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    "Real Journalists Come to Talk" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

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    Isa and Common Cal have their first guests of the New Year. Back by popular demand is Mnar Muhawesh, “Don’t get me started on Fox News”, of Mint Press News sharing exciting information about what the future holds in store for Mint Press News in 2016.  Also joining in on the conversation is Miko Peled talking about his new book.
    It is lining up to be an interesting and thought provoking show. Now follow along folks, Tuesday night’s episode of A Muslim & A Catholic will feature a very diverse cast, A Muslim, An Irish Catholic, A Jew, and a Palestinian. Being true journalists, Isa and Common Cal are willing to give you and tell you the truth about an issue from all points of view, unlike mainstream Media that will lie or just not even report a story, like the ISIS attack on Indonesia. That is right, it happened, yet mainstream media doesn’t want you to know, why?
    Listen live to A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica, Tuesday nights 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST on wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and on Coffee Party USA Radio Network

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    "The Answer is Liberty" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

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    Whatever the question, the answer is Liberty

    Accomplished author and radio/TV host Dave Champion will join Isa & Common Cal in a discussion of what it is going to take to return Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness to their true meaning and rightful place in this nation.
    Dave is a published author, having written the complete and definitive work demonstrating (through the law) the very narrow and limited application of the income tax. (Hint: Most Americans don’t owe any!) The book, entitled “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”
    Dave is also a public speaker and teacher, having given speeches on numerous subjects, including the income tax, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the 14th Amendment, and the 16th Amendment.
    Dave works tirelessly against the sick and destructive agenda of Leftists and other Statists. He believes that the Leftist/Statist agenda can only prevail where lies are allowed to flourish and are accepted. And the best antiseptic for the infection of lies is the bright warm light of truth. It is this bright warm light of truth that Dave brings to America every week!
    As the discussion enters the second hour, hopefully, Isa and Common Cal can get Dave to stick around, to help tackle the question: Would closing our boarders help or is it already too late? And what ramifications would there be if we did?
    Reclaiming our Nation one truth at a time on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica. Tuesday night 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST. Broadcast live at wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and on Coffee Party USA Radio Network.

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    The Wrestling Lounge Welcome Indy Women's Wrestler Merica Strong to the show

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    "Lies and Lies, and, Control" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

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    Is Isa going to join in on the sheeple band wagon and add the French Flag overlay on his profile picture? We will find out this week on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica. You do realize by always following the Facebook trends you are doing two things: 1. Showing your ignorance in general and to the fact that you do not comprehend how much trouble our own nation is truly in. And 2. You are just reassuring the tyrannical government that they are in control to continue their destructive agenda and you won’t stop them.

    Isa and Common Cal will also serve up the facts and the truth on the Syrian refugees. Thoughout the conversation a breakdown of the numbers from a religious aspect will be uncovered. How many of them are Muslim, Catholic, or Christian and so on down the line. Another factor that will be considered is the one of whether our society even able to handle the influx and problems that will surely come with it. Not sure having more people with their panties in a wod over a simple red cup will do any good, considering how many kids and veterans in our own country go hungry or are homeless. Oh that’s right the truth hurts and we can’t look at that so we have to manufacture a less personal truth.

    All that and more on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica, Tuesday night, 8:00pm EST/5:00pmPST. Listen live and call in at wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and Coffee Party USA Radio Network.

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    "Good v Evil" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

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    Good vs. Evil
    While we are distracted over a red cup or whether or not a piece of candy properly represents the holiday season, the folks in Washington DC, that are supposed to be representing us as the American people, are selling us out…and we’re none the wiser.
    Red paper cup vs. Our government, wanting to marry Isreal? Hands down it has to be the Red, paper, throw away cup as that is what represents Christmas.  Who cares about freedoms & liberty?  Since we are mindless and spineless, who don’t care about our freedoms and liberties, because the government will take care of us. NOT! We can’t seem to be bothered or taken away from our trivial bickering over cups and candy. Who cares about the fact that 1 in 4 children go hungry every night, or ignoring the fact that we have a homeless problem in which the largest percentage of them are vets, the very men and women that served and fought for the freedoms (what is left of them) that we enjoy. How is it that we don’t seem to have the funds to feed the hungry, house the homeless, or even leave the social security benefits of the elderly alone? Not to mention the pensions of those that served. Yet we somehow have the funds to fight senseless wars or even bring in Syrian refugees. Sorry forgot, a paper cup and a piece of candy is far more important issues than dealing with reality.Isa & Common Cal are joined by the guest of the evening Dr. Bruce Engelman; Senior Pastor of Triumph Baptist Church in Fort Worth Texas. Engelman is a Preacher, journalist, lecturer, Theologian, author, and highly regarded historian. He has taught journalism at Texas Baptist College and is the author of the best-seller "Eternal Flame", the only religious book written about the assassination of President Kennedy. Get ready of A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica live Tuesday night, 8 PM EST/5 PM PST broadcast on Coffee Party USA Radio Network.

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    "Riddle Me This Washington" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

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    Tonight on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica Isa & Common Cal pose some very interesting and puzzling questions to you.

    How does ‘Merica stack up against the global economy? Are we at the top with all of the over-taxation?
    How is it we can vote down a tax increase, but the elected officials can still do it against our will? 
    How is it we can pay farmers to not grow food because we "have too much" but yet we have over 5 million starving people in the USA?
    Why can our taxes pay for so many things but not for housing the homeless? There are enough vacant houses in the USA that each homeless person could have six.

    Offer up your ideas, thoughts and questions tonight on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica. 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST.

    Broadcast on wakeupinmerica.com, jreveradio.com and Coffee Party USA Radio Network

  • "Bush, Bibi, Putin & Insanity" on "A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up in "Merica"

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    What the heck is going on? And I don’t mean Isa being a space cadet or Cal being loopy.

    I’m referring to Hilary claiming businesses don't create jobs, Jeb got his panties in a twist over not being as popular as Trump, Tony Blair admitting to planning with Bush before Iraq war after Hacker releases information gotten from emails from the directors of the CIA and NSA, Uncle Bibi blaming Palestinians for the Holocaust, Putin strutting after doing to ISIS what the US and its allies haven’t, Putin putting Obama on front street about Libya and Muslims accepting jobs they know conflict with their religion and then sue when they get fired for not fulfilling the job requirements. Have we become so ignorant that we can’t figure out this is why our nation is in crisis?

    Get Isa and Common Cal’s perspective as well as offer up your own Tuesday night 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica.

    Broadcast at wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and Coffee Party USA Radio Network

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    Love and Tolerance and the Pope on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

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    Isa rapping? Common Cal pontificating? About current events, this will bring an entirely new twist on A Muslim and A Catholic getting along.  Don’t know whether to grab a beverage and popcorn and settle in for some comic relief or to run like the zombie apocalypse is here.

    The range of topics is far reaching the only thing for sure that I know will be discussed is the Pope’s recent visit. That is only because we will keep Isa’s mic muted for that. Hopefully this goes better than the last time I tried to baptize a cat.

    That is A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica, Tuesday nights 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST right here on wakeupinmerica.com. Rebroadcast by popular demand on jrevradio.com and Coffee Party USA Radio network.

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    Georgia Wrestling Now with Marko Polo, Merica and Darkstone

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    Following another great weekend for Georgia wrestling, Wrestling with Pop Culture's Jonathan Williams and Southern Fried Championship Wrestling's Charles Anschutz have many topics of discussion on this week's Georgia Wrestling Now. After being part of Ring of Honor's Reloaded Tour event at the North Atlanta Trade Center last Saturday and Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment's Follow the White Rabbit last Sunday at Legacy, we talk to the newest members of the Get Along Gang "Marvelous" Marko Polo and Merica about upcoming matches at Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, Platinum Championship Wrestling, NWA Atlanta and elsewhere. With Dragon Con Wrestling only a few days away, we also talk to Toronto-based standout the Amazing Darkstone, about his annual Georgia wrestling appearance on Sept. 4, with additional commentary from C.B. Suavé. Listen live every Monday at 7 p.m. EST and call 347-324-5735 for questions or comments.

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    "What Is An Activist?" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

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    What is an Activist?
    A person who sees an injustice in the world and works hard to fix or right the injustice, but in the 21st century it seems it’s usually a false sense of self-importance.  “Wait, what an injustice in the world…that’s just wrong…I’m going to like that page, or “That one is really heart wrenching and it hurts me…I got to more than just like that one…I’m going to make it my status.” And activism is not just buying apparel to support the cause so that you look cool. Its east to be an activist these days, Right?  All you need is a computer, a mouse and lots of FaceBook friends so that you can broadcast to a large audience every time you like a page or make a nonsense comment.  What if all your clothes were stolen and your FaceBook page were to be deleted?   The hard truth is: Activism isn’t about the T-shirt, sticker, or the bracelet you bought. It’s not even what you talk about on the internet all the time, unless you are actively doing something about it! Being an activist means you “Join The Fight!” Being an activist is; knowing what support really means and your willingness to bear the weight of something…even if it is un-cool. Isa and Common Cal’s first guest is CJ Pearson. 13 years old and he gets it. At 13 years old, CJ Pearson commands a brand, following, and political message that inspires young and old alike. CJ has been featured on Fox News, the Washington Times, USA Today. Joining the conversation in the second hour will be Daniel Johnson from Solutions Institute (Isa’s Bromance) and Brian Engleman discussing the Tennessee, Louisiana, and LA shootings as well as the upcoming Act Con 3. That’s Tuesday night, July 28st at 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST on “A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica.”  Coffee Party USA Radio Network. 

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    "Putin, Obama & Muslims 4 Liberty" on "A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

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    "Manlied", is the perfect way to describe how Putin and Obama are acting at the moment. The interesting point is that Putin has been out "manlied" Obama lately.

    The urban dictionary defines "manlied" as: "Talking utter nonsense - so much so that your audience do not understand what you have just said, have glazed over, and just nod along in the hope that you don't notice they have no idea what you are saying."

    We will also find out what happens at the Republican National Conference from someone that has personal experience. M4L National Director William Coley joins Isa & Common Cal to share what happens when you ask questions.

    This all kicks off Tuesday night 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica on wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com, and Coffee Party USA Radio Network