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    An Unwitting Fraud: Franz Anton Mesmer

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    There are many questions surrounding such a man as Franz Anton Mesmer. Most of which asking, exactly who was he? An unwitting swindler? A clever fraud? A revolutionary that the world has yet to appreciate, or perhaps simply a man who, his entire life, was in search of something more, but never truly discovered it.

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    Mesmerism, Magnetism and Magic with Lee Gerrard-Barlow

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    Lee Gerrard-Barlow, owner of Arcana Therapies in London has been working Therapeutically with trance states ‘Meditational’ and ‘Yoga’ based practices for the last 20 Years. A N.L.P Master Practitioner, he also teaches the arts of Magnetism ( Mesmerism ) Fascination and ‘Presence based therapy'.

    Mesmerism is one of the touchstone forerunners of modern energy medicine. Explored in the late 1700s, Franz Mesmer hypothesized his healing results came through the enlightened use of a universal energy he called fluidum.  He postulated that fluidum was a subtle physical fluid that filled the universe and was the connecting medium between all living things, the earth and heavenly bodies. He found that the best source of this universal force was the human body itself and that the most active points of energetic flow were the palms of the hands.

    Please join your host, Subtle Energy Center CEO Cristina Smith in the Subtle Energy Salon for a fascinating conversation with one of the world's foremost experts on mesmerism and magnetism.

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    Hypnosis Basics Part 3 … Generative Trance

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    Hypnosis Basics… Generative Trance

    Thursday February 6, 2014@ 1 pm (CST) Healthy Mind & Body radio presents…

    Hypnosis Basics… Generative Trance.

    Generative Trance is THE MOST EXCITING ADVANCE IN HYPNOSIS since Mesmer stopped attaching people to trees. (yes, he really did that)

    I first heard about this several years ago through Stephen Gilligan and his advanced hypnosis and trance camp workshops.

    Here’s the short version… everyone knows that the conscious mind and unconscious mind sometimes have conflicts between what you know or think you know and what reality is or think what reality is. But how come some people go to a hypnotist, or a healer, or to church or read a book and BAM, INSTANTIANEOUS PERMANENT CHANGE.

    Or someone will go to this person and that person and either gets no change of short-term relief from whatever it was that they went for. Until very recently, there were lots of ideas, excuse, blame, etc. There real reason one person gets a change and another does not is the person who got the change was able to convert his/her wants/needs/ desires into real time actions. ARE YOU CURIOUS TO KNOW MORE, YET?

    So let’s talk more today about how GENERATIVE TRANCE creates those proper conditions. If you have a question call 818-668-5406 or email me at drm@drmichaelharris.com

    Talk to you then,

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    TT Episode 48: HEMP!! The Conspiracy Theory or Reality!

    in Education

    In Truther Talk Episode 48, HEMP!! The Conspiracy Theory or Reality! April and Virstyne invite back their favorite correspondent Sara Sotomayor to introduce this show where the importance of industrial HEMP, Medical Cannabis and more are discussed.  Find more about Sara at: 
    The question arises, is it a Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Reality that there has been an active effort by the US Federal government to withhold the importance of this valuable herb? 
    Activists Jeanette Perez and Patrick Moore join the conversation to answer these questions and discuss their latest initiative to get California up to speed with the rest of the country and finally legalize the life saving plant for good.  To join the fight and learn more about their efforts, check out:
    You can also find Patrick, his work on holistic healing and health freedom at: 
    Until next time.. get involved and as always...
    With Peace, truth & love,
    Truther Talk

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    Thesis (1986), Zee Charnoe, Part 31

    in Education

    . . . continuing at the top of page 24 of 108 of the sub-section titled: The Literate State, from Zee Charnoe's 1986 thesis titled Language, Literacy and Intelligence: Made For Each Other ! ? . . .
    "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary, Most Extraordinary Craft . . . ", thank you to the Carpenters and associates for such a song during such an era. Each one of these radio sessions is a calling.

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