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    The LizyT show with Singer Micah Hall

    in Music

    The LizyT show with Singer Micah Hall

    As early as five years old while growing up in

    Dallas, NC, Micah Hall felt the call of God to

    minister through song. The son of a pastor,

    Micah spent most of his life singing along

    side his family. Little did they know he would

    mature to become one of today's most exciting

    young gospel artists. His newest project

    "You Can Go To Calvary" is a powerful collection

    of songs that delivers music for all tastes. 


    The beginning of this extraordinary journey started with

    his family. Micah is supported by his wife, Faith,

    (who also sang on the newest project) and their

    son Manuel. They are determined to pursue the call

    that God has placed on their lives to help reach as

    many people as possible with the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Micah is blessed to have a great team of support, partners,

    and prayer warriors behind his Ministry.

    He is also a Ministry partner with World Mission.


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    HEALING: with Cindy Hyde

    in Christianity

    Many times throughout the years I have felt inadequate and just plain unworthy. God has shown me time and again that He is not looking for someone with ability. He only wants us to be available to Him. I will share some of the wonderful testimonies we have seen over the years. 

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    Guest: Micah Mbliz Jonah, Musician and Entrepreneur, Won the Volunteer Prize

    in Education

    Micah Mbliz Jonah is a musician and won the Volunteer Prize.  Micah-Bliz Joseph Jonah also known as Mbliz is a Nigerian. A Business Administration Undergraduate and he has a certificate in Business Ideas and Entrepreneurship Skills.He is an Entrepreneur, and the forth out of the six children of his parents.He was born and brought up in the south south region of Nigeria(Akwa  Ibom State of Nigeria). His father is a mechanical Engineer & A business man while his mother is a teacher and a business administrator. Because of his love and passion for humanitarian services getting involved wasn't difficult, Sam Edet told him about the SWACIN foundation and  he desired to join. His happiest feelings is having the opportunity to serve the needy. His worst feelings was traveling from Akwa Ibom State to Edo State by Bus because of the bad conditions of the road,The journey took more than 6 hours and he was really stressed. His community is full of hard working people and  business opportunities, and he says they are loving and peaceful people  and welcome visitors  & investors.  Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa, the land of so many happenings with a beautiful culture that attracts foreigners, is a place to be.  All of his life he wanted to be an Entrepreneur and a philanthropist.  Mbliz- I need You. he is working on my album and his new songs are not yet approved for publishing by the company.

    Water Project in Ikpe Ikot Nkon village I   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJCd5rfPgvk&feature=youtu.be

    Childs' Rights Rehabilitation Network   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm8MmprFlpc

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    HEALING: Cindy Hyde teaches about healing from Scripture

    in Health

    Cindy Hyde has been in the healing ministry for more than 13 years. She teaches the simplicity of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ using the Sacred Scriptures, experiences and healing testimonies she has had throughout her ministry. Jesus did not stop healing people when He rose from the dead and ascended to the right hand of His Father, He imparted the power and the authority to believers. He still heals. He still raises the dead. He still saves. He still makes people whole.

    Enjoy this series of teachings on healing compiled by Cindy Hyde. Please share these with people you know who need to be healed. They are everywhere. 

    Be Healed!


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    DJ Hyde Back on Yakuza Kick Radio!!

    in Sports

    Tonight ...

    CZW Owner DJ Hyde is tonight's guest!!

    Topics discussed:

    -What led to DJ buying the company?

    -What does DJ feel are the main differences between Zandig's CZW AND his CZW?

    -Why was Curt Robinson included in this year's BOTB?

    -"There's absolutely no difference between Penelope Ford AND Ronda Rousey."

    -"Brittany Blake is a homegrown star" 

    --DJ: "Jay Cat ... She can tap you out." Jay Cat: "you're out of your fu**in' mind."

    -Why did Conor Claxton regress?

    -Rickey Shane Page: Why did it take DJ so long to bringhim back after TOD 2015?

    -What happened at Proving Grounds?

    -What are DJ's thoughts on Sozio? The Front angle

    -Thoughts on the Lio Rush - Joey Janela angle 

    -Thoughts on 'missing out' on key bookings

    -DJ mentions how Gabe Sapolsky "hands out business cards" in his locker room. Why does he allow that?

    -'Missing the boat" on Fred Yehi

    --DJ says there's no room on the card for a lot of new talent. Yet

    -Why hasn't Trent Acid been inducted to the CZW Hall of Fame?

    -What happened at last year's "Down With The Sickness," where he left JC Bailey out of the in-ring tribute?

    -Thoughts on Joker's comments / opinion of him

    -What's up with the BJW relationship?

    --Why hasn't Tremont been in BJW?

    -Why haven't we seen Scot Summers?

    -What fell apart with the DJ Hyde - John Wayne Murdoch "angle"?

    -If JT Dunn was not going to come back, why did he go over in his feud with David Starr?

    -Thoughts on GCW holding a DeathMatch tournament 6 days before TOD

    -Why is the Junior title an afterthought?

    -What's DJ's philosophy on 'being a heel'?

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    Cindy Hyde Live with Jennifer Kelley - Talking About the Power of Prayer

    in Christianity

    Jennifer Kelley joins Cindy Hyde in a lively and personal conversation about the power of prayer. Prayer changes you and it changes circumstances. 

    Rich Blessings,
    Cindy Hyde

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    Cindy Hyde Live: Thoughts About Thoughts

    in Self Help

    The world is full of people who have set examples of the power of positive thinking like Jesus Christ, Normal Vincent Peale and others. If we realized that we are toxic physically because of the negativity in our brains from stinking thinking we would be healthier and prosperous. I share with you some ways to take your thoughts captive and to control them instead of them controlling you. 

    Rich Blessings,

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    GOD ENCOUNTERS IN THE SUPERNATURAL w/ Cindy Hyde & Larry and Connie Howard

    in Christianity

    Having supernatural encounters is supposed to be normal. Listen to some of the encounters Larry and Connie have had over the past 40 years. 


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    4/20/16: Dave Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel on Hassan Whiteside, Game 2 Preview

    in Basketball

    Earnest Christian is joined by Dave Hyde, Columnist of the Sun-Sentinal to discuss Hassan Whiteside and his enigmatic personality, Game 1 impressions, the maturation of the rookies Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson, his opinion on Erik Spoelstra and Game 2 analysis.

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    DEVOTIONAL: A CAT ON THE WIRE: Live with Cindy Hyde & Kimberly Russell

    in Christianity

    Smith Wigglesworth says, "I know that salvation, while it is a perfect work, is an insulation that may have any number of volts behind it. In the days when the bare wires were laid, when electric power was obtained from Niagara, I am told that there was a city whose lights suddenly went out. Following the wires, the repair man came to a place where a cat had gotten on the wires, and the lights had been stopped. 
         I find that a dynamo of heaven can be stopped with a smaller thing than a cat. An impure thought stops the circulation. An act can stop the growth of the believer. 
         So I find that if I am going to have all the revelations of Jesus brought to me, I must strive for all that God has for me through a pure and clean heart, right thoughts, and an inward affection toward Him. Then heaven bursts through my human frame, and all the rays of heaven flow through my body. Hallelujah! It is lovely!" (Smith Wigglesworth Devotionals, 1999)