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    Making the Best of Second Chances

    in Relationships

    Before getting a second chance, you must show growth and a sincere desire to correct past wrongs. You will work harder than you can imagine and patience is a must. Second chances are not given on a whim, you must be able to withstand the pressure of not being in complete control. Before you can make the best of a second chance, you must get a second chance. Let's not only get a second chance, let's make it better than we could imagine. Join me Minister Dupree-Alridge, with this week's co-host A. Michelle Grogan Certified Life Coach/Columnist of Sherotica Storms-Straight Talk and Special guest co-host Janet Heard Creator and one of the Admins of Lesbians 45 Plus with Class, Sophistication, and Charm.

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    Courageous Disciples

    in The Bible

    Join me, Pastor Maria and the ministry Women of Courage; Warriors of God to discuss the strength of a warrior. We must not faint but stand together in this journey not just preparing for ourselves but preparing others.

    We need to be a constant vigilant tending to the lost sheep bring them back home with words of assurance, comfort and encouragement. If you're a prayer warrior I expect your company. I want to share our testimonies, our struggles and our storms and also the strength out Heavenly Father has given us so that we can overcome all obstacles. Lets not sit idle and wait, but kneel in prayer for each other. 

    Matthew 28:18-20 18. And Jesus came to them saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19. "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 20. "teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age " Amen

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    in Entertainment

    TARA REZ, JUDE RAWLINS, DANA GILLESPIE, RICK & CAROLYN HUNT & ALAN & LIZ KNIGHT, ELAINE BROWN  and SEGS have helped me to be away from home for 5 weeks. It is with their help and support I have weathered the storms that raged as I came home to England after another 5 years of absence. First came the television show Celebrity Big Brother and I was there for two weeks. After the first 6 days I was told that my ex-husband and business partner was dead after an 18 month battle with cancer. Then I got sick probably caught something from the cold or the AC ventilation sytstems and had to take dreaded antibiotics but they worked and made me well. Then I left the Celebrity Big Brother House and was very busy with the accompanying interest surrounding the show and also the interest in DAVID and my appreciations of him both as a beloved and International performer, singer, songwriter, actor and producer my former Love and father of our son Duncan Jones. We will talk about all this and hear some fabulous music. I heard from a little birdy that Jude may reveal a track from my new album!!!! And we will play some tracks from Dana's new album and we will hear Tara's new tracks and favorites. JOIN US FOR A COOL and LIVELY conversation on the radio. Podcast available a few minutes after the show! We willbe playing Dana's Music but she will not be joining us for this show as she has been recuperating from serious knee surgery!

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    Serene Motivations Radio

    in Self Help

    Serene Motivations w/ Host Johnnette Young Has Another Empowering Show Lined Up Just for You, Wednesday, February 3, 2016 @ 11A.M. Sharp!

    Tune-In @ 1-347-237-4648 And Help Us Welcome Husband & Wife Team Nathaniel And Jessica Brown, Founders of 5A Elite Youth Empowerment & Harvest International Ministries! You Won’t Want To Miss The Browns' Powerful Testimonies of How God Carried Them Through The Storms of Their lives And Lifted Them Up Into The Divine Realization of Their Purpose!

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    "The Farm Report" with Dr. Ridgely M.Muhammad

    in Food

    Welcome and thank you for returning! We desire for each of you to have a prosperous year in 2016, in all that you do of good! We do not need any more bad guyzz...big grin! Your host for the show is Dr. Ridgely M. Muhammad and as you know -  expect the unexpected. We are setting up early for next week, due to an ice storm where the studio is located, in Virginia, some of our equipment is failing to operate, consistently. So we offer you this opportunity to visit the archives this evening, January 23, 2016 and select from the many recordings placed there for the past 2.5 years. We recommend the January 16, 2016 show with returning guest Vickie Marrone, an organic soil specialist, she was great! We look forward to your presence in the studio next Saturday January 30, 2016 at 8:00p.m. est. studio # is 347-945-5454.  Have a safe week, according to the weather broadcasts there are storms across the entire nation, some worse then others...

    To visit the farm and learn about us and become a contributor go to www.noimoa.com, look for the blogtalkradio button and give until your heart is content ! Program engineer, im.tb.09122011@gmail.com.

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    What not to do in Snow Storms

    in Family

    Hope everone was safe during the storms ..  

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    Winter Storm preparations! on I Am Liberty

    in Education

    Winter Storm preparations!
    I Am Liberty!
    Fridays on American Preppers Radio
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Not entirely sure if this show will even come to pass. We are expecting high winds and heavy snow across my area at showtime and frankly this area doesnt tend to fair well under such conditions. Power will go out and all the fun that goes along with that may take me away from honking on the microphone for an hour with the rest of the gang. Does this mean your faithful host is not prepared? Does it mean I cannot do the show because of my ill attempts to do what I say and say what I do. NO WAY. Not only is your host ready for whatever comes falling out of the sky I plan on talking about it on the show!

    Read More HERE!

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting, I Am Liberty

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    In Times of Trouble...Pt. 2

    in Spirituality

    Due  to technical difficulty this broadcast will have to be redone. 

    This week on "Christ Voice of Thunder"we will continue our discussion on how to maintain endurance to victory in times of trouble.

     As believers, troubling times will come. What do we do from the beginning of a storm to the end? When opposition comes as a result of doing what is right you do we retreat?  Do we Keep pressing on? What about storms we bring on ourselves?  

     The children of Israel lifted their eyes. So they were very afraid, when Pharaoh drew near and the children of Israel They cried out to the LORD. Then they said to Moses, "Because there were no graves in Egypt, have you taken us away to die in the wilderness?

    Did God deliver them from Pharaoh?

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    The snow storms in the Northeast plus more talk about climate change

    in Politics

    Guest:  Frank Burke, author, businessman and contributor to American Thinker......plus Bob Parks, conservative activist, join me for a look at the snowstorms in the North East.........what was it like to go through such a massive snowstorm?...........we will look at the climate change debate and the confusion from conflicting information about warming and cooling........tmy AT post about climate change.....are we getting cold or warm..........and other stories.........

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    The Sixth Seal, Planet X and Nasa, The One World Religious System, Persecution!

    in Christianity

    Revelation, The True Church of Jesus Christ, Pre Trib, Mid Trib, Post Trib. Tribulation, 7 Seals. The Sixth Seal 6th Seal. Planet X, Nibiru, Signs of the Times, Apacolypse, Gay Marriage, Pope, Great Babylonian Harlot, One Word Church, False Peace, Antichrist, Beast, System, NWO, New world order, Obama, The United States of America,Pole Shift, Earthquakes, Islands, Mountains, Weather, Storms, Storm, End Times, Last Days, Signs of the Times.Vatican. Volcanoes, Rome. Jesus is coming, Second Coming of Christ. What if this was your last chance to get saved. Salvation.

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    #TRUTALK....#SnowZilla! The stories, the struggles, the FUN! THE SNOWWWWW!!!

    in News

    It;s that time again!!! Man most of the East Coast was slapped with the icy right hand of a huge snow storm! A storm so huge and threatening the media and the masses called this thing snow zilla! Wait, everything looks better with a hashtag. #SnowZilla goes down as one of the great monster storms to hit the DC region dropping one to three feet across the area. In fact there were reports as high as 36-40 inches in some parts of the area! The cast of #TRUTALK stops in to CHILL and talk about the storms effects in the area. #BLKGOP and MS. Shell will be in the house plus as always random other members from the TRU RADIO Community! 

    Get ready for another ICED episode! Ok.......I know the cold refrences are annoying.....and corny.