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    Deepertruth: Medjugorje or no Medjugorie? That is the question!

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    I was conversing with some friends of mine when I was called to intervene with a developing situation.

    A woman (a 5th grade school teacher from Indiana) was extremely excited praising God.

    Another visitor from Texas (my home State), began to challenge The woman’s excitement with scepticism.

    My Friend who called me over to intervene in this situation was one of my Soldiers. He was raised a Baptist and planning to become a Preacher. At least until he finished looking at the Catholic Faith. He was curious how I would handle this situation.

    I went to the lady and asked her what had happened. She showed me her rosary describing how it turned from silver to gold while it was in her pocket up on this mountain.

    I asked to see it noticing that it was in fact gold in color. Not only was the chain gold but also the corpse on the crucifix was gold which I had never seen a two tone crucifix like this before.

    The cross itself remained silver. She continued to tell me that this particular rosary she has had for 20 years. I then turned my attention to the Stranger from Texas.

    He was with a group wearing an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on his jacket. Noticing this, I explained the miracle of the Tilma and Our Lady’s appearances there in Mexico. After about ten minutes, his eyes got real big and he was ready to go to the other sites in the area.

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    Daily Evening Prayer - Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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    Welcome to Our Merciful Savior Radio!!  Daily Evening Prayer - YOUR PRAYER REQUESTS, The Divine Mercy Chaplet, Saint of the Day, Daily Scripture & much, much more.  Please tune in & God Bless You!

    Also tonight, a special reflection on Our Lady's monthly message from Medjugorje!

    Call in with your prayer requests during our live show @ 929-477-3316.  You can also send your prayer requests to OurMercifulSaviorRadio@aol.com

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    Six children of a small Bosnian town called Medjugorje saw the Virgin Mary. She promised them 10 secrets each and daily visits until they received their 10th secret. All but 2 of the children, now adults, have received their 10th secret; only 2 still see the Virgin Mary, whom they call 'Gospa', daily. The remaining 4, now only see Gospa on the anniversary of their revealed 10th secret. What are the secrets already revealed? Are the visionaries able to share their secrets with the world? Call in live with your questions at (646) 716-8597

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 12.17.14

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    Nhan mua Le Giang Sinh, chuong trinh xin dac biet gioi thieu phan 1 ve nhung Thanh dia, nhung noi Duc Me hien ra trong hanh trinh Vong Quanh The Gioivoi AV Travel. Ve ngoi nha ma Duc Me da o truoc ngay Duc Me thang thien, ve Duc Me Fatima, Duc Me Monserratt, Duc Me Black Madonna va Duc Me Medjugorje, Duc Me Me Du.

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    Deepertruth Saturday: The Donna Lee Story

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    Catholic Artist and composer Donna Lee Ackerman will appear on Deepertruth giving her testimony of conversion.  How she has risen from the world of pride and anger to the compasion of love and forgiveness.  Donna has given her life and talent for the upbuilding of the Kingdom.  Speaking of her faith, Donna states, "n a nutshell. I was raised Catholic. Left the church after high school. Made a lot of bad choices. I am pretty honest when I share. Had an abortion at age 22. Biggest regrets of my life. Never thought God would ever forgive me. Had a conversion by way of Medjugorje but I don't talk a lot about it because the church hasn't made a final decision yet. Had three failed marriages. Three annulments in the church. No other children. Living an authentic Catholic life for the past 4 years going to daily mass and frequent adoration."

    Donna has become a great inspiration to so many through her music and testimony.



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    "Medjugorje-The Message" - with Wayne Weible

    in Spirituality

    Wayne Weible was a Protestant journalist before his experiences at Medjugorje--he has written several books about his the events there and he is one of the most prolific writers and supporters of this Marian apparition...

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    Join General Managers of WSCIRO, Dr Shirley Canniff and her husband Dr Jeffrey Canniff in an interview with their friend, Fr Stephen J. Malloy of the Archdiocese of Boston who recently authored a new book "Fingerprints of God" Where Heaven Meets Earth.  All proceeds from royalties in the purchase of  Fr. Steve's book will  go to Mother's Village in Medjugorje.  Provision will go towards providing a school for orphans and treatment programs for drug addicts. Also, Dr Shirley will share with the listening audience at the top of the hour  2 prophetic dreams relating to the outcome of the middle-east conflict regarding God's heart on the matter and the believer's scriptural/biblical response to this escalating affair that seems to be unfolding rapidly in the persian gulf at this moment in time. The scriptural references from the Old Testament for this episode are:  Genesis1-3 and Psalm 122  (Praying for the peace of Jerusalem and from the New Testament Luke 1: 1-56 - The Annunciation of God's promise to Mary and Israel; Luke 23: 29-50 - The Crucifixion: Recounting Jesus's conversation between the thief and the murderer; James 3 - The Power of the Tongue. The worship songs in this podcast are:  Misty Edwards, JoAnn McFatter, and Ruth Fazzall. So grab a bible, some tea and a few good friends and experience  "FAITH TALKIN' LIVE " here on Blog Talk Radio. God bless you enjoy!

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    Our Lady of Kibeho and Medjugorje

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    Join us at "Signs of the Times"--the largest repository of talks by priests on many topics, especially Marian Apparitions, on the internet...Today we learn more about the apparitions which took place in Rwanda warning of the genocide that took place there--before it happened--also we'll learn more about the daily apparitions still taking place in Medjugorje through the eyes of a Marian priest--very rare talk...

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    The Miracles of a Place Called Medjugorje

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    with Susan Sanderford

    Blaire Fallon Byrley has just returned from a pilgrimage of a life-time to Medjugorje, Bosnia where Mother Mary has been visiting daily since June 25th 1981. The divine timing of the unexpected death of her father two weeks prior to her trip changed the focus of her pilgrimage from expecting a quiet devotional time to learning how to forgive her Dad. Blaire and Susan will both share their experiences of being called to visit this sacred site and the life-changing events that have taken place when accepting the call to visit Medjugorje, Bosnia.   

    Blaire is a mystic, intuitive counselor, writer, and teacher.  Having spent all of her life sensitive to energies of a Divine nature and having studied with some of the foremost spiritual leaders, Blaire has developed these natural abilities to help others find healing and guidance.


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    Forward Boldly: Open Mic Night!

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    Christine is joined by co-host Fr. John Fisher to discuss a number of hot topics tonight, including the results of the questionnaire on marriage & family in Germany & why some bishops seem so apathetic, Fr. Fisher's experiences in Medjugorje, and the error of preaching mercy without repentance. This and more at 10 pm ET Feb. 15, 2014!

    Join us in the chat room with your comments or call to speak with the hosts: (6465) 716-4669

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    *BEST OF DTB SHOW #148* Christmas shock from Medjugorje

    in Christianity

    Have the Medjugorje apparitions taken a shocking new turn? Wait until you hear what happened on Christmas day. Fellow Deeper Truth Blog member Margie Prox Sindelar will be our guest to discuss it.

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