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    That Dating Show

    in Entertainment

    That Dating Show

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    Are Black Men and Women at War?

    in Self Help

    Do black women prefer thugs?

    Are black women rejecting perfectly good men for superficial reasons?  

    Why are black women increasingly SWIRLING?

    Do black men have legitimate complaints that are being ignored?

    What will it take to turn this ship around?

    Is there a war going on between black men and black women? Or is it just happening on YouTube, where I spend a bit too much time? If YouTube is any indication of the "real world" then black men have a bitter disdain and hatred for black women that's so virulent that it boggles the mind. Some black women, perhaps in response to these "attacks," are choosing to abandon black men altogether. Some choose to forgo relationships altogether, while other not only choose to date and marry white men, but are touting the "virtues" of white men all over YouTube. 

    Well, She Struts Radio will tackle these questions and others on Thursday, May 5, 2016, 6:30pm ET. 

    My guests/cohosts are:

    Damon Moulden is a self described "everyman's man." He's become the go-to person for armchair relationship advice for men and women, single and married. Damon has been in a happy relationship for 12 years with Dana.  

    Karen Simon, a 40 something year old African American woman, has 10 yrs. in the banking industry. She takes pride in her faith, character, love for others and living out her god giving gift. She's a wise woman, who has had her fair share of relationship and believes that there's someone for everyone.

    Your host, DeBora M. Ricks. Visit her at www.DeBoraRicks.com

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    Real Men Real Talk

    in Entertainment

    What do men think about Sex, Marriage, and Sports?  Tune in at 6pm cst as Winfred Burns, Dan Thomas and Rob McClish have real talk straight with no chaser.  We are taking off our clergy colors and giving you a real life peek into the minds of real men.  We will take live calls.  To listen by phone or ask questions call (929) 477-2304.  To listen online click the link.

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    Men-Empowered Updates 05-04-16

    in Education

    As Promise.  We are back and getting underway with new shows, new ideals, and better equipment. Thanks for missing us these past months, because we miss you all as well.  We Hope to bring you full shows everyday here on blogtalkradio network. 

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    Secrets Revealed: Men Tell All Part II

    in Relationships

    Table Talk Thursdays

    Host- Cleopatra

    Co Host- Sweet T

    Panelists- Miss Nikki, Osha Cerese and Jaynea

    Correspondent- Starr with the Dish

    Join us as we discuss what men want from a male's perspective.  Ladies call in to ask questions and fellas call in to give your comments!! 

    We will have a powerful discussion with our host, co-host, panelists and correspondent along with guest callers!!  Feel free to call in if you have questions or comments to 929-477-1220 and press 1 ONLY if you'd like to be heard.  Meet us at the table!!!

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    Dating Women with Children

    in LGBT

    Welcome to the Real LGBT LIVES  with your host  Moji Solar- Percy. This week we will be discussing dating
    women with children. It seem to be the norm these days that people want to date but have nohing to do with
    their partner's children. Today we will like to address this issue, the pros and cons and how we can get
    over this hurdle by learning how to gain the children's trust.

    So please join us for this important conversation on Thursday  May 5th, 2016 on The Real LGBT Lives at 7pm (EST).

    Please call 646-716 -9165 to join us on this very important topic.

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    The #1 Long Island Psychic/Medium Offers Free Relationship Advice

    in Romance

    Cindi Sansone-Braff," the Romance Whisperer", talks with the dead to help you live well and love better. Warning: If your relationship is in trouble, before you do anything -- listen to this radio show. Cindi has a unique approach to relationship counseling -- believing that a good relationship begins with...you. Cindi and her producer/co-host, Nicole, will share the highs and lows of their own love lives, and reveal how their lives are changing as they incorporate the Grant Me a Higher Love principles into their own lives. Cindi has been named Best Psychic five years in a row by the Long Island Press, and the psychic/medium recommended by Newsday and the Daily News. She was featured on Cablevision's Neighborhood Journal. Cindi is the author of two spiritual, self-help relationship books, both available on Amazon, Grant Me a Higher Love and Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships. www.grantmeahigherlove.comread more

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    Your Toxic Relationship Dance

    in Lifestyle

    Your Toxic Relationship Dance

    Friday, May 2nd  10am PST

    Topic: Co-Dependent? 3 Steps You can take now.   

    Host Al Diaz: An acclaimed and internationally recognized Visionary, Transformational Guide, and Change Agent as an International Keynote Speaker, Author, Film Producer, and online Radio Host. 

    Co-host: Known as the Compassionate Divorce Coach, Cindy Holbrook supports women (and men too!) as they traverse the emotional roller-coaster of divorce to heal as they let go of the past and rebuild their life with less stress, more confidence and clarity. Her unique approach to deal with the liars, cheaters, crazy bitches and assholes has helped thousands to find and nurture the right relationships that are needed in order to create a happy and fulfilling next chapter in life. Cindy is a Certified Divorce Coach®, author and speaker. She draws on her personal experience of divorcing after a 20 year mentally abusive marriage, as well as that of thousands of men and women that she has helped. Her passion is to inspire tens of thousands of women to discover and fall in love with their own magnificent inner-goddess! 


    To contact Al Diaz personally: al.diaz4love@gmail.com

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    Listen Give Live | Episode 140

    in Lifestyle

    Join Gail Davvis and Jaee Logan for LISTENGIVE | SAVOY sound bites about music, arts, culture, society, youth, education and giving back.

    Join us this week with Special Guests, Gordana Biernat of MyPowerTalk.Com from Sweden teaching us to #ShineOn.

    Visit ListenGive.Org to learn more information.  Don't forget to LIKE our Facebook Page LISTENGIVE.

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    in Nutrition


    Tune in every day to hear Dr. Len Brancewicz of The Nutrition Shoppe
    discuss today's hottest health topics and news from a complimentary
    perspective.  From colds to cancer and everything in between, Dr. Len
    can offer honest advice that makes sense.

    As a Registered Pharmacist (RPh), Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN),
    Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD), and a homeopath, Dr. Len has over
    35 years experience in helping to keep you and your family healthy and
    Call the show today to ask about your most pressing health concerns!

    Visit us on the web at www.TheNutritionShoppe.net or call toll free at
    866-461-4536866-461-4536   to set up a personalized consultation, shop products, or
    ask questions!
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