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    Merle Haggard: The Running Kind

    in Country Music

    In Merle Haggard: The Running Kind, DAVID CANTWELL takes us on a revelatory journey through Haggard’s music and the life and times out of which it came. Taking in the entire breadth of the Hag’s career, David focuses especially on the 1960s and 1970s when Haggard created much of his best-known and most influential work. Listening closely to a masterpiece-crowded catalogue (including such songs as Today I Started Loving You Again, Okie from Muskogee, Sing Me Back Home, Mama Tried, Working Man Blues, and If We Make It through December, among many others), David Cantwell explores the fascinating contradictions - the desire for freedom in the face of limits set by the world or self-imposed, most of all - that define not only Haggard’s music and persona but the very heart of Country music. This book is published by the University of Texas Press as part of their American Music Series. Order the book from them here: http://utpress.utexas.edu/index.php/books/canmep
    Music critic and longtime Haggard fan, DAVID CANTWELL is also the co-author of the acclaimed Heartaches By The Number: Country Music's 500 Greatest Singles, and his work has appeared in the Oxford American, Salon and No Depression, among other publications. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

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    Hear Merle Haggard's new Music right here on this show.

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    Merle Haggard with Classic hits

    in Music

    Hear Merle during his Capitol Record early Career Songs

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS---President John Kennedy The rest of his story

    ***Did Kennedy win the Presidency through vote fraud in Illinois?

    ***Was Ted Sorenson Kennedy's ghost writer of Profiles in Courage?

    ***Were there more than one assasin involved in the Assasination of President Kennedy?

    ***Was Fidel Castro involved in the Assasination of President Kennedy?

    ****Was the Italian and Jewish Mafia involved in the Assasination of Kennedy?

    Historical Audio extract--Boston Symphony Musical memoriaI

    November 23rd--Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

    The 14th US President Franklin Pierce one the most handsome men elected to the Presidency

    Vice President elbert Gerry--Gerrymandering --election fraud

    Merle Oberman--beautiful actress

    Andrew Goodman one of three civil rights workers brutally murdered




    November 23rd Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

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    The Wild West Showdown with J.C Hulsey: Episode 17

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to the Wild West Showdown, my friends, for an evening of poems and stories about the American West… a land of legend, of romance, of friendship and courage… a motherlode of remembrance…a true showcase of the Old West. 

    Saddle up your horse and ride out on the trails with the Old Cowboy himself, J.C Hulsey. Relive the legends of the west through his stories and catch interviews with up-and-coming western themed artists. 

    The Wild West Showdown with J.C Hulsey will be a weekly show dedicated to bringing you the best from the Old West. 

    About J.C Hulsey

    J.C. Hulsey has lived in Midlothian, Texas for thirty years. He's a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He has been married for 55 years. He enjoys Western movies and TV Shows, (especially the older ones) and reading about Mail-Order Brides. He is also the owner of six cats (all stray cats, showed up on the back porch) and one dog (rescue dog) He worked for 33 years at Bell Helicopter. He served in the USAF for five years, and the Air National Guard for four years. He has written over 40 novels and currently runs "Outlaws Publishing."

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    Interview with Blake Reid

    in Country Music

    Cremona, Alberta's Blake Reid's new album Rust showcases his status status as a true workingman’s poet, following in the footsteps of Merle Haggard and Tom T. Hall. At the same time, he is no traditionalist. The album’s first single, “Sounds Like A Song,” is the kind of hard-edged, instantly memorable track perfectly suited for a Saturday night play list, or as something to sing along with to make that long drive go a little bit faster. And as a testament to the power of songcraft, it’s also a reflection of the only real musical education Blake ever had, listening to AM radios installed in the trucks, tractors and combines he commandeered throughout his youth.

    “I’ve always written songs, but during the years while performing in the club and rodeo circuits, we had to limit the amount of original material we were playing. In 2011 I decided to take a break from the band and really concentrate on writing songs that spoke to who I was, and to just be me without apology. I discovered right away how much people appreciated that, and I started building a new following. Getting a standing ovation the first time I played Big Valley Jamboree really confirmed it all for me, and since then I can’t see any way to do things other than just be who I am.”

    And while much of the material on Rust is rooted in the Alberta soil that five generations of his family has farmed for over a century, the themes at the heart of the songs are universally relatable. For instance, many people have had the same fantasy captured in “Cowboys Were Kings” of somehow escaping fast-paced modern life and waking up in a ‘tumbleweed town’ or, as on the powerful “Ghosts,” been in their favourite bar and had the full weight of its history, and the people who used to drink there, suddenly come to light.

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    Whirl With Merle

    in Travel

    Queens College women's basketball team may be back in the history books once more.  Last season sister MacKenzie and Madison Rowland helped get the team into the playoffs with their "double doubles" scores.  This season sister Merrick joins the team.  Where there be triple doubles to look for?  What has it been like growing up with three siblings playing basketball? 

    The Queens College Knights start their season on November 14th with the first home game on Sun. November 29th. 

    We will hear from them and perhaps Coach Bet.


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    Whirl With Merle

    in Travel

    Wendy Simmons is big on traveling.  She doesn't drag 5 suitcases regardless of where she is going or for how long.  How does she get away with packing just one carry-on bag?  Perhaps we can all use a few tips and avoid some extra ailine fees.

    She has been published and now will to share her secrets. 

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    Whirl With Merle

    in Travel

    We're back at Reading, PA to talk about Albright College Center for the Arts and Reading Public Museum. the Kinsey Sicks were performing at the Memorial Chapel. Afterward I went to the main building to view an exhibit by painter Clare Brill.  

    The Reading Museum has three parts: the museum, arboretum and planetarium.  I vewed the museum and arboretum.  One peron has taken us on the museum tour and Sandee took us around the aboretum which is free to the public. 


  • 411 Ground and Pound Radio Show: UFC Fight Night 76 Review

    in MMA

    The haggard card of UFC Fight Night 76 finally crossed the proverbial finish line, and the 411 expert panel is here to review all of the action.  How much was this card hurt by losing not one but two fights in the closing days before it took place?