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    Meeting the Challenges of Youth Through Mentoring Programs

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    Today's youth face many challenges, both old and new. How can mentoring programs help leverage those challenges into opportunities?

    Consider the problems of gambling and substance misuse, which are prevalent among young people. For instance, 17% of youth reported gambling 52 or more times in the past year, and the same percentage of youth drank five or more drinks on 12 or more days in the past year, according to a recent study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

    The Journal noted that 10% of youth reported having three or more gambling problems in the past year, and 15% of young people reported having three or more alcohol problems.

    On Thursday, August 6, I will discuss this topic with my guest Dr. Jim Kooler. Jim’s career has focused on helping youth become active leaders and resources in their communities. He is the administrator of the California Friday Night Live Partnership, the highly successful youth engagement program that is widely regarded as a landmark state-mentoring program. He has also served as deputy director of the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs and director of the Governor’s Mentoring Partnership in California. Jim holds a BA in psychology and a Masters and Doctorate in Public Health from UC Berkeley.

    If you wish to learn more about Jim Kooler's work, visit the California Mentoring Partnership website at www.camentoringpartnership.org, email him at jimk@tcoe.org, or call him at 559-733-6496 ext. 1263.

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    Remembering Our Youth Part 2 W/ Queen

    in The Bible

    I had wanted to do apart 2 to this topic and I am looking forward to speaking with Queen in regards to the things youth face today. She will share her experiences and how the Lord has brought her to where she is now.

    My hope is that the youth will gain from this show and be able to see that they are not forgotten not just by God, but by the church. The youth can do so many amazing things for the Lord.


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    Remembering Our Youth

    in The Bible

    The youth are in a very dangerous place these days. Temptations have increased with technology, media, and many other avenues that the devil has used to divert their minds from the Lord. Even though I am 25 years old, sometimes it can be easy to forget what was going through my mind at 15 or 16. However, I just want to remind that we have younger folks looking at us, not only for an example, but for support in this trying world.

    Since I had a very hard childhood, it is easy for me to see how children and teens can go through a lot of pain, stress, and etc. However, some because they have not experienced this on a certain scale, which is good, they do not think young people go through trials, but they do and many times more than we imagine. Some more than others, but they experience battles just as we do and many times they are burdensome because of the stage of life they are in.

    Let's talk about the struggles of today and offer some words of encouragement and advice to the young people out there. We will look at the Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy.

    1 Timothy 4:12 "Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity."

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    Spiritually Awakening Our Youth

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    Call in at: (713)955-0708
    6:30pm Central/7:30Eastern

    An join us for a very special "Spiritual World Sunday" in which we are going to be joined by Memphis Tennessee Elder "Prophet Daniel Kindred" & Chicago Illinois Elder "National Grand Sheik Kenu Bey"! These Brothaz will be addressing the need to reawaken the Spirit within our street youth who are involved in Gang Violence and Hustles that pose threats to the Community well being.
    We hope you too will join us with your experience in what has been seen to work effectively with our Youth Intervention and Violence Prevention...in Love & Service


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    Exploring Youth Activism in our Movement: Experiences and Lessons from Youth Leaders

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    Bringing together the voices of teens working to end dating violence in their communities.

    Join us for an upbeat conversation with youth leaders from various anti-violence organizations who will discuss lessons learned, exciting initiatives, and how their efforts are transforming our communities.

    Facilitated by Ivonne Ortiz from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and co-hosted by Lumarie Orozco & Nallely Castro Montoya from the National Latino Network/ Casa de Esperanza

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    YOUTH IN ACTION  “CONNECTING TO OUR YOUTH” As the next generation takes over our communities, are they prepared to overcome obstacles and endure life trials? How does the community entice the youth of tomorrow to embrace opportunities and finish the race to accomplish their goals and dreams? Today, Youth In Action Radio brings youth ranging from ages 11 to 16 discussing issues currently faced daily. Alonzo Williams, Brandon Williams, Braylon Armstead, Janecia Wilburn, James Martin, Jamarion Howard and Da’Mon Armstead speak with youth co-host, Donnell Johnson and Mikah Clark bringing awareness to their community. “FOR EVERY YOUTH SAVED, THE COMMUNITY IS SERVED FRUIT FROM THE TREE MOST WATERED AND NURTURED.” -Dr. Katheryn Clark-Thompson

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    Mentoring Monday with Lee Blaylock from 4wordwomen.org with host Rick Tocquigny

    in Entertainment

    Mentoring Monday with Lee Blaylock from 4wordwomen.org with host Rick Tocquigny.

    This show is sponsored by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards, America's favorite encouragement cards for mentors.

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    Sports Our Way - NFL Draft Preview Show

    in Sports

                               We Invite former Chicago Bear DJ Moore to join us and break down the NFL Draft. Who goes #1, what to make of all these trades and what it means for the teams that stayed in their draft position. Who is overrated and who is going to sneak up on the league and be a beast. Also where will Josh Norman end up? All this and so much more on our NFL Draft Special!!

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    Combating Youth Violence with Constructive Activities

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    Your co-hosts will be discussing youth violence and effective programming at the community level with Duffy Samuels of Duffy's Hope Inc. in the wake of the Amy I. Joyner-Francis killing at Howard Technical High School in Wilmington Delaware.

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    " Mentoring our Youth and Preventing Crime and Incarceration".

    in Youth

    Guest speaker:Yusef Bunchy Shakur


    Yusef is on a journey to capture, condition and nurture the minds of our youth and community and for that, he should be honored as a “trailblazer making a positive difference in Detroit and shaping the renaissance of our region”. In 2012 he was voted a finalist for Steve Harve’s Hoodie Awards “Best Community Leader” by community members all across the country because of his hard work and dedication of being a change agent.

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    YGA The Importance of Health In Our Natural and Spiritual Lives

    in Non-Profit

    We will be talking to Ann Wooten Taylor about her organization as well taking calls from those who want more information.