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  • 01:24

    The Round Table Ep.24 (Non Messianics Speak)

    in Spirituality

    Check out the Round Table as I invite various special guest to dialog on one topic.  Want to be a special guest send me a email at Debatetalk4u@gmail.com.   

    Jo EL


    Untiy Ghost

    ShemaYAH Ben Yisrael

    Shimon aka Tribes Clans

  • 02:05

    The Round Table Ep.26 (Non Messianic/Messianic Conference)

    in Spirituality

    We will have both messianics and non messiancs inside the round table to dialog.  

    Non Messianic

    Jo EL


    Shimon aka Tribes Clans


    Yaramyahu Yasharal



    Duane Bonton




    ShemaYAH Ben Yisrael


  • 01:08

    Want To Be A Special Guest? Here's What's Coming Up w/Sal Showtime.

    in Spirituality

    Seeking new special guest for these segment of the show . 

    Friday, January 29 @ 8 PM est - The Round Table Ep.24 (Non Messianics Speak)

    Friday, Febuary 5 @ 8 PM est. - The Round Table Ep.25 (Messianics Speak)

    Thursday, Feb 11 @ 8 PM est. - The Round Table Ep.26 (The Non Messianic/Messianic Conference)

  • 02:48


    in Christianity

    As many of you are probably well aware, the controversy of who the suffering servant is referring to in Isaiah 53 continues to rage on. And while there’s no denying that there seems to be a non-messianic movement on the rise, there are still plenty of strong messianic Hebrews holding fast to the faith. Nevertheless, the anti-New Testament advocates have placed a seemingly unmovable obstacle in the path of those who believe in the Messiah of the New Testament. They claim that one of the main reasons the suffering servant in Isaiah 53 CANNOT possibly be referring to Jesus Christ is since verse 10 says this servant would “see his SEED,” meaning his offspring or children. Therefore the non-messianics contend that this is not referring to Jesus because as the New Testament itself accounts, Jesus did NOT father any children. But is the seed of the suffering servant in Isaiah 53:10 referring to offspring? Or is it referring to something much deeper? TODAY, (Saturday, December 26, 2015), tune in LIVE on blogtalkradio at 4:30 P.M. EST to hear: “THE ISAIAH CONTROVERSY VOL. 3: THE SUFFERING SERVANT’S SEED”!

  • 01:41

    The Talents Parable...What are the depth and meaning of this parable?

    in The Bible

        It is imperative for Christians/Messianics to understand the parables of Jesus. The truth of his message is hidden there. Let's explore this particular teaching.

  • Christians and Capitalism Pt.1...The Reality of the situation

    in The Bible

    Most citizens of the planet live under the economic constructs of Global Capitalism. How should we as Christians/Messianics look to move witin this system and culture


    in Religion

    YOM KIPPUR is celebrated by Messianics and adherents of traditional Judaism.  Both say they "keep the day holy".   But do we rightly seek YAH in the DAYS OF AWE?   Few beyond worldly allegiances find how to SEEK YAH true to the Ancient Expectation and the hope of The Shema!   Be wise.   We must be FREE to SEEK YAH beyond all worldly constraints, else we CURSE the HOLY NAME; and despise the hoped for AT-ONE-MENT of OUR PEOPLE!    Without a STANDARD, we cannot honorably glorify YAH as pleasing in HIS SIGHT! (Isaiah 44:20-46:13, 11:1-4>-12, 66:1-<6-15, 24:1-<10-16>-<25:1-3>-10, 26:7-13, 40:1-<27-41:4>-<21-42:4>-43:15, 59:8>-<19-21>-60:12) (Psalms 24, 14, 53) (Malachi 2:16-3:4)  Pray for the Awaited One!   Let true atonement come!

    Gal 1:8  If we, or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel doctrine unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    According to scriputure, NONE of the 45,000 denominations or diverse congregations today are worthy to be called the Word of YAH.  There is no legit at-one-ment while inconsistencies are preserved.  Till Messiah is revealed, we have not yet kept a true Day of Atonement unto the L'Shanah Tovah reconciliation for regathering of our people pleasing to YAH!  Let the curse be broken!

    In YOM TERUACH we "BLOW A TRUMPET IN ZION!   To DECLARE unto  ISRAEL HIS INIQUITIES and to YACOB HIS SINS!"     Reading ISAIAH chapters 55-57  to ISAIAH 58, WHAT has been the SIN of ALL ISRAEL having no power to deliver himself?    Discern the HOPE!



  • 03:42

    The Round Table Ep.18 (Messianic Or Non Messianic:Which Shall You Choose?)

    in Spirituality


    King Yeshiyah (Messianic)


    Moreh Yoel Yisrael (Non Messianic)

    Brother Jason (Messianic)


    Duane Bonton (Messianic)



    Brother Yeshiah (Non Messianic)


    Mitzil EL (Non Messianic)





    in Christianity

    As many of you know, the controversy of whether Jesus Christ is the foretold Messiah of Scripture or not rages on to this day. Those who reject Jesus as the Messiah are quick to refer to the Old Testament or Tanakh to support their view. However, what these “non messianics” fail to realize is that the Tanakh gives several clues that foreshadow the characteristics of the Messiah and how he would be used to test people’s devotion to God’s Law. One such clue is the Manna God made rain down from heaven to feed the children of Israel in the wilderness. But how does this manna foreshadow the messiah and help us identify him? TODAY, August 1, 2015, tune in LIVE on blogtalkradio at 5 P.M. EST to hear, “JESUS CHRIST: THE MANNA FROM HEAVEN THAT PROVES TORAH OBSERVANCE”!

  • 01:58

    How can you call yourself Messianic and not believe in the New Covenant

    in Family

    The evidence that the death of the Messiah ratified the New Covenant not only for Israel but for Gentiles as well, is overwhelming. However, many Hebrew-Israelites continue to deny its existence because Israel is not back in the land and the Messiah has not returned. We believe the Word of Yahweh states differently. Joins us, the Elect of Israel, on Blogtalk Radio as we clarify this Biblical precept, line upon line exclusively from the Bible, old and new Testament.


  • 02:27

    Why Do Christians & Messianics Have No Community Impact?

    in Culture

    The Huddle 2 With Israel Doctrine


    Showtime: 5:00PM Central Standard Time/6:00PM Eastern Standard Time


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    Social Justice


    Social -- "living together in communities or organized groups", and.

    Justice -- "the upholding of what is just, especially fair and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law.".


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