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    em eee ech

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    Apple Watch- Necessity or Meh?

    in Technology

    The Apple Watch – for some it’s a crucial wardrobe necessity; for others, they might be ambivalent or even apathetic about it. Whatever side of the fence you are on, join host Melissa Birnie as she talks with Leo Dion of Bright Digit who posed the question … What does the Apple Watch mean for you? Leo and Melissa will discuss the Apple watch; offer user tips as well as share insights to those contemplating purchasing the Apple Watch, or those pondering “app”ertunities. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

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    The Relationship Mehs

    in Self Help

    We’ve all been there—a few weeks/months/years into a relationship and one day you realize you feel sort of “meh.” In this show, Dr. Bob Wright discusses how to keep the fires burning, add new experiences, and learn new things about your partner you never realized.

    Join Wright for the “Bring Out Your Best” show on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 12:00PM CST.

    To learn more about Wright, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or to get involved in our programs visit us at wrightliving.com.

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    5m0k3r 5und4y - Bitches, Sluts, Skanks of both genders and Relationships

    in Pop Culture

    People suck. The idea of humanity is what has always kept me balanced. Unity, equality are only a dream as I came to the realization that this could never happen. We hand out titles like we exchange money. Everything seems fake. What happened to reality? We make moves based on other people’s opinions. Meh….

    Tonight I want to talk about what’s been on my mind lately. I generally like you all and want to by default. But your opinions are just guides. Though I respect anyone I talk to, I won’t ever follow their advice like so many have surrendered their freedom of speech to follow those we give status to. A majority of us have turned into actors. We don’t speak the truth or express how we truly feel as this might upset those we call “Cool People” might judge us for having a brain and standing up for ourselves and remaining honest.

    The title of the show is srs bsns… Not all of it is attributed to females. Men can wear such titles too! Join us on air and call in and I hope that many call in with their opinions because that’s what the Smok3r Sunday Show is all about. Interaction… Without you this show is simply just a couple dudes talking for 3 hours. Show starts at 9PM EST, I EXPECT YOU THERE!!!

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    Episode 4: Valentine’s Meh

    in Entertainment

    Marsha and Brittany are still alive! To celebrate, they discuss why 24 hours are bad for anyone not named Jack Bauer when trying to watch the Rolex 24, unless you’re playing video games. Their thoughts on Transporter: The Series now that the season’s over, a long-awaited Top Gear crossover, and why they couldn't care less about Valentine's Day.


    Some links discussed in this episode:

    Tudor United SportsCar Championship

    Magnus Racing

    Extra Life, the 24-hour gaming marathon

    Penn and Teller’s Desert Bus

    Transporter: The Series on TNT

    Top Gear UK

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Legendary Edition

    Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle


    Now featuring ‘Delilah’ by Tony Lucca. Get his self-titled album on iTunes now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tony-lucca/id937480111

  • From Embarrassingly Sucky to Amazingly Wow Relationships with Deborah Morehead

    in Relationships

    Deborah Morehead has 20 plus years of expertise in the business of helping people. She is a highly trained leader, expert therapist and outstanding teacher. Ms. Morehead is the creator of the “Stop the Cycle: Sabotage to Success Relationship System”, an effective and efficient Relationship Methodology representing tens of thousands of hours interacting with clients, twenty years professional experience, and a lifetime of personal experiences.

    Deborah has a unique gift of looking right into your heart, recognizing your core needs then helping you transform yourself and your relationships to what you desire.

    Join us to learn how to transform your relationship from "meh" to "wow"!


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    50 Shades of Meh SPOLIER CAST

    in Romance

    We've sort of been shopping around for a new home for the podcast (read: free) and we thought we'd try out blogtalkradio. This is a sort of test episode, and since the other "Idiots" didn't want to be part of this test, I've enlisted the help of some friends. Tonight, we're going to be talking about 50 Shades of Grey: the movie, as well as the book. Spoliers abound in this episode, so if you want to  read the book or see the movie...wait...

    Music credits:
    Intro: "Iron Bacon" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

    Outro: "Bet You Can" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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    meh jc

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    in Pop Culture

    It's been awhile but we're BACK and gearing up for a change and a new home. The grounds have been tested and it's time to take the training wheels off!!!! Join us Friday - April 10 as we discuss the comic book event of the Summer - Secret Wars and the END of the Marvel Universe as we know it. WHO SHOULD LIVE / WHO SHOULD DIE!!!! Also what's been going on over at DC? On the Video Game front - Are people WOW'ed by the PS4 & XBOXONE or have the next gen systems just been "MEH". Join us for a GEEK POWER HOUR :) 

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    The Unexpected Game Show

    in Comedy

    Episode 191 “The Unexpected Game Show” John has become paparazzi stalking Prince William & Kate Middleton, following them to India & of butt tattoos. Without an agenda for the show Marc & John decide to play several improv comedy games. “The Meh News” covers breaking news of a remote control malfunction & peanut butter jar in the street. The celebrity impression game “Impress me” finds action stars  Schwarzenegger  washing his Hummer & Stallone going to prison. Elsie’s suggestion of the game “A Twisted Tale” takes the spotting of stones to a massive kidney stone. Marc &  John make the most of the hilarious classic games “The Alphabet Game” &  “Questions, Questions”! Plus a great End of Show Food. Plus an interview with creator of the hilarious web series “Real Mommy Confessions” Bianca Jamotte reveals how she turned her real-life experiences into a creative opportunity, the most inappropriate audition ever, what it was like to film scenes in the nude, & reveals HUGE announcement about the show, & a round of “The Meh News” finds mall vomit has become an international incident!

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    Lets get drunk and fuck you

    in Sports

    You go fuck yourself, this is drunk talk, peoper drunk, no niceness, yust bullshit

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