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    Spirituality/Relationships(Moving on& Accepting What is) & FREE PSYCHIC READINGS

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    Today's episode is on spirituality and relationships.  We will address what is stopping us from moving forward and being stagnant and accepting what is to have the happiest life possible. Your happiness isn't based on having a partner and when you acknowledge this and accept that you have goals you must meet which is based on you than you will see having a partner only will enhance your life. When you stop looking and wanting is when you will find the right partner.  When you accept what is and that includes that your love relationship is over which is hard for many people to do because they fear the unknown then you will embrace life again.  We get stuck in a pattern and we think we can't make it on our own.  However, nothing stays the same and one day you will have to and if you wait too long then you have closed many doors of opportunity which were once opened and now are closed. So, understanding that fear holds you back will help you.  Now releasing it will also help you. If you don't have a partner and you desire one then you are also holding onto fear and that fear is being alone. You look and you look for the right partner and you don't find them and you go from one psychic to another psychic to hear what you want to hear but you know the truth lies within.  You will only see different results when you change.  When you keep doing the same thing, going to the same places to find a mate of course you will get the same results Only you can change the outcome. You are powerful and you need to take back your power! FREE PSYCHIC READINGS ON THIS EPISODE!!! PRIVATE READING SPECIAL PRICE $$$$$$25.00 ONLY FOR 1 HOUR TELEPHONE SESSION. Contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com for a psychic reading. I am a top rated and world renowned psychic and read for clients on Kasamba. I am clairvoyant, an empath and sensitive. You will get the truth as I don't sugarcoat! I was born with this gift.  

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    CHA/MIA classic, GSW rolls, HOU Postmortem, Worst Team All-Defense

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    Charlotte guts out Game 5 in Miami, Golden State rolls into the next round, a Houston postmortem, plus Nate and Danny pick their Worst Team All-Defense rosters from the 2015-16 season.

    With host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) and Danny Leroux of RealGM and the Sporting News (@DannyLeroux). 

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    CrossCast Joy! Rejoice Always!

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    Gala verse and National Poetry and Poetry Reading Day features Mia, Kendall, Haleigh and Chloe. We wrap up April as the countdown to summer starts! Joy!

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    You've Been Desensitized&How it Started&RESULTS! (LOVE LIFE!) & FREE PSYCHIC REA

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    The fall of the USA and how it affects you today.  You've been gradually desensitized.  This started in the 60's and the breakdown of the American family.  This is affecting why you are having a hard time in love relationships and even being in a committed one.  As I look back I can see how once people were shocked to see e.g. Boy George wearing make-up and appearing feminine.  People back then thought he was a fruit cake and he wasn't acceptable to a lot of men.  Today he is honored. Working men made jokes about him and today this would be unacceptalbe and politically incorrect.  The androgynous look came in actually with the Beatles and it became more drastic as rock bands such as Led Zeppelin made this look more appealing and more dramatic.  This led to the 80's rock bands wearing make-up and having a more feminine look with their hair and their body.  Religion was taken out of school and this led to a breakdown of morals.  People don't' even care about the Constitution anymore and this is in place to protect the people, WE THE PEOPLE. Ted Cruz from Canada is running for President of the USA and one of the reguirements is to born in the USA.  Bill Clinton has been impeached but people look at him as a hero paying his thousands of dollars for motivational speeches. This all affected your family life and your love relationships.  Can we openly talk about a same sex couple raising children? We should and we will today. Did women's lib help women or hurt women?  Did it create a separation in the family role?  Did it hurt men? Do men resent women because of women's lib? What are  your thoughts? Please share. FREE PSYCHIC READINGS TODAY!!!

    PRIVATE PSYCHIC READING *SPECIAL* - $25.00/1 hour phone session Contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com


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    What Paul/Griffin Injuries Mean for Clippers, IND/TOR Classic, BOS/ATL, MIA/CHA

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    The Clippers' present and future in light of the injuries to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, a deep dive on the Raptors incredible comeback against the Pacers (16:30) , Celtics/Hawks (46:30) and Monday's Heat/Hornets (55:30) .

    With host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) and Danny Leroux of RealGM and the Sporting News (@DannyLeroux). 


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    WILL BE LIVE 7-9 CST | 8-10 EST 


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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

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    New soundbites for President Soundbite, as he read from his teleprompter with German Chancellar Angela Merkel standing next to him.  Mr. Obama decided he was going to deploy an additional 250 Special Forces to Syria, citing "to keep up this momentum". Another Obama narrative as he speaks in tongues trying to act presidential, he'll tell you he's the Commander-in-Chief you know.  Mr. Obama then went on to scold Europe for being complacent about their own defense.  Can you imagine the arrogance and gall of the POTUS scolding Europeans about their complacency regarding their own defense?  We'll discuss this so-called complacency? Taking of Syrian Muslim Refugees and the invasion into Europe. 55 + Muslim NO GO Zones in Sweden. Terror in Belgium with the Islamic community hiding out and covering for the master mind of the Paris Terror attack this past November.  France being attacked twice in a little over a year. Obama's Feckless Foreign policies escalating terrorism throughout the Middle East and Europe. 

    Join us this evening at 6pm EST where we may or may not be broadcasting live from Little Falls, NY.  Follow us on Twitter - @radiojihadnetwork or @mamamiaNOsharia

    Like us on Facebook and our website: www.radiojihad.org

    God Bless Our Troops and God Bless America! 

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    CHA/MIA, DET/CLE, POR/LAC, plus Thibodeau to MIN

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    Breakdown of Hornets/Heat including some great audio from Steve Clifford, Pistons/Cavs (with analysis of Stanley Johnson on LeBron) and Trail Blazers/Clippers, plus discussion on the Timberwolves hiring Tom Thibodeau and other league news. With host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) and Danny Leroux of RealGM and the Sporting News (@DannyLeroux). 

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    Kid City Works - We're back for round 2..

    in Radio

    Tonight Kid City Works will be discussing life for children who live in a foster home, the positive and the negative aspects of foster life..

    Kid City Shoutouts to Amy Jacobs and A World Entertainment, Kiven Womble and Raising The Roof Radio, Brother Bayan and Big City Works Productions, Paterson Cares, Ann's Little Angels DayCare & Acadamy, Young Legend, Fetty Wap, French Montana, Grandma, Uncle DaWoo, My Mother Keema, Aunt Mia, Uncle NoMoe, Ms. Wendy, Ms. Mary, Hihwayley,  and Ms. Megan.

     I want to talk about my life .

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    Emotional Age vs. Chronological Age? & FREE PSYCHIC READINGS!!!

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    As we go through life we are faces with challenges but often times we or someone we know may get stuck at an age based on our emotional developmental stage.  Until you conquer these stages you will remain there and that may be why you can't find true romance or why a long lasting relationship doesn't work out for you.  You may be stuck at 15 years old and be 38 years old chronologically. I will explain the stages that we are challenged with as explained by Erikson.  Erikson's work has always made the most sense to me regarding the mental psyche of an individual.  Coping skills are learned and they are emulated by our parents.  However, it's rather interesting when you take 3 children raised by the same parents and they are different.  One is independent and secure and there is one who stil llives at home at middle age. I will explain why this occurs. Sometimes it's because of drug or alcohol use. If you started drinking alcohol or consuming any mind altering substance in your teens then you are going to be stuck as a teenager because you have not learned coping skills. You can't skip what you are challenged with so you are going to have to learn coping skills and fulfill this emotional developmental stage in order for you to reach adulthood. FREE PSYCHIC READINGS ON SHOW!!! Private readings at SPECIAL PRICE OF $25.00/1 hour telephone session!!!! Contact me at Mia0899cs@gmail.com.  

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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

    in Politics Conservative

    Congressman Dave Trott of Michigan, blasted the Obama Administration for NOT designating the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization.  Rep Trott cited the Muslim Brotherhood's role in targeting Coptic Christians in Egypt and "Inciting" violence!  Nice to see members of Congress stepping up and speaking out, not being intimidated by Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups.  This on the heels of HR 3892 - the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015 and Senate Companion Bill S.2230 introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz.

    From Creeping Sharia - DOJ Launches Combating Islamaphobia effort nationwide.  What a strategy by the Muslim Brotherhood and their Front Groups. Islamic terrorism is on the rise around the world (ie., Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino) and the response from Islamic groups in America?  Islamophobia in America. CAIR's response in combating terrorism - put up posters: "Build a Wall of REsistance, Don't talk to the FBI".  This gives the Brotherhood Front Groups the platform to play the victim and for DOJ to go after those who seek to talk about Counter Terrorism in the United States. What a ploy and they have willing accomplices in the US Govt to aid and abet. 

    Join us this evening at 6pm EST where we may or may not be broadcasting live from Little Falls, NY.   Follow us on Twitter: @radiojihadnetwork or @mamamiaNOsharia; like us on Facebook and our website: www.radiojihad.org 

    God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!