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    Mothers Teaching Their Daughters How To Trust God

    in Moms and Family

    Please join Dr. Bessie and mothers and daughters from around the World each Saturday morning at 10:00 AM for a stimulating conversation about mothers and their daughters. Our stimulating topic for today is:  “Mothers Teaching Their Daughters How To Trust God”  You don't want to miss this show! So, call us at 347-539-5078 to listen to the show and click 1 to join the conversation. Call your mother and daughter friends and ask them to join us!


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    Episode 00006: Can Babysitting & Archaeology Mix?

    in Entertainment

    If you've been following the show, you may have noticed that I missed doing last week's episode on BlogTalkRadio and posted that episode onto Facebook instead. Yeah, I don't have the $400 to spend on BlogTalkRadio yet. Anyways, the Chicago Blackhawks are in Game 7 against the Anaheim Ducks tonight and I plan on going to my regular hangout to watch the game. I may not be home in time to broadcast at my usual time. So, I am going on this afternoon instead. Sorry if you missed the live episode. If the Chicago Blackhawks go to the Stanley Cup, I'll be doing my show earlier in the day so I don't miss the Chicago Blackhawks. Well, now that has been covered...


    Today's topic is age differences in the world of dating. What is your rule of age dating? Do you think there should be a set rule? What about all the celebrity couples with great age differences? Why do they look past age and regular society tends not to look past age differences?

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    The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling

    in Religion

    This program tests the teachings of the Christian church against what really happened in the early church, and what is taught by the church today against the words and teachings of Jesus, that He gave to His own eyewitness disciples. Join us for a unique experience in finding truth.

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    Search for the G.O.A.T part2!!

    in Radio

    As you all now know i am a Hip Hop Fan, attitic and Scholar, so when i saw on FaceBook this search for the G.O.A.T and how they were eliminatating MC's that shouldn't be eliminated yet alone losing to other artist that they would wreck i had to take to the "I'll Be The Judge of That" and voice my opinion arcoss too the world. Who do you think is the G.O.A.T? Why? Is it based on his or her Lyrical skill, impact,album sales,Influence what......? Call in and tell me who is your G.O.A.T 607-203-5357

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    Man Talk 101 with Kim And Vince :10 Things Men Want in Women

    in Relationships

    Join in  with your favorite duo Kim and Vince, as they explore an array of topics this morning.  It never fails. The advice, tips and insight are catching on all around the nation. Don't be surprised if they show up in your city. Whether it  is Businss, relationships and  everything in between , these two are becoming one of the most sought after host in radio. So make sure you are ready gentlemen for another great show Saturday May 30th, 11 am call I to 845-241-9898 or listen at blogtalkraio.com/Iammeradio. 

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    in Religion


    Join Coach Zipporah Patton on Saturday's from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., "Possessing The Land," Where panelist from many walks of life testify and share their success stories, education and inspiration with listeners. 

    Topics include; Biblical Truth, Family, Health, Wellness, Real Estate, Finance, and much more!!!


    Being a Real Estate entrepreneur utilizing biblical truth as I journey through life, I am convinced that as we continue to provide you with the necessary information to be successful and educated you can posses God's promises. 


    When God said, "Go in and Possess the Land to Israel". (Deut 1:8) This promise was fulfilled, Yet our heavenly Father still confirms a much greater promise to those who are in Christ Jesus and called according to his purpose (Mark 10:28-31) 

    Coach Zipporah Patton

    Hello my brother ktyalhaa, it’s that time again for Man Up the Movement, are you available to be on the panel this week with me……..Featured or supporting

    Pastor E

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    The Acme of Religious Living Paper 100: Section 7

    in Spirituality

    This is a Reprise episode.  The gang are off on UB business this week….sooooo

    This week we'll explore the most precious gifts giving to humanity by Jesus with a reading of two amazing sections from the Urantia Book, Paper 100: Section 7 - The Acme of Religious Living and Paper 171: Section 7 - As Jesus Passed By.

    Here is a preview:

    Jesus spread good cheer everywhere he went. He was full of grace and truth.
    Jesus really understood men; therefore could he manifest genuine sympathy and show sincere compassion.
    Jesus could help men so much because he loved them so sincerely. He truly loved each man, each woman, and each child.
    Jesus was never in a hurry. He had time to comfort his fellow men "as he passed by."
    When he smiled on a man, that mortal experienced increased capacity for solving his manifold problems.
    He frequently set out to help a person by asking for help.
    Great things happened not only because people had faith in Jesus, but also because Jesus had so much faith in them.
    It was literally true, "He went about doing good."
    He lived the truth, even as he taught it. He was the truth
    Jesus was an unusually cheerful person... His constant word of exhortation was, "Be of good cheer."
    The Master was always generous. He never grew weary of saying, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Said he, "Freely you have received, freely give."
    Jesus was great because he was good, and yet he fraternized with the little children.
    Jesus was the perfectly unified human personality. And today, as in Galilee, he continues to unify mortal experience and to co-ordinate human endeavors

    Join us

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Anonymous-9

    in Books


      By the Winner of two Readers’ Choice Awards from The House of Crime & Mystery...

     The Story
      The hardworking men and women at the Port of Long Beach, California have no idea what’s waiting for them in the deep water. Tugboat Captain Ed Angelus discovers the horror first in a death match aboard the Lady Bulldog, a high-tech z-drive vessel. But when the Coast Guard and Homeland Security arrive on the scene, there’s no trace, and Ed is declared delusional and unfit for duty. A few months later Ed’s former crewmen dredge up something chilling from the depths of Alamitos Bay—something horrific and possibly paranormal. Soon, the truth turns into ugly lies by authorities unwittingly manipulated by a dirty bureaucrat masterminding the investigation. Overnight, Ed finds himself a public enemy at the center of extraterrestrial black ops—outrunning the law until he can warn the world.

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    Of Course, You're A Criminal, Christian!

    in Religion

    ?One of the hallmarks of Christianity in particular, and of faith in God in general, is its lawlessness, by human standards.

    Many make the effort to "Romans 13" their way into subservience to human authority, saying that is what pleases God....Oh, but so much scripture (and history) they do ignore.

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    Purposed 4 Godliness on Saturday Mornings - Effectual Fervent Prayer Call

    in Christianity

    Please join us for our monthy Effectual Fervent Prayer Call this weekend Friday, Saturday 8:30 a.m. pdt and Sunday 8:00 a.m. pdt
    Location: Purposed 4 Godliness Blogtalk Radio 
    Call in# 347-989-0144 
    Log in with your prayer requests - www.blogtalkradio.com/daffanysmith


    Conference Information


    The opinions expressed in this show from others do not necessarily reflect the views of Purposed 4 Godliness, Virtuous Women Fellowship or Life-Line Missions Unlimited, Inc. Worship Center. 

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    "The Science of Healing" sermon by John G. Lake Pt. 2

    in Religion

    In this section, Dr. Lake goes into the scientific process of digestion in the human body.  Then he draws parallels between that and the way the spirit, soul and body 'absorb' the power of God.  It has made me curious to look up the natural digestion process and see what man has learned about it since the time of Lake.

    "In the process of digestion, it is something like this.  The food we eat is reduced to vegetable lymph before it is absorbed by the body.  But no scientist in the world has ever been able to satisfactorily explain what it is that changes the lymph and makes it LIFE.  Something happens when it is in the body that changes it to life.

    I want to tell you what grew up in my soul, and how I proved the fact.  I could feel sometimes in the attitude of prayer just as you have felt hundreds of times, the impulse of the Spirit moving down through your brain and your person to the ends of your fingers...just little impulses of God presence in your life.  And I have said, If there was an instrument powerful enough, I believe men could see the action of the brain cells and see what took place.

    Here is the secret of digestion."

    Today, Part 2 of this wonderful sermon revealing the 'spiritual mechanics' behind the operations of God's Spirit.