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    Gina Oddo Director of Membership The Center Club a Unique Private Business Club

    in Business



    Check out this Extraordinary special offer from The Center Club for the Art of Abundance Listeners!!!!!

    Dr.John chats with Gina Oddo Director of Membership The Center Club in Costa Mesa ,ca ,One of the most unique Private Business Clubs in Orange County.

     The Center Club is where leaders share camaraderie, celebrate traditions and build business relationships to help our community and the nation move forward. Reconnect to your business with our efficient, high-quality networking and business advantages, or relax for a fine-dining experience with great views of the city.

    With exceptional programming, business and social events, Members build lifelong relationships and develop a network of connections that lead to personal fulfillment and invaluable memories.


    Build your network of business and social connections at our special Member events. Our Members include local professionals, civic and community leaders and other influential people to enhance your circle of friends.

    Enriching programs

    Our programs are designed to enrich your life with cultural, educational and business-oriented events to match your interests. Enjoy guest speakers, professional seminars and special Member clubs and events.

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage Episode #42

    in Entertainment

    We are back and ready for you all this is going to be an amazing hour me and Sage will be talking about the fundamentals of web camming how to get into the industry as well as the do's and dont's of camming.

    If you have any questions for us please call in we love to talk to our fans.

    Remember to catch our live cam shows: sammy_brooks.cammodels.com & sagemontana.cammodels.com

    Follow us on Twitter: @SammyBrooks69 @Sagemontana1, & @Dollhouse_Radio

    We are live every Thursday 7pm ET only on Dollhouse Radio.

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    Generations of Gaming - 11.30.2015 - Episode 26 - 1st Annual XBOne GOTY Tourney

    in Entertainment

    Generations of Gaming is hosted by Christopher Edge and Shawn "Countryfireman".

    Gaming news, launches, updates, and everything else involving the world of video games!!

    This episode kicks off the very first Game of the Year (GOTY) tournament!  Call in and share your input!!


    Go to laedgewebradio.com for more information.  You can also be cool, and go to our Facebook and Twitter pages to give us a "Like" and a "Follow".


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    Sounds of the Streets - Episode 1 - w/Maryland's own, Dean Cramer

    in Music

    Tired of hearing the same old cover bands?  Wish that you could listen to local artists who perform their own material??  Well, look... listen... no further!

    Sounds of the Streets is the newest podcast from the L.A. Edge Web Radio Network catalog of programming.  Focusing on the original music of local artists, host Christopher Edge sits down with these up and coming superstars, to discuss their life as an artist and the ups and downs of their soon to be career.  Original and unreleased material will also be a part of this awesome show!

    So check it out!

    This episode's guest is none other that Maryland's own, DEAN CRAMER!!


    Go to www.laedgewebradio.com for more information! 

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    Ancient Mysteries Sacred Sites w/Bruce Cunningham and TJ Morris

    in Entertainment

    Bruce Cunningham, Author and Founding Director of Ancient Mysteries Int.'l Org Network will join us on Sundays 8E/7C. Ancient Publishing/Shanti-Hawaii.  Our Mission here at TJ Morris ET C osmos Radio is to share in spiritual and educational awareness with those interested in self-help learning by providing ancient wisdom and new thought teachings and philosophies. Cosmos Radio Org has expanded Ascension Centers to include Alien Contact Org. Efriends in our groups interested in our hobbies and education as entertainment with Era Cop Association, Education Research Association Explores and Ancient Mysteries International.  We share promoting  people, places, structures, and ancient sacred cites  in this world.TJ Morris Media Publishing News is a publicist, radio host for ACIR. Era Cop .com. Theresa is a friend to those interested in her work in parapsychology, intuitive psychic phenomena readings, and Ascension. TJ has the ACO Club for authors. We share mysteries of life i n body-mind-spirit. Host of TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio Organization, Theresa J Morris is Host for ACO/ACE Clubs. We will discuss ancient sacred sites with Bruce Cunningham who is an author living in Indiana and the Phillippines and serves as a Sacred Sites Tour Organizer. Bruce has organizer Pacific Rim. Bruce and TJ share as administrators in social media on Facebook. Join Theresa Morris and Bruce Cunningham on Facebook and on the Websites, Era Cop, Alien Contact Org Ascension Center Org,, TJMorrisRadio Magazine, TheresaJMorris, and Ancient Mysteries International for more news.  

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage Episode #43 with Guest Zack owner of Oh Joy Toys

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to another fabulous hour with Sammy & Sage today we will be talking about web cam and also about sex toys and to help us with this naughty talk we have the owner of Oh Joy Toys Zack on the show with us.

    So sit back and enjoy the show sex monsters it is going to be a naughty hour.

    You can meet us live in Vegas Jan 21st at the Alexis Park Resort it is going to be so fun and sexy so many cam models for you to meet.

    Catch our live cam shows on Streamate: Sammy_Brooks.cammodels.com SageMontana.cammodels.com

    Follow us on Twitter: @SammyBrooks69 @SageMontana1 @OhJoyToys @Dollhouse_Radio

    You can catch us live only on Dollhouse Radio every Thursday 7-8pm ET

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    Generations of Gaming - 11.16.2015 - Episode 25 - Star Wars:Battlefront

    in Video Games

    Join myself (Christopher Edge) and special guest 'Countryfireman' (XboxOne Gamertag), as we host our very own pre-launch party for the Tuesday release of Star Wars: Battlefront!!


    Parental discretion is advised for some language and content.  But, nothing you, or your child, hasn't heard online during multiplayer communications.


    Generations of Gaming is a part of the L.A. Edge Web Radio program library.  For more information about our programs, and free acess to past episode archives, please visit us at www.laedgewebradio.com.  You can also find us on most social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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    Generations of Gaming - 11.11.2015 - Episode 24 - It's All About FALLOUT!

    in Entertainment

    Generations of Gaming is a fun, educational experience revolving around the world of video games.  All gaming generations will enjoy the content, and can even call in and share his or her insight!


    This program is rated NC-17 for adult language and content.


    Generations of Gaming is part of the L.A. Edge Web Radio network.  Find out more at www.facebook.com/laedgewebradio, and follow us at twitter and instagram.  Heck, you can even check out our website too... www.laedgewebradio.com.

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    Yakuza kick radio Tangled Web review

    in Sports

    Oct 14, 2015
    -jay cat gives an update on his latest racing weekend
    -jay cat's visit to a chiropractor
    -Insane Lane makes a video of himself eating one of Jay's Carolina reaper peppers
    -review of CZW tangled web 8
    -Worthless bit**hes on "Defend Death Match Wrestling" group on Facebook
    --Defend Necro?!?!?!
    -Jay Cat gives his Week 6 NFL picks
    -Buy an "I'm a John Zandig Guy" t-shirt!!

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    The Givers Secrets - Best Practices of Social Networking - Part 2

    in Technology

    Have you ever wondered why some networkers are phenomenally successful and other struggle to even get one referral? Why is it that many are attracted to a few seemingly special networkers and others are shunned? Could it be that there is a secret that these few super networkers know that others do not? Part one of this serices shows the relationship between face to face and online social networking.  In this second episode of “Best Practices of Social Networking Secrets”,we will cover what those super networkers know - the secrets that make these super networkers magnetic. The secret that brings them followers and referrals far beyond the average business Networker. The secret of Giving! "Giving you say?" It can’t be that simple. Well, I didn’t say it was simple or even easy, but yes, the science and art of Giving is the Secret. In part three of this series, we will explore the secret that demonstrates that there is no substitute for proactive participation. today however we will be exploring the Law of Reciprocity, how giving is the Secret that makes Super Networkers Magnetic. So tune in and turn on to this weeks episode of Working The Web to Win as we explove the Secrets of social Networking by Giving!

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    Brutally Uncut: Online Dating (Pros/Cons/Tips) Ep. 4

    in Romance

    Dating in this Digital Age can sometimes feel so cumbersome. It’s just down right inconvenient. We don’t have time to mingle and even when we are mingling we are more obsessed with what is happening on the web than having a real interaction with people in our physical space.

    The world we live in today is all about convenience. If I can’t get it when I want/need and customize it how I want it, most of us are just not interested. This ideology is truer for those of us that live in big cities and work 9-7 jobs . You spend most of your time at work and pursing our careers. When do you have time to grab a drink and ask someone how was their day? or better yet, even care? Frankly we have enough going on in our lives already.

    This is why there it is no surprise that online dating has become one of the most popular and secretive past times for single young adults. There are thousands of sites all over the place both free and paid for all lifestyles and preferences. It seems like now online dating/hookups has become the new way of life.

    Don’t get it misconstrued. Online dating is not a new phenom. I remember the days of dial up on AOL when that random person would hit you up with “A/S/L?”. Today it is not uncommon to hear someone say that they met or even married someone that they met online whether it be from a dating site or social media platform like Facebook or Instagram; hence the term “sliding in the someone’s DM’s”.

    Join Brutally Uncut host, Tameeka Henry as she gives her perspective on online dating , the pros, the cons, Do’s and Don’ts. What to avoid and how to just enjoy it.