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    The First Word

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    The First Word is a Men's Minsitry that focuses on getting men back to the altar of God where they can learn to take their leadership roles in their churches, families and communities.

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    Just Guy Talk: Dr Harry Fisch discusses Preboost and Premature Ejaculation

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    Tonight, Dr Harry Fisch, discusses premature ejaculation and PREBOOST, the product he created to help men overcome this condition. PREBOOST is a disposable, pre-moistened wipe that uses a safe, highly effective topical anesthetic to produce a subtle desensitization of the skin. Dr Fisch is a Clinical Professor of Urology and Reproductive Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

  • Markus Ray, Mens Spiritual Radio Hour, Tue, Aug 18, 8pm EST

    in Spirituality

    Mark Rawson and Mike Snyder, One Tuesday of every month 8:00-9:00PM EST  (Next Show Aug 18)

    The Men’s Spiritual Radio Hour- A show about men and their Spiritual Journey

    Guest for our Tuesday show is Markus Ray

    Markus Ray received his training in the arts, holding an MFA in painting from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Also a writer and a poet, he brings spirituality and sensuality together in these mediums of expression. He is the author of a major work, Odes To The Divine Mother, which contains 365 prose poems in praise of the Divine Feminine Energy. Along with the Odes are his paintings and images of the Divine Mother created around the world in his mission with Sondra Ray. This work will be available in August of 2015 on Amazon. Markus is a presenter of the profound modern psychological/spiritual scripture, A Course In Miracles. He studied ACIM with his master, Tara Singh, for l7 years, in order to experience its truth directly. His spiritual quest has taken him to India many times with Tara Singh and Sondra Ray, where Muniraj, Babaji’s foremost disciple, gave him the name Man Mohan, “The Poet who steals the hearts of the people”.

    In all of his paintings, writings and lectures, Markus creates a quiet atmosphere of peace and clarity that is an invitation to go deeper into the realms of inner stillness, silence and beauty. He teaches, writes and paints along side of Sondra Ray, and many have been touched by their demonstration of a holy relationship in action. His iconic paintings of the Masters can be viewed on www.MarkusRay.com which he often creates while his twin flame, Sondra Ray, is lecturing in seminars.

    website- https://www.sondraray.com/

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    Real Men - Real Talk

    in Dads and Family

    On today's show we discuss Real Men - Real Talk. A live recording from a Father Matters mens support group. This may be the era of the evolving dad who changes more diapers, reads extra Dr. Seuss books and spends added time raising his children. But when he looks for support groups he sees mostly moms. To state the obvious, dads matter more at home every year, playing a critical role in everything from toddler vocabulary to keeping their kids out of jail.

    Guest Speaker Information:
    Father Matters INC.
    Phone: 602.774.3298
    Website: www.fathermatters.org 


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    The First Word

    in Social Networking

    The First Word is a Men's Minsitry that focuses on getting men back to the altar of God where they can learn to take their leadership roles in their churches, families and communities.

  • Next on the Tee with Chris Mascaro: Top 50 Instructor Debbie O'Connell

    in Golf

    This week Next on the Tee on with Chris Mascaro is one of the Top 50 golf instructor, Debbie O'Connell. Debbie was recognized by Golf Digest as one of the Top 50 Women Teachers in America in both 2010 & 2012. She was recently featured on the Golf Channel. She won the 2007 Nancy Lopez Golf Achievement Award, the 2002 LPGA National Professional of the Year Award and the 2002 LPGA Southeast Section Professional of the Year award. Join us as we'll get some tips you can take with you to the course today to lower your score, plus we'll get her take on the state of the LPGA, whose game she likes on both the mens and womens side and the health of the game of golf in general.

    Join Chris Mascaro every Saturday starting at 10:00 AM Eastern Time as he talks with PGA & LPGA Tour legends, today's players, equipment manufacturers, top instructors, club Superintendents, media members and all those impacting the great game of golf on Next on the Tee.

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    Fertility: Business or Personal? What about the children?

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    Strap-in for a very controversial night,as we discuss how advancement in fertiliy research and options have opened the gateway to new areas of litigation, and other complications.  What are the subsequent effects on children?  Chime in and tell us what you think, and become a part of the dialogue. We'll be waiting!

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    The First Word

    in Social Networking

    The First Word is a Men's Minsitry that focuses on getting men back to the altar of God where they can learn to take their leadership roles in their churches, families and communities.

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    San Diego Jewish Men's Choir: KOCHI - New Music!

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    Tonight we're joined by members of the San Diego Jewish Men's Choir!  They are releasing a brand new album - KOCHI - which is already winning awards and gaining critical acclaim!

    In Hour 1:  We'll hear the album and we'll hear their story!  Tonight our very own Mary Lou Munroe Rey will be chatting with the choir!  Ruth Weber, Choir Director, and Shaun Edelstein from the choir will be with us tonight!

    Hour 2:  Your requests!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question or make a request!

    Music is the soul of the Jewish people. Our lives are touched by music continuously, and our people have been involved with music since the beginning of time. When King Saul was melancholy, he was cheered by the music of David, the shepherd. When King David wrote the Psalms he instructed a conductor to put them to music. King Solomon, the wisest of all men, culminated his writings with the Song of Songs.

    Check out the SDJMC's website here!
    Buy KOCHI on iTunes TODAY by clicking here!

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    Strong, Powerful AND Feminine

    in Women

    I am WOman, hear me ROAR! Does a woman need to roar to get what she wants, to get her needs met, to have her way, and get her point across? Or can a woman whisper, speak softly, be vulnerable, soft, receptive, yielding, nurturing and kind and get every single desire of her heart met? That is, can a woman be Strong, Powerful AND Feminine?  

    Some say women have lost sight of what it means to be a woman. They say women have morphed into men...in dresses, that too many women have grown hard, tough, unyielding, i.e., masculine. Today's woman, so they say, knows how to bring home the bacon...but she has forgotten how to fry it up in a pan and make her man feel like a man.

    What do you think? Have you lost sight of your femininity? Would you like to embrace your kinder, gentler, softer, sensual side?  

    Together, let's explore what it means to be a woman today, and how we might re-awaken the Divine Feminine and use her powers for good. 

    Tune in to She Struts Radio and add your voice to the conversation, Thursday, August 6, 2015, 6:30 pm EST. To learn more about DeBora M. Ricks, the host of SSR, buy her books and to join her mailing list, go to www.DeBoraRicks.com

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    WPH: Sarah K Interviews Corinne on How to Sew for Profit

    in Women

    There was a day and age when every young girl was taught to sew in their Home Economics class at school, if not at home with their mom or grandma. But those days have long since gone by; and today, someone that can sew has a world of opportunity to make money working from home. How much money you can make depends on your skill level, equipment, availability to do jobs quickly, and your creativity.

    A basic sewing machine and the ability to repair torn seams,replace zippers,hem garments, and/or make simple alterations is enough to get you started.More advanced skills and equipment will be required to offer higher quality services.

    You’ll need to start by determining what kind of sewing you enjoy and want to do on a regular basis. You may want to start with something simple, and work your way up as your speed and skill increase.

    Here is a short list of sewing projects just to get you thinking about what could bring you a regular source of income:

    – Minor repairs and alterations.

    – Home decor items (pillows, blankets, curtains, drapes, place mats, napkins).

    – Bags, totes, purses.

    – Soft children’s toys.

    – Doll clothes.

    – Receiving blankets.

    – Aprons.

    – Canvas items for boats, yachts, camping.

    – Banners (shops that produce printed banners usually need to have raw edges finished).

    – Wedding gowns, veils, bridesmaid dresses.

    – Prom or fancy party dresses.

    – Suits, vests, ties,cumberbunds (cummerbunds).

    – Custom outfits for choral groups, dance teams, drill teams, karate classes,period reenactment groups, local sports teams,etc.