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    A Tribal Dilemma- What's wrong with our Government

    in Elections

    This podcast is dealing on the topic of Tribal Government. Tribal Governments at its worse! What does that mean? How do Tribes come together in making their Government's successful? What are some possible solutions to inspire transparency? Why is it important for Tribal memebers to pay attention to there Government system? Come join in as this discussion is joined by Kiowa Tribal member Lee Kerns, and Kiowa Member Enoch R. Kaulaity, Kiowa.


    Come be a part of this discussion, and share your thoughts from your tribe!!

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    Disclaimer-- All thoughts and views are of the guests and speakers, and do not reflect the views of the tribes involved. These are real issues, discussed by real tribal memebers hoping to shed light on the matter discussed


    Lee Kerns is Kiowa with a Master's Degree in Education with Emphasis in Pure Mathmatics from SUNY Buffalo State College, Bachelors from Empire State College in Applied Mathmatics. as well 71 Credits in Electronics from the Airforce. He is  from the Whitehorse family.

    Enoch R. Kaulaity has a degree in Business Administration from National American University this year in 2015 and is pursuing a Masters Degree with Emphasis in Human Resource Management in January 2016. Enoch Descends from Red Teepee and Eagleheart of the Kiowa Tribe 

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    Episode 45 or is it 46? Guest-Jody Kerns

    in Comedy


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    A True Story Of Government Intrusion On Private Property And Our Rights

    in Politics

    On this show, we will be talking about the intrusion onto private property by a seemingly tyrannical and hypocritical government. Joining me in studio will be Ron and Ruth Kerns whom for the last 6 months have been battling their local government, and various departments, seeking a resolution to an extremely destructive act by their county involving their beloved property. Unfortunately they have had to take the unpleasant steps of a very expensive law suit to seek some kind of resolution to this matter. This destruction involved the removal of very old trees, grounds ripped up by heavy equipment and the destruction of a federally protected wetlands that was on their property. All of this happened without having any permission, permits or proper paperwork by the offending parties. Until very recently they have been met with nothing but resistance, silence and obstruction by the EPA, County Engineers, Army Corp of Engineers, Courts etc. It wasn't until the Department of Fish and Wildlife got involved that communication finally was established, and possible steps forward might be in the future. With all that said, it still took a six month battle, a ball park sum of $40,000.00 and an incredible amount of stress just to get this far, still without being able to have their day in court. Tyrannical government or just business as usual here in America? You be the judge.

    Ron and Ruth are rabid environmentalists in their own right. They support all things nature, and live what they preach. This is a couple that looks forward to one thing during their stressful work week; to simply spend time working on, and enjoying their beautiful wooded property. They have spent thousands of hours on exotic gardens, preserves for the wildlife that reside on the property and they also keep bees. At the end of the day, they can sit on their deck with immense satisfaction of their contribution to their little corner of nature, or at least used too...


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    PNN - Spring Ahead

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN Brings you the latest news from a variety of fronts. You'l get the news from Activists who work daily to make this a better world for us, our children and our grandchildren. 

    This weeks guests are working across a wide range of issues - Tune in Sunday or anytime

    Merilee Malwitz-Jipson - Anti Fracking Clean Water Activist who is working with volunteers across Florida to engage cities and counties and groups to endorse an ANTI-FRACKING PLEDGE to oppose the destruction of our Groundwater. Citizens across the country are facing real water access issues. Some states have made collection of rainwater a CRIME - Do not let the lobbyists of BIG ENERGY be the only voices our state officials hear.

    Jay Alexander  JOBs/Infrastructure Advocate - Jay has been fighting for a new CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps.) - for over a decade. We need jos for unemployed cast away workers. Our country has bridges and roadways and parks and tunnels that are in desparate need for upgrades ahead of the catastrophe that is coming due. Jay will give us his update..

    Gwen Carden - Mental Health and Addition Activist - learn from Gwen about the front line of those facing these and related troubles.

    Elizabeth Tetrault - will talk about the new Knight Foundation Project - "Empowerment Vans" - taking a page from the BookMobile - the Empowerment Vans will provide information about the importance of Participation in Civic Affairs - providing a hands on, Front Row Seat for Citizens to gain access to the levers of power that too rarely are made so available! 

    Lori Price - Producer and Publisher of LEGITGOV.ORG an uncensored clear eyed look at our world with important stories about what is moving below the veneer and the shallow spin.

    TUNE IN Sunday 3/29/15  - 7pm (Eastern)


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    Hey It's Time to Get Rolling With NGB, and Mathmatician Lee Kerns

    in Blogs

    Topic- Update and whereabouts of the NGB-- Guest and Mathmatician Lee Kerns, Masters in Education w/emphasis in Pure Math from Buffalo State College, He specializes in Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry. He had taught applied mathematics courses specifically at the community college level and at ITT tech. He particulary emphasizes on real-life applications of mathematics when teaching these courses. He is from  the Kiowa Nation in Anadarko, Oklahoma and had attended Haskell Indian Nations University for his undergraduate education. He had also served in the Air Force for for five years in the career field of Electronics. 

    Other Topics-someguytalking.com- music review page, past guest music ready to be blogged and get fans involved. Is it possible the NGB may start getting a survey page to see what is going on in the world on mainstream topics?

    Come Join in find the follow buttons on Facebook, or @nativeguytalking on the twitter. Be a guest or lets us tell your fans more about you by joining us and be enlightend one blog at a time!

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    PNN - The Water Show

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN's producer and host Rick Spisak splashes into the Water Resource Issue and welcomes a collection of Water Activists and Experts to discuss the situation facing Progressives concerned about Water Issues.
    Ms. Vickie Machado of Food and Water Watch,
    Ms. Merilee Malwitz-Jipson of Our Sante Fe River,
    Prof. Wendy Lynn Lee both an Anti-Fracking Activist and a National Privacy Advocate,
    and a Central Florida focus from Drew Martin Soil and Water Board.
    Oceana - will be sending  Andrew Menaquale to bring their perspective.

    Tune in Sunday 7pm

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    Truth Be Told Radio - Bill Clifton

    in Religion

    Bill Clifton, a former evolutionist, has a passion for God’s creation!  His desire is to share his knowledge of science and the Bible to help others understand our incredible Creator and His handiwork.  For over 30 years, Bill has taught various science, Bible, and creation classes for public, Christian, and home schools.  He was head of SeaWorld Orlando's Education Department and served as Minister of Education in a local church before he and his wife Merilee founded Science Partners in 2000.  They offer creation-based science classes for homeschoolers; lead Creation Adventures (field trips and workshops) for homeschool families, Christian schools, and churches; and Bill is a creation speaker and ordained minister. See also his website at: www.sciencepartners.net 

    Truth Be Told Radio is a unique blend sermons, clips from various sources, shared blog posts, music, special guests,satire and more that are biblical and evangelistic. The show is aimed at Christians and those who are not, so that they may know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and learn more about the God that made them.


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    Share the Wealth, with Merilee Dodson, talking about LightWorkers

    in Culture

    I'm Kellie Fitzgerald, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. Helping people find those little seeds of greatness within themselves so they can become the very best version of themselves they can be is what I'm passionate about.  I can be found on twitter https://twitter.com/kelfitzauthor, on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/When-on-the-road-to-enlightenment-dont-forget-to-take-out-the-trash/617929214964807 on my blog at http://www.ibbilanepress.com and via email at oneintuitivelifecoach@yahoo.com.  Right now I have a few openings for my pay-what-you-can Life Coaching program, email for information.

    On today's show I'm talking to Merilee Dodson, a Spiritual Development Counselor, Spiritual Intuitive, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Angel Card Reader.  We'll be talking about Lightworkers on todays show, what is a LightWorker, how do you know if you are a LightWorker, and those sorts of things.  I hope you enjoy the show!  Merilee Dodson can be reached on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/merilee.sandersdodson.  

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    Lori Graves, Mike Merryfield, and Jody Kerns

    in Comedy

    Tonight we have three comedians on the program. First we have the very funny local comedian Lori Graves. Next we bring on national touring comedian Mike Merryfield, and our Comedy Zone featured comedian tonight is Jody Kerns. Jody is headlining at the Comedy Zone here in Charleston this weekend. Call the show at 347-308-8648 or email the show at charlestoncomedy@gmail.com! Go to our Facebook page and hit like: www.facebook.com/charlestoncomedypodcast and follow us on our blog talk page! Thank you for supporting comedy and this podcast!

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    Helping Kids Make Healthier Choices

    in Lifestyle

    Children’s health advocate, diet & fitness industry veteran and two-time fitness champion Merilee Kern, author of the award-winning fictional children’s book ‘Making Healthy Choices – A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids’ www.KidsMakingHealthyChoices.com

    Coach Tony Ussery will come for the update on our fitness goals.

    The Fitness Game

    Hear from the sisters of E.W.A.T.E. as they share how they began the organization to empower women. http://www.ewate.com/

    Join the conversation with Valerie's Son as he gets us up to speed with what is happening the world of Politics locally and nationally.

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    Interview with Dizzy aka Marley P.kasso aka Willy P. kasso

    in Entertainment

    Dizzy is currently promoting “Hatin Ass Nigga” and “Remain The Same”.  The single “Remain The Same” has already received recognition on two occasions in two Coast2CoastMixtapes editions, once on The Indie Top 50 Vol. 441 where it ranked #3 and again on #MakinMoves Mixtape Vol. 48 where it was ranked #6. Late last year, Dizzy aka Willy P.kasso and Lil A teamed up and released “Black Thoughts Volume 1” on DatPiff.com with DJ Down South, The Mixtape Bosses and Mississippi Productions in care of Erik Kerns. Black Thoughts Volume 1 received over 6000 views and over 100 download without marketing and/or promotion in only 8 weeks. Dizzy aka Marley P.kasso aka Dizzy P Kasso Marley aka Willy P.kasso is an Artist Signed to Underground Railroad Entertainment Group and Band YourzTRuleeEnt.