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    Metalsmith BenchTalk Past Favorites with artist Barbara Minor

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    This Thursday, May 29th at 3 p.m. PDT, we'll be going back into the MetalSmith BenchTalk archives. We'll be re-airing one of our favoite chats from earlier this year with artist Barbara Minor. Barbara is well known for her innovative enameled beads, her distinctive enameled jewelry, and her unique enameled vessels.

    About: Barbara Minor completed her B.F.A. and M.F.A. degrees in jewelry and metalsmithing at University of Illinois and Indiana State University. She began enameling during graduate school and continued innovative explorations of enamel processes, with the support of research grants, while teaching at the State University of New York at Geneseo. During this time she began combining enameling with metalsmithing, jewelry forming and fabrication techniques to  create narrative reliefs, sculptural objects and jewelry.  

    Barbara now lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she is a full time studio artist concentrating on limited edition and one-of-a kind enameled beads, jewelry and small objects. A considerable portion of her studio time is devoted to researching and experimenting with enameling techniques in an effort to go beyond the normal and expected enameling results and to answer the ever present question of "what would happen if I did this?". Her research and experimentation leads to many new and wonderful enameled jewelry and bead designs, as well as subject matter for the in-depth enameling workshops she teaches.

    For more information about Barbara, visit http://www.barbaraminorenamels.com.

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    A+Y Design Gallery & Downtown Gellato - The Business Forum Show

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    From Montrose Colorado, Adam and Yesenia Duncan from A + Y Design Gallery and Downtown Gellato join Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show.

    Experience the taste of the Western Slopes of Colorado with the fine art displays, amazing furniture, gifts, and eats & treats!

    Adam Duncan is native to Montrose and appreciates the community in which he lives. So much so that he calls upon local artists frequently to place their one of a kind pieces in A+Y Design Gallery. Current local art includes pottery, photograpy, oils, acrylics, and metalwork, all created by local artists.

    Adam and Yesenia pride themselves on supporting other locals, therefore, all of the gelato is freshly made and coffee locally roasted in Grand Junction, CO. Soups are made in Montrose and Ouray, and the Organic Granolas are made in Boulder.

    For more information, visit http://aydesigngallery.weebly.com/

    We rotate through about 60 different flavors of gelato in a month throughout the summer.  Some unique flavors include lemon basil, coyote chocolate, maple bacon, and lavender just to name a few.

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    Metalsmith BenchTalk with jewelry and hollowware designer Cynthia Eid

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    My Guest this Thursday, January 9 at 3 p.m. PST on MetalSmith BenchTalk is jewelry and hollowware designer and maker Cynthia Eid.

    About: Cynthia Eid's hammered metalwork has won awards for creativity and design, featured in many publications, and exhibited extensively. Eid's sculptural jewelry and hollowware is primarily done in Argentium Silver and formed through the creative use of hammers and/or a hydraulic press. Currently an independent metalsmith and educator, she is a Jeweler and Silversmith based in Massachusetts USA, teaching weekly classes at Metalwerx and the De Cordova Museum School, and workshops and short courses all over the USA. Previously, she has worked as a designer/maker in goldsmith galleries, and as modelmaker/supervisor in a gold jewelry factory. Cynthia earned her Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewellery Design from Indiana University in 1980 and has a B.S. in Art Education.

    The paradox that “soft”, fluid-looking metal has evolved from flat, stiff rectangles though force, determination, and tenacity enchants me. I am entranced by the metal’s progressive transformation -- through hammering, persuasion, and struggle --- from a lifeless plane of metal toward an object of  vibrancy, unity and fluidity.

    Experimentation, serendipity, a sense of play, and the subconscious mind determine the forms of my work. The forms have their roots in my gardens, and my meanderings through the woods and along the water’s edge. In my work, the allusions to nature are intentionally ambiguous, to encourage interactive response and contemplation by the viewer.

    For more info, visit: http://www.cynthiaeid.com.

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    Metalsmith BenchTalk: Harriete Estel Berman talks SNAG PSD 2014

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    My Guests this Thursday, February 20th at 3 p.m. PST on MetalSmith BenchTalk will be artist Harriete Estel Berman and Betty Talbott, the Director of the Ohio Craft Museum and Artistic Director of the Ohio Designer Craftsmen.

    They will be discussing the idea of “grassroots collections" and the upcoming program “Collectors, Collection and You”  at the SNAG Professional Development Seminar. The 2014 SNAG conference Grains to Gold will be held in Minneapolis, MN in April 2014.

    This interview is a preview of the PDS but the information will not be repeated at the Conference. This is a unique opportunity ONLY on Metalsmith Bench Talk.

    Are you making your mark?
    What is the impact of the maker mark on value?
    Have you considered the importance of having your work in a collection?
    What about collections for your guild or academic institution.

    You can count on the PSD to cover this from the ground up and give you lots of information that you can readily put into action the next day.

    Our hot topics include:

    How to establish value for your artwork;
    How exactly does the secondary market work;
    Facts about collecting metalwork within an academic setting or guild; 
    What you can do to attract a collector's eye; and
    Essential background work all artists must take care of before attempting to place work into a museum collection.

    For more info, visit http://www.snagmetalsmith.org/conferences/from-grains-to-gold/educational-opportunities/professional-development-seminar/.

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    Can a Vegan Company Compete in the Luxury Fashion Market?

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    Look around most stores and you will see a vast array of handbags and shoes.  If you read the labels, it will also be clear that a large percentage of them are made of leather. Most people accept this unquestioningly because it has always been that way.  Times are changing, however, and as awareness grows around the degree to which animals suffer for our food and fashion (among other things), vegan companies are responding.
    Meet Jill Fraser, CEO and co-founder of Jill Milan, a company that makes vegan, luxury handbag.  Each bag is made in Italy by artisans who have a heritage of crafting the best luxury accessories in the world. Every bag is a work of art, an individual creation designed for modern women. Bags are sewn by hand and the metalwork on Jill Milan's bags are handmade. Entirely free of leather, fur and other animal-derived materials, Jill Milan handbags and accessories are made from natural, luxurious materials such as velvets, ultrasuedes and buttery-soft faux leathers.
    We will be talking with Jill about how and why she entered the vegan luxury fashion market with her beautiful handbags, why it is so important to choose accessories not made of animal-based materials as well as what it’s like to compete in this market that traditionally uses a lot of animal-derived materials?  Her handbags are regularly worn by celebrities and this is not something we usually equate with vegan products (although clearly that is changing fast!).  Learn firsthand how this benefits the vegan movement, how Jill Milan supports animals on many levels and why her products are making headlines.

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    Pagan Warrior Radio & Wyrd Ways Live/Pagan Music Project

    in Spirituality

    Pagans Tonight Radio Network presents:
    8PM CST - Circle's Pagan Warrior Radio (a show for military pagans, supporters, friends and family)
    Tonight's Topic:  Harvest Rituals / Celebrations - Join us for a discussion on the various ways different cultures and traditions celebrate the harvest.
    9 PM CST (1st & 3rd Wednesday) Wyrd Ways Live: Pete Helms Hellenic polytheist, ex-military, devotee of Ares, does metalwork and sculpture. We'll be discussing his work in reviving the cultus of Ares.

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    Metalsmith BenchTalk with Donna Veverka

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    My Guest this Thursday, June 27th at 3 p.m. PDT on MetalSmith BenchTalk is metalsmith, blacksmith, sculptor, and jeweler Donna Veverka.   About: Donna Veverka is a studio jeweler currently living and working in Boston. She exhibits her jewelry at museums, galleries and juried craft shows nationally and internationally. Donna received the 2013 Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship Award for Crafts. Her work had been featured in Metalsmith and American Craft Magazines and was exhibited at the prestigious 2013 Smithsonian Craft Show.   Born just outside of New York City in Suffern, NY in 1969, Donna grew up going to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which inspired a passion for art and history. At The University of the Arts, Philadelphia College of Art and Design, she earned a BFA in Metalsmithing. After several years as a goldsmith’s studio assistant and a two month intensive course in Blacksmithing at Penland School of Crafts, Donna studied at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design completing her MFA in 1998. She has taught at Mass Art, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University, Boston.   Donna’s love of ancient history, archeology and Classical and Renaissance architecture informs all of her studio work. The regularity and balance of Imperial Roman architecture, the intricate details of Renaissance tracery windows and the blade forms and heavy metalwork of Medieval arms and armor are incorporated into her comfortably edgy designs.   For more information about Donna and her work, visit: http://www.donnavjewelry.com.

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    MetalSmith BenchTalk with Tara Magboo

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    My Guest this Thursday, January 24th at 3 p.m. PST on MetalSmith BenchTalk is San Diego-based artist and metalsmith Tara Magboo. Tara has been holding a few workshops at Whaley Studios following the closure of the UCSD Crafts Center - we thought we would like to introduce her to you! Join us for a great conversation on launching a new jewelry line and discovering what comes next.   About Tara Magboo: Since she was a child, Tara Magboo has always had strong artistic inclinations. Wanting to be immersed in an artistic environment, Tara was naturally led to study Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design for her bachelor’s degree. It was at RISD where she also discovered her passion for working with metal.   After her college experience, she worked in the jewelry industry for four years both as a freelance designer and as a head jeweler  for a fashion jewelry company. In addition, Tara became a Jewelry instructor at the UCSDCrafts Center, which has not only been a personally enriching experience, but has also enabled her to be a part of a wonderful craft community.   Driven by a desire to pursue her own metalwork on a more intense level, Tara completed her graduate studies in the Jewelry and Metalsmithing program at San Diego State University. The interdisciplinary approach of this MFA program has encouraged her to incorporate a variety of materials and techniques, including illustration, woodworking and plastic fabrication.   Tara’s creative endeavors have brought her to launch a new jewelry company:Magboo. The company symbolizes excellent craftsmanship and contemporary design.   For more info about Tara, visit: http://www.magboojewelry.com/.

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    Metalsmith BenchTalk on BlogTalkRadio with John Rais

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    My Guest this Thursday, October 6th at 3 p.m. PST on MetalSmith BenchTalk is John Rais, who will discuss his one of-a-kind furniture, sculpture, and architectural metal work.    Bio: John Rais has been engaged in the field of metalsmithing and object design all his adult life. He has a BFA in Sculpture from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, and an MFA in Metalsmithing from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI in 1998. From there, he was the Department Head of Blacksmithing at Peters Valley Craft Education Center in Layton, NJ. John has maintained his own studio business since 1998, where he creates one of-a-kind furniture, sculpture and, architectural metal work. He is perhaps best know for his fire screens, which bring visual strength and warmth to any space.   His work has been featured on the pages of Departures magazine, Ritz-Carlton magazine, Metalsmith, American Craft magazine, and many others as well as several hardcover books.   John has also taught at many universities and schools including Penland School of Crafts, New England School of Metalwork, and SUNY New Paltz. In the spring of 2006 he was awarded an Arts/ Industry Residency at the prestigious John Michael Kohler Art Center in Wisconsin, and in the fall of 2007 he was artist in residence in applied design at Purchase College in NY, where he also taught a master’s class in applied design.   For more about John and his work, visit http://www.johnraisstudios.com/

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    Metalsmith BenchTalk on BlogTalkRadio w/ Emiko Oye & Guests

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    My Guest this Thursday, September 8th at 3 p.m. PST on MetalSmith BenchTalk is Emiko Oye. She will be joined by Jennifer Shaifer, Harriete Estel Berman, and Garth Johnson to discuss the Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco, California. NOTE: THIS EPISODE WAS CUT OFF EARLY AFTER 30 MINUTES BECAUSE OF A POWER OUTAGE. WE WILL RESUME THE CONVERSATION IN THE NEAR FUTURE.
    About MAG: In the Spring of 1951, a small group of metal artists, including Margaret De Patta, met in San Francisco to discuss the idea of developing an organization dedicated to the metal arts.  Up until that time, there was no group or union in the United States that specifically addressed the unique needs of studio jewelers or metal craftspeople.  MAG founders sought answers to challenges facing the contemporary artist-craftsmen actively engaged in the field of metalwork. In our discussion, we talked about the impetus behind the forming of the Guild, the work of the pioneering members, and the legacy of MAG in the American Modern studio jewelry movement.
    Emili's Bio: Inspired by haute couture and salvaged materials, San Francisco artist emiko oye creates one-of-a-kind, urban jewelry and sculptures from recycled materials in combination with precious metals and gemstones.
    For more about Emiko and her work, visit http://www.rewarestyle.com/home.html
    Join us at blogtalkradio.com/whaleystudios for what should be an enjoyable conversation.

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    Metalsmith BenchTalk on BlogTalkRadio with Fred Zweig

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    My guest on the Thursday, September 30th, program at 3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern is master metalsmith and jeweler Fred Zweig, for more information see: http://fredz49.blogspot.com/ or http://www.jewelrynetwork.org/profile/FredZweig. Zweig's interest in metalwork began during the 70's and remains strong today. Zweig collects hand wrought metal as objects of study and personal admiration. His work is concentrated in the processes of forging, raising, repousse and chasing. Zweig works as a mechanical designer to support his family and teach metalsmithing workshop a few times a year. Zweig notes: 'I am in debt to all those who preceded me and those who continue to keep this craft and art alive.' Please join me for a fun and informative conversation with Fred.

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