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    Gettysburg: a Haunted Memior

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    Join us tonight as we talk about our years of experience in beautiful, mysterious Gettysburg. We match topics with the Ghost Hunters Tonight ; March with us into haunted Gettysburg as we share some of the memories we have of our many trips there.  Diana will share with us her experience of spending 3 nights in Gettysburg's haunted post war orphanage, and find out why Jennie Wades basement isnt really haunted.

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    PMP: Samuel Wagar - I Know Where the Bodies are Buried

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    Samuel Wagar has a long history as an organizer and volunteer - founded the Pagan Students Association at University of the Fraser Valley (1999). He founded the Pagans for Peace network for left-wing Pagans in 1983 and published its newsletter for twenty years until 2002. He was also the founding HP of the Pagans for Peace Tradition of Wicca, of the Gathering For Life On Earth religious retreat in 1991, the Congregationalist Witchcraft Association federal church in 1991, and the C. Wiccan A. of BC in 2004 (and consulted in the founding of the Alberta and Saskatchewan sister churches in 2007 and 2014). Wager coordinated the Canadian National Pagan Conference (2009) in Vancouver and served on its National Board (2007-2010).

    Samuel Wagar has written four books, The Uses of Ecstasy: Ritual and Practical Mysticism in Wicca, Creating Lore, Writing Ritual, Growing Wiccan Temples and Leaders, and his memior, I Know Where the Bodies are Buried, which was published on the 13th of January, the 20th anniversary of the start of the religious discrimination scandal when the BCNDP removed him as a candidate for being a Witch.

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    Sonia Nadina Haynes Interviews Author and Artist Elaine Eaton Berg

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    The call-in number is 1-646-652-2271.

    Sonia Nadina Haynes interviews Elaine Eaton Berg. Who will read from her upcoming memoir. Author of thriller novels, children’s stories, poetry, a memoir, comedy skits, and poetry Elaine Eaton Berg is passionate about her writing. A duel citizen of Canada and the United States she was born in Chilliwack, British Columbia, and as a small child she moved to California where her father pursued his career as a jewelry designer. When Elaine was ten years of age she moved to Northern Alberta to reside in a rural community called Shamrock Valley.

                The artist has made her home in Deep Cove for the past twenty-seven-years and began to write and paint later in life. “The desire to write and paint was like a volcanic force boiling deep within me. When I reached my fifties this force erupted and spilled over. I haven’t stopped either since.”

    Elaine is a published author and has won prizes for her writing in the NSWA and the CAA.

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes Music Producer&Author Anthony Casuccio

    in Entertainment

    ~~Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan, I am your host! 

    ~~What is the definition of the term Maverick? Here is one:"An unorthodox or independent-minded person."

    Also called TrailBlazers! I have the pleasure of chatting with one of these "Thinking Outside The Box Artists." Today I chat with Award Winning Music Producer/Author  Anthony Casuccio!

     Anthony Casuccio Bio: From Gold records to Grammies, music entrepreneur Anthony Casuccio shares stories of how being nice and doing the “right thing” (no matter how hard or embarrassing) in a crazy business, has created opportunities for him both professionally and personally.

    Contact: http://anthonycasuccio.com/

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    WAWA-WEST AFRICA A coming of age memior

    in Books

    Author William Coughlan JR shares his coming of age memior covering  his life historically from 1954 to 1961. This Book will enhance your sense of humor and change the way you view the world.
    Adventurous story for young readers, weaving a poetic tapestry of memory and wonder. American boy is opened by the cultural complexities of a foreign land that becomes his second home...take a global journey with us at the Campfire...
    Grandma's Book Review
    Wednesday November 23, 2011 from 8:00pm to 8:30pm Pacific Time
    Featured on Goodreads

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    Callywood Live with Don Hussey

    in Entertainment

    Callywood Live with Don Hussey

    Hussey's memior begins with a letter to his son, Gregory written a few weeks before his first deployment to Iraq as a officer in the U.S. Army. Hussey flew to Ft. Hood, Texas to be with his son, meet his commanding officers, attend the briefing sessions, and meet the other soldiers as they prepared for the long journey to the deadly Anbar Province of western Iraq. Hussey handed his letter to his son as he exited the barracks for the short bus ride to the flight line. "I wanted to share my life, my growing-up years, with my son because I feared I may never see him again." Hussey's letter details a story of a young boy growing up in relentless poverty and abuse. "There were stories from my childhood that I had never shared with him, and he never asked. Hussey left high school to find work and support his mother and younger brother. His brother suffered continuously from bleeding episodes resulting from his being born a hemophiliac. In 1965, after serving four years in the U.S. Air Force, Hussey was faced with the greatest series of challenges one could imagine. How he managed to navigate through that period has come to define him. This is a story of triumph over disaster...an unflinchingly honest memoir of a man with uncommon character who outwitted the odds to bring home his "ticket to ride.

    Paula Jai Parker

    Paula Jai Parker (born August 19, 1969) is an American actress and comedian. She is best known of her roles as Lexus in Hustle & Flow, Joi in Friday, and as the voice of matriarch Trudy Proud on the Disney Channel animated sitcom The Proud Family..

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    The Writing Mama show with Guest Hadiyah Joan Carlyle

    in Books

    Join Host Virginia S Grenier on Monday May 20, 2013 at 3:30pm EST as she chats with Hadiyah Joan Carlyle about her memior "Torch in the Dark".
    Torch in the Dark tells the moving story of how Hadiyah Joan Carlyle, a single mother haunted by memories of her own traumatic childhood, pioneered as one of the first women since World War II to enter the trades as a union welder.
    Hadiyah Joan Carlyle grew up in a Jewish immigrant neighborhood in New Jersey, became active in the Civil Right movement of the sixties and migrated to San Francisco’s colorful Haight-Ashbury to be part of the counter-culture there. In the seventies, she was the first and only female shipyard welder in Bellingham, Washington, north of Seattle.
    In the eighties, Hadiyah returned to the East coast to earn her MSW at Rutgers University. In 2003, she completed the certificate program in Memoir Writing through the University of Washington Extension. She is an active member of Seattle’s thriving community of writers.
    You can find out more about Hadiyah Joan Carlyle, Torch in the Dark and her World of Ink Author/Book Tour at http://tinyurl.com/chrfo3t

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    A Book and a Chat with Linda Kovic-Skow

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    Linda Kovic-Skow is the author of "French Illusions" a memior that is full of adventure and romance. Having, in my youth had my share of romance in France this should be an interesting show... mes oui.
    Looking forward to discussing this beautiful story with Linda

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    A Book and a Chat with Barbara Everett Heintz

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    Barbara Everett Heintz is the author of Pinkhoneysuckle which is her memior telling the "Hidden People" of Appalachia, the poor whites and blacks discriminated against and segregated to the poorest mountainous regions of the Bible Belt, their strength and identity shaped by religious values and the virtue of living off the land.
    It is something that will make people think, that many of us in the USA do not even know about nor understand. I am really looking forward to chatting to Barbara

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    Gilligan's Island Fans Don't Miss This Show!

    in Entertainment

    If you're a fan of classic television, don't miss this fascinating interview with Dreama Denver, wife of the late "Gilligan's Island" icon Bob Denver, and author of the new memior "Gilligan's Dreams."
    For nearly 30 years, Dreama Denver was married to legendary television personality Bob Denver (Gilligan, Maynard J. Krebs) until his death in 2005. Ms. Denver met Bob when the two were cast as love interests in a theatre production of Woody Allen’s Play It Again Sam, and went on to tour and perform together for many years. Dreama also appeared in the final Gilligan’s Island TV movie and co-starred with Bob and a young Joey Lawrence in a TV pilot called Scamps before retiring from acting shortly after the birth of their son Colin.
    Ms. Denver currently oversees The Denver Foundation and it’s work for special needs children (Colin was born with severe autism) as well as Little Buddy Radio, a non-profit on-line and FM radio station based in West Virginia. She stays in contact with Bob’s countless fans via www.bobdenver.com and appears regularly on media outlets nationwide.
    Her memior "Gilligan's Dreams" is the story of a man and woman who made vows to each other and kept them. This is the story of parents facing the challenge of autism together, never wavering in their love for each other or their son. This is the story of Bob and me, two imperfect people who fit perfectly together. 
    Visit Dreama Denver online at www.littlebuddyradio.com.

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    Mark David Gerson On Insigt for the Soul - August 20, 2012

    in Spirituality

    Our show is scheduled for 2 hours so we can ensure that we don't have to cut anyone short.  Our show is generally 1 and 1/2 hours.
    We will talk about "Acts of Surrender" Mark David  memior and the lastest updates on Moonquest.
    Join us for an interesting show.

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