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    Radical, Revolutionary, and Grassroots Movements

    in Culture

    Please join us Sunday at 10AM CST as we discuss radicalism, revolutionaries, and grassroots movements.

    What is a movement?
    What is the difference between the Feminist, Stonewall, Black Power Movement/Civil Rights Movement of the 50' and 60's and our current movements (BLM, M4BL, Campaign Zero, OWS, ISO, etc.)?
    What were the goals of past movements?
    What can we learn from movements of the past?
    Did the movements of the past improve our communities and status in the USA?
    Are there any movements that we need to continue that were started and put on the backshelf?

    This and much more. 

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    A few days ago I was talking a women I know about our children returning from university for the summer. Our daughter is finishing her thesis but I thought it polite to ask if her son had found a summer job. Oh, she said, he's working for the (town unnamed) Golf and Country Club. It's VERY exclusive.  Imagine that; very exclusive.

    I realized I'm not polite- because my first impulse was to think she must be pulling my leg. But her expression revealed she was completely, competitively serious.   Graham you wouldn't think that way if you were a member! Wrong oh wrong. That shite was edcuated out of me when I was a boy; when I had the opportunity to be well schooled. Did you know, some people feel a deep need to display their wealth?  The germans called it schadenfreude- pleasure derived from other persons discomfort. I know we have to dumb it down quite a bit to grasp this process.  The ethos of the capitalist experiment of exploitation is one of ambition and goal directed accumulation of wealth. Modern work is not without criticism but it can be said, before the industrial revolution life was dire for more of us. Having a reliable source of drinking water and food is better than dying. Yet millions are dying while a fewe live lavish lifestyles. I'm not saying wealth isn't without purpose but it's out of control. Bragging about the exclusivity of life and displaying wealth is just tasteless.  There was a time in ancient Rome when hurbis- arrogance, self-importance, egotism-  was outlawed.  The world wide occupy movement voicing concerns about the gap between haves and have nots is today showing us what comes when we tolerate it. It might be an odd version of meritocracy but exclusive? If freemasonry was exclusive would it be of philosophy and ideas or wealth? 

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    TCH-RIB Present The Whiskey Rebellion Ep 8: Celebrity Picture Hacks & More

    in Pop Culture

     On Tonight's Show:

    Leaks of nude celebrity photos raise concerns about security of the cloud 

    William Deresiewicz on millennials, the meritocracy, student loans and what's wrong with the Ivy League

    Federal Agent Thinks Dad Taking Picture of Daughters Is Sex Trafficking

    New Research Shows Facebook Can Make You Depressed And Miserable

    Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore 


    Brazil’s valley of beauties appeals for single men

    All of this and #FloridaMan

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    GPS Your Career: Bonnie Marcus: Recognizing and Overcoming Gender Bias in the Wo

    in Women

    In a perfect world, we would all live in a pure meritocracy, where we would be judged soley on our performance. But research shows us that no such thing exists. Though we all want to believe in the meritocracy,  the truth is that decisions about who gets hired, who gets developed and who gets promoted  are often made based on many factors, including assumptions we make and preferences we have based on gender.

    This week’s podcast explores the unconscious bias that women face in the workplace, how that affects their advancement, and what needs to be done to overcome this bias.

    Featured Guest

    Joining me is Anne Weisberg. Anne Weisberg is former Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer at the FutureWork Institute, a global consulting firm that translates future trends to transform organizations and now Senior Vice President for strategy at the  Families and Work Institute.

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    Why Choose David Young, Benchmark Mortgage of Plano?

    in Real Estate

    David Young, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

    Q & A

    What does it mean to be part of the Benchmark team? In part, it means doing business with your friends. In part, it's doing business with those whom you want to share your life. As a whole, it means, growing and being successful together. It's all about making everyone around you successful! Mortgages, financial planning, marketing, these are such a small part of what we do. Life is about making the choices each day that are going to take you to the next level. What you focus on, you find, and our focus is on greatness. It's about being positive and proactive…

    Living the extraordinary life and never settling for meritocracy!

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    Programming Diversity: How To Make Tech More Inclusive

    in Technology

    The tech industry prides itself on being a meritocracy. Yet recent employee demographics from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others shows that staff at these companies are mostly male and mostly white.

    At the same time, we know more diverse communities and workplaces create better products. So why do we see so few women, people of color, and LGBTQ people at our events and on the about pages of our websites? Even more curiously, why do 60% of women leave the tech industry within 10 years? Why are fewer women choosing to pursue computer science and related degrees than ever before? Why have stories of active discouragement, dismissal, harassment, or worse become regular news?

    Join author and programmer Ashe Dryden and Interop Radio host Curt Franklin as they discuss
    what we can do as community members, event organizers, and co-workers to not only combat this problem, but to encourage positive change by contributing to an atmosphere of inclusivity.

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    The ATLANTIC AXIS w/ David Jones

    in Culture

    April 22, 2014

    Today in our third Axis Communique, we will be looking at the correct attitude towards Democracy, Meritocracy and Authority. We will in particular be looking at localism and taxation.

    The Atlantic Axis with host David Jones – every Tuesday at 12PM EST (5PM UK Time). The Atlantic Axis promotes the efforts of British Nationalists and also covers related Nationalist news stories coming out of the UK and the Anglosphere in general.


    Visit the ANA & ANN at: www.ana-ann.com


    The American Nationalist Network (ANN) supports the use and availability of its programs for the general public under the “fair use” portion of Section 107 of the US Copyright Law. We require only that the content is clearly notated as being produced by and for the American Nationalist Network (ANN). Changing of its material in any fashion, whether audio or graphic, is prohibited.

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    6/21 Chris Hayes, Twilight of The Elites: America After Meritocracy

    in Politics

    Chris Hayes of UP with Chris Hayes on iron law of meritocracy, cult of smart, the race for the inner ring and more.  In the better half, pretzel moves by DOJ,Romney’s plea to Scott, Bob Turner’s misfire and NSA doc dump not good for … Continue reading →

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    Workplace Witnesses - How Bystanders Can Become Essential Allies

    in Work

    Someone makes an inappropriate comment, maybe a racist or sexist joke.  You feel uncomfortable and hope that someone else will speak up.  Everyone hopes that someone else will speak up.  Uncomfortable silence falls.  What does it take for active bystanders to speak up?  When they do so, they can often avert brewing conflict. Learn more about how people can become active bystanders through awareness and practice.

    For Further Reading:  Bystander Training and Bystander Awareness

    Maureen Scully is a Professor of Management and is currently the Interim Dean at the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston.  She coined the term "tempered radicals," with Debra Meyerson, to study how change agents inside the workplace take actions that push boundaries and make a difference.  She conducts training workshops on how to be an active bystander – in universities, businesses, non-profits, and everyday life.  Maureen is a coauthor of a textbook widely used in MBA programs, Managing for the Future: Organizational Behavior and Processes, now in its 3rd edition, and a coeditor of a volume on gendered approaches to work and change, Reader in Gender, Work and Organization.

    For more information:  Dr. Maureen A. Scully

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    Why We Made The Uncommon,Common

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    Join me as we step together into a different reasoning of Freemasonry. IMHO- Freemasons seem to have a short list of preoccupations. As if transfixed on one spot on the horizon a very curious spot that unconsciously draws the eye. If we accept an assignment to search for problems, given a little diligence, flaws will always be found. If it is described constructively and thoughtfully if can be vital and useful.  Such is the diplomacy of a good master to ensure he draws the best from his apprentices.  
    Nothing is gained by repeating  failures; neither is anything gained by ungarded criticism.  When a speaker looses site of his obligations to masonry- he isolates himself from the Order. Only if he examines his thoughts can he grow within masonry. 
    1717 was about a group taking existing relationships between lodges to a larger scale where advancement depended on merit. This is where our idea of meritocracy gained traction. Until we began apologizing to them, the work of an incompetent apprentice withered. 1717 worked because it was small scale, localized and relationship based. It brought about an assymetrical organization in love with the idea of a meritocracy, encouraging us  to probe natural philoso[hy to satiate the mind. Passing off substandard work has undermined our foundation. We have forgotten how to tell an apprentice his work is unacceptable.
    We cannot continue to work in this unmasonic manner. If we restore the ethos of medival craftmanship the change from current practices will remove the influence of malcontents. Our Order will strive once again for excellence. The substandard workers will find a place but not in masonry.  If we do this, we will turn our gaze from that spot on the horizon, setting our alchemists loose, the risk is low. If we do not, we fix our gaze on a single spot.
    Only a true craftsman can do it right. 

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    What is wisdom?

    in Spirituality

    I talked with John Clark about IQ and intelligence testing as they relate to the meritocracy, race, the needs of industrial society, creativity and wisdom