they apply to their link becomes their reality.
    Listen to the words of author Malcolm Gladwell from his book Blink:
    “Our first impressions are generated by our experiences and our environment, which means that we can change our first impressions…by changing the experiences that comprise those impressions.

    Based on that understanding we…you and I…have the power to change our links.
    Stereotyping is another example of how links work.



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    SHINE! with your host Micara Link

    in Spirituality

    Join Intuitive Micara Link as she kicks off her new show SHINE! Bust through your blocks & Unleash your Light!  Micara will be discussing her work as an Intuitive, her down-to-earth spiritual philosophy, and then wrap the show up with mini-intuitive readings and a powerful guided meditation.  Call In, Chat, and interact with Micara during the show on her Facebook page. 
    Learn more about Micara at www.MicaraLink.com   

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    Inside The Paranormal - Micara Link

    in Paranormal

    We'll be talking to Micara Link, live from South Dakota. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intutive Counselor and Soul Coach. Ms. Link will be our first healing practitioner featured on the show and we're very excited she has agreed to join in for a segment of Inside The Paranormal. Tune in at 9pm EST Tuesday Feb 21 to hear what she has to say!

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    Animal Communicator Tim Link Joins Kate Loving

    in Spirituality

    Animal lovers often wonder what their pet’s meow, bark, tweet, or stare means. Why the incessant meowing after Kitty has been fed, petted, and played with? Why is Fido barking up a storm or digging in the yard as if his life depended on it? Pet owners want to know, and Tim Link, an expert animal communicator, teaches readers how to find out. The author was initially surprised to find himself being able to communicate with animals of all types. Because Link was caught off guard by his own gift, he is adept at helping readers first hone their communication skills, using the spoken and the visual, and then focus on particular behaviors. Unlike most training methods, Link’s approach respects the individual personality and feelings of animals. His methods, simple and accessible to all, facilitate the understanding that all animal lovers crave.


    Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom has been on the air 7 years.

    Join my Community HERE: http://bit.ly/1i21gPC

    Kate Loving's PRAYER Podcast: http://katelovingshenk.com/PRAYERpodcast



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    The link between adrenaline and spirituality

    in Entrepreneur

    Hello and good morning all. Its Lya with an interesting topic. Is there a link between adrenaline and spirituality? I would like to discuss that along with the second part of my show which is when do we know we have started to journey into ur spirit self. Come sit and listen??

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    Relaunch of Cross Link Radio

    in Health

    Shirley is ready and chomping at the bit to relaunch Cross Link Radio. This episode is the welcome and description of what you can expect as the show unfolds in this second season. The new website is awesome and I’m looking forward to your subscriptions and interaction on the site. My web guy, Scott, has put many hours into making this site useful and friendly for you to find all the health info you’ll need to support your journey to health, including the health of the mouth.

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    Manifesting Miracles Guided Meditation with Micara Link

    in Spirituality

    Manifesting Miracles Guided Meditation - Using Your Intuition to Create Powerful Shifts in Your Life Today
    Do you feel stuck in fear and old negative patterns? Do you want to diminish negative self talk and low self-esteem? Are you ready for lasting change that will help you be your best self? If you're ready to manifest miracles into your life by shifting from a life lead by fear, lack, & ego to a life lead by love, spirit and intuitive guidance then this meditation is designed just for you.
    Join Micara Link for this powerful guided meditation that will assist you in releasing your blocks and unleashing your light.
    Grab your journal and pen before you sit down for this meditation. You will receive insight & guidance from Spirit that you will want to write down.
    My intention is that this meditation finds its way to all of those who will benefit from it ~ feel free to share it with anyone and everyone whom you feel guided to welcome into this space.
    Gratefully Yours ~

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  • Michael Herbach, Missing Link Productions

    in Current Events

    Our guest this morning is Michael Herbach of Missing Link Productions.

    The Missing Link team shoots and produces TV shows, movie trailers and ad spots for web and TV. They specialize in green screen productions and animation and create business intro taking head shorts for Youtube mass email campaigns.

    Their studio is located at Manhattan Beach Studios MBS Media Campus on Rosecrans in Manhattan Beach.

    So this morning, we’re going to learn a bit about what Michael and his team do and get the inside scoop on last night’s Best of Manhattan Awards.


    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit


    To Find Out More Your Host, Joe Terry visit

    On Facebook at ...


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    MBSFood: Talking with Dogs and Cats with Author Tim Link

    in Pets

    "Why has my cat suddenly stopped using the litter box?" "Why is my dog barking incessantly?" "Why doesn't my dog or cat listen to me when I ask him to do something?" "How do I get my dog to stop aggressive behavior at the dog park?" These are questions that have entered the minds of pet owners everywhere at one time or another. Also, what does that meow, bark, tweet, or stare mean? I know I fed, pet, and played with Kitty.We pet owners want to know how to communicate effectively with our pets and understand their individual wants and needs. We also want to share our wants and needs with our pets. If only we could talk to them like we talk to each other. If only they could understand exactly what we are trying to convey to them. Actually, we can, and they can, according to Tim Link, author of Talking with Dogs and Cats: Joining the Conversation to Improve Behavior and Bond with Your Animals. Tune in to our show in which this seasoned animal communicator shares from his book, including some proven methods of communication with animals, and ways to remedy common behavioral and emotional problems we encounter with our pets.

    Tim Link is a nationally syndicated radio host and Reiki practitioner in addition to his role as animal communicator. He created his Wagging Tales consulting practice upon discovering his "talk to the animals" abilities. He often works with animal rescue organizations and lives in Cumming, GA. For more info on Tim, check out his website, www.TalkingWithDogsandCats.com.