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    New Fandom Blues

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    What to do when you are dragged unwilling into a new fandom. 


























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    Windows 10: Get the latest updates on it here!

    in Technology

    Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows 10 this year, and we have the latest updates here! We have a special air time for you to align with Microsoft's latest announcements held on this same day.

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    Director Michael G. Bartlett discusses Treehouse on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes director Michael G. Bartlett to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his journey in the industry and the film TREEHOUSE which is coming to viewers in Feb. Joining the conversation as well is actress Dana Melanie.

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    What Constitutes A Healthy Relationship?

    in Relationships

    Last week I popped a post up on Facebook asking people for their definition of "love".

    Many wonderful shares emerged!

    This radio show is a deep journey into this important topic, as well as what constitutes conscious and unconscious love and how we can move our love experiences from abusive and painful to joyous and abundant ones.

    For the upcoming transcript of this radio show, you can go to blog.melanietoniaevans.com


    To find out more about my healing Program which creates liberation from painful relationships go to: http://www.melanietoniaevans.com/services/narc-abuse-recovery.htm







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    Bite Me, Etc

    in Entertainment

    Nora Roberts told her fans to bite her this week. I was really amused.

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Puss In Boots/Women In TV Episode

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    The program all about TV. Our guests: Doug Langdale, executive producer of The Adventures Of Puss In Boots, Netflix's first new original series of 2015 which launches today, and Melanie Christy, popular TV/entertainment news blogger, on the status of women in TV.

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    Better off Friends?

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    If you've tuned in before, it won't come as a shock that we have a lot to say about Days of Our Lives. In fact, we have so much to say, we are designating the entire hour to Days chat this week...it just COULDN'T be helped.

    Last week, we touched on Nicole and where we would like to see her story go. Many are worried that Nicole's bad luck will continue into the new year and are frustrated with what has become of Ericole. That discussion got us thinking about other couples and right now, there are many that are falling apart while others start to take shape. From Will's shocking affair to Melanie and Brady agreeing their feelings might go deeper than they realized, we will be discussing all the latest storylines, shake-ups and couplings in Salem. We want fan thoughts on everything from Hope and Aiden to Dan and Nicole. All fans welcome to join the chat or call-in. It's going to be a good one with a lot of different characters and pairings covered. We hope you can join us!

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    Office Graph: What it is, and how it can help you?

    in Technology

    Microsoft released Office Graph (codename Delve) a few months ago as an addition to the Office 365 plans. In it's recent update though, boards are now available. But what exactly is this Office Graph and can it really help you through your day? Find out and get the latest updates on Office Graph here!


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    Angry Deva's Radio Show: All Men are feminine, the true feminine is a man.

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    The first high heel wearers are believed to have been Persian horseback warriors sometime around the ninth century. The extended heel was reportedly developed specifically for riding, to keep the rider’s foot from slipping out of the stirrups. It also helped to hold the rider steady when standing up in the stirrups and shooting arrows. A group of Persian diplomats visited Europe in 1599 to recruit allies to help Persia defeat the Ottoman Empire. A craze for Persian culture developed as a result and Persian-style high heeled shoes were adopted enthusiastically by Western European aristocrats.

    The shoes became a status symbol and the heels were extended to make the men look even taller. (This is thought by many etymologists to be where the term “well heeled”, meaning “wealthy” originally came from.) Just as the 1980s had notorious shoe collector Imelda Marcos, the 1600s had a rabid shoe collector and trend setter in Louis XIV of France. While he was a powerful leader, his height left something to be desired at five feet, four inches tall (1.62 m), which was slightly below average in his day. (The average height for men in France at the time, in modern international units, was 5 ft. 5 inches or 1.65 m. Note: Contrary to popular belief, Napoleon was not short; he was two inches taller than the average in his day.)

    A king being slightly shorter than average wasn’t ideal for his ego, so Louis took measures to make himself look taller, sporting four inch heels, often decorated with elaborate battle scenes. Eventually, he switched to having red heels on all his shoes and decreed that only the upper echelons of society could have matching red heels. It became a simple matter of looking at the color of a man’s heels to see if he was in the king’s inner circle.

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    #8 School Girl Style: Classroom Decor Secrets

    in Education

    Melanie shares her best classroom decor secrets to decorate your classroom on a budget.  

  • Favorite Tropes & Inherent Problems

    in Entertainment

    We all have favorite tropes. When it comes to writing them -- you want to explore what makes the trope special to you but there is also a drive to be unique and interesting as you do it.

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