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  • "Men Talk Monday" America's Problem With Black Men and Boys

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    America must eventually face black men and as a consequence our deepest fears. 

    It's almost insulting to remind ourselves that ethnicity and race don't predict employment, incarceration, or educational levels; one's life chances are relative to particular social milieus. People don't come into a world broken; institutions are in need of repair.

    But the discourse on America's problem constantly misplaces the responsibility of improvement on black males themselves. The numbers reek of systemic oppression. Although they make up approximately one quarter of the U.S. population, together, in 2008, African American and Hispanics comprised 58 percent of all prisoners. The black unemployment rate is historically twice that of whites. From higher education, to healthcare, to manufacturing, racial gaps can't all be explained through individual character traits.

    The passive assumption that institutions aren't impetuses of community members' quality of life is as insidious as it is illogical. For instance, schools don't improve communities. Communities improve schools through policy. Communities also harm schools and their students with policy. Black and Latino male educational outcomes largely reflect our deeper social and economic investments and expectations of these particular groups.

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    From Boys to Men: Stopping Young Men From Becoming Perpetrators of Violence

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    FROM BOYS TO MEN - What can be done to stop young men from becoming perpetrators of domestic violence later in life?

    David Gadd has over a decade of experience of conducting and analyzing in-depth interview research with offenders, and has written extensively on the subjects of domestic abuse, masculinities and crime, racial harassment, offender motivation and desistance from crime.

    He came to Manchester University in 2011. David is currently Head of Criminology and Director of the Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice at Manchester University School of Law.

    David recently led two major research projects. One of these projects that really caught my attention and is nearing completion is - the From Boys to Men project - and looked at what can be done to stop young men becoming perpetrators of domestic violence in later life.

    Suparna Malhotra hosts the Gentle World Cafe on the Voice of Leadership Network. 

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    Heart Secrets Special Edition: Building Men and Boys of Color

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    Join me, as I sit down to talk with Mr. Patrick Patterson of Global Partners for Fathers and Families, and Mr. Kenneth Braswell of Fathers Incorporated about Building Men and Boys of Color. This is a show you will not want to miss. Be sure to invite every man and boy in your life to tune into this most important show. You will thank me later.

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    Men in Prayer

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    Tonight on Real Men Speak, our discussion is going to be on Prayer. Prayer is defined as a communication with God. As a man what is your line of communication like  ,It  is said that the prayer of a righteous man makes available much. If that's so , as a man are you in lack or is your bounty full. Does prayer make a difference?  It is said much power comes from much prayer and from prayer comes power

    That's a discussion on the show this week. I believe it's time to get real about what we do and how we access power and prayer.

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    Can 10,000 Fearless Men Help 50,000 Single Mothers Raise 100,000 Boys To Manhood?

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    Minister Louis Farrakhan's call for 10,000 Fearless Men to face and defeat urban violence has been interpreted by the mass media as a call to attack white people, but in reality, just like in Million Man March to Washington DC 20 years ago, the call was for internal repair of family relations, not a malicious attack on any other group of people. Men are needed to be fathers to the thousands of young black men who have been raised in fatherless homes. The question is, how do these men enter their lives and steer them toward a righteous future, when they have been so thoroughly corrupted by msguided men who have taught them to abuse women? The cycle of violence will continue unless men teach young men how to nurture women, the ones who are giving birth to the next generation. Can 10,000 men correct a culture of physical and emotional abuse of women, which leads to the creation of angry, violent children? What teachings are necessary to change the mindset of tomorrows men, and mold them into husbands and fathers who protect and provide for women, rather than "players" and "baby daddys"?  Do faith leaders play a role, or have they lost credibility in the eyes of young men because of their own scandals and hypocrisy? Where will the 10,000 fearless men come from who are ready to face wayward youth? 






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    Blogging The Boys Cowboys Radio w/ Rabble & McCool #54

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    Episode 54:

    - Intro

    - Game Review

    - Interview with Thomas Duck (@DuckMan4Real)

    - Interview with Brian Beversluis (@BrianBeversluis)

    - Happy Trails!


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    Men Are Still Working, Boys Going Back To School

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    I had the day off...did you? While your alarm went off early, I used the restroom, and went back to sleep.

    Nikki Minaj called Miley Cyrus a Bitch, and the internet is blowing up! I bet if it were the other way around, Miley records would be pulled off the shelf, she would be made to find Jesus, and become a nun.

    Football is back, and wives and girlfriends are going to be neglected...unless they have a girlfriend too, lol.

    Kanye was high at the VMA's the other day. Otherwise, he's an incorrigible asshole. He needs to smoke dope more often.

    Has Instagram become an advertisment center for booty? There are fake profiles showing womens asses, real profiles showing womens asses, and numerous "online personal trainers."

    Younger folks like to talk mess about my age, and why I shouldn't be on instagram/social media. Do they run it? It's just a popularity contest to see who get the more followers, then they post their dinner. Petty.

    My neighbors kids talk to each other as loud as possible, within a foot of each others face. Kids need to be taught volume control before learning english.


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    Blogging The Boys Cowboys Radio w/ Rabble & McCool #53

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    Episode 53:

    - Intro

    - Game Review

    - Interview with Jim Scott (@RealDirkG)

    - Interview with Chris Kauffman (@CKParrot)

    - Happy Trails!

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    Middle Grade Fiction for Boys

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    I talk to author and teacher David Michael Slater author of The Book of Nonsense about Middle Grade Fiction for Boys. Join us at 4PM Pacific time - 7PM Eastern on Sunday 11/15/15. (347) 996-3900.

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    "Bridging The Gap - From Boys To Men" - KINDRED SPIRITS LIVE - Michelle Broadnax

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    Host: Michelle Broadnax

    TITLE:  "Bridging The Gap: From Boys To Men"

    Topic:  "Its a faith walk" where Michelle continues to spotlight people in the community who have walked by faith to start their own businesses.

    CALL The Show To Join In On The Discussion:   (347) 237-5342

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