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    The Creative Process

    in Books

    Find out about my creative process as a writer - and how that benefits readers! This show might also be beneficial to fledging writers to hear how I do what I do and what works for me!

  • What makes a Hero 'your' hero?

    in Books

    Let's talk heroes - and this is something for women AND men. What draws you to a hero? Is it a flaw? A strength? A bad boy? A good guy? Let's talk all things heroes and find out what makes a great hero - and even what makes a not-so-great hero. It's Medieval Hero Madness in the World of Kathryn Le Veque!

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    Historicals -- Vikings, Irish, Scottish, Medieval

    in Writing

    Join host Donna Wright as she talks to authors about historcal romances dealing with Vikings, Irish, Scottish or Medieval times. She's got three ladies on tonight who know what they're talking about: Gina Conkle and Sandi Layne. Also out special guest this week is author Hallee Bridgeman who will be talking about the Destiny Blaine Workshop and Reader Rally coming up in October. And you don't want to miss the latest Romance News this week with Jacci DeVera. All of this and more, this week on Hummingbird Place -- Your Home for Romance. Coming to you live from the Secret Cravings Publishing Studio.

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    Kathryn Le Veque discusses The Lion of the North

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    Join USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kathryn Le Veque as she talks about her August 17, 2015 release, THE LION OF THE NORTH. This is Book 4 in the de Wolfe Pack series, so join Kathryn as she discusses the inspiration for the novel, the hero, the heroine, and lots of other great stuff you won't want to miss.

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    Masterclass:Penka Kouneva/Composer/Lead Orchestrator/Matrix/Transformers/Elysium

    in Movies

    Film & game composer of “exquisite talent” (Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands game co-composed with Steve Jablonsky), Penka has worked for 15 years in Los Angeles on titles grossing $15 billion world-wide. Her own music is a blend of her Eastern-European upbringing, classical training, modern film & game music, and influences ranging from rock, electronica, Medieval chant to non-Western music. She has made Hollywood history (first woman Lead Orchestrator on films with budget over $100M - Ender’s Game and Elysium). And just like the great Shirley Walker, Penka is a mentor who has nurtured the careers of many. Notable collaborations: with the celebrity composers Hans Zimmer,, Steve Jablonsky, Neal Acree for Blizzard Entertainment (orchestrator: World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III franchises) Penka has composed two concept albums in cinematic orchestral-electronica style, A Warrior’s Odyssey (2012, available from Howlin’ Wolf) and The Woman Astronaut (released on Varése Sarabande in 2015). Penka is on the Advisory Boards for Game Developers Conference (GDC), Sundance Institute, and Mentor for NARAS (Grammy®). As an industry leader and groundbreaking artist, she is a frequent speaker at GDC, Game Sound Con, CalArts, Berklee, Musicians Institute, Duke, Columbia College, Society of Composers and Lyricists and numerous schools, game conferences and events. As a role model and passionate advocate for artists’ growth, advancement of women composers and gender parity, Penka is featured on MPR, film and video game press.You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Dating and Relationships: The "Tell-All" Show

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we discuss the popular topic of dating and relationships.  What's changed over the years? Dating over 40; Christian dating; same sex dating and marriage; dating with kids; cheating/affairs; singles groups/ministries; dating after divorce; online/internet dating, etc.  What's your ideal date?  What do men want?  What do women want? We want to hear your best and worst date stories.  Tell us your real life "fairy-tale" stories.  Why is the the divorce rate is so high. Empty-nesters, we want to hear from you, as to how you keep your relationships together; what are the challenges?  Got a funny date story? Let's hear it.  How did you meet the man/woman/partner of your dreams? Choosing not to date?  Why? What's the secret to long-term relationships/marriages?  How have your friendships changed, since marriage?  Dating/Marriage vs Career. If it has to do with dating and relationships, let's discuss it.  Who knows, we may learn a thing or two about each other - about ourselves.  

    Don't forget about our giveaway of two tickets to the Halloween Fundraiser Bash. All you have to do is go to our Facebook Page, Like AND share; go to www.blogtalkradio.com/no-teawithchritaandcryss and follow us. You must call during the live show to win.

    Baltimore City College Halloween Party:  Bustiers and Swords - A Medieval Night of Fun (a portion of the proceeds go to the Class of 1985 Memorial Scholarship Fund)

    October 30th, from 9:00 p.m. - 2:00 am

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    Paparazzi Night Club - 407 E. Saratoga Street - Baltimore, MD 21202

    Call us (646) 668-2620.  We'll be waiting.

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    The Way of the Knight Season 2 Episode 2 12 Truths of the Knight Part 1

    in Spirituality

    9/13/15 7:00 to 8:00pm Central Time

    Join us live for "The Way of the Knight" Season 2 Episode 2

    12 Truths of the Knights  Part 1

    On this weeks episode host MJ Hannigan will discuss a view of the values Knights of Medieval Times, Jedi Knights of the fiction and Modern Jedi Realist all share in common. 

    What types of Vows do knights practice? How did they uphold their words by their deeds.  

    Listen Live, Call in or join us in the chat room during this weeks episode.

    Love and Light
    MJ Hannigan


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    Lisa Marie's Sunday Brunch

    in Radio

    God Bless you;Thank you for Joining your's truly for Lisa Marie's Sunday Brunch,  for the newest birthing of Time Released 2015! Behold;The Bridegroom Cometh! Paternal Holy Orders of The Knight's of Christ.

    As B.O.C.W,M.prepares to Celebrate The Head of your year. September 14th Rosh Hashanah The first day of the month Tishri: The feast of trumpets.I do so with you in my Prayers.for peace,blessings and prosperity.

    On this Airing I will Minister why I chose the Medievil Renaissance:A dispensation of time of Prophetic Imagery.a time of activity, spirit, or time of the great revival of art,literature, and learning in Europe beginning in the 14th century and extending to the 17th century, marking the transition from the medieval to the modern world.the forms and treatments in art used during this period. any similar revival in the world of art and learning. a renewal of life, vigor, interest, etc.; rebirth; revival.This Period speaks to the Honor of Warriors and their warfare.

    In His Service;Lisa Marie 


  • Rz’s Rock And Talk!! 8-27-2015

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight On Rz’s Rock And Talk:

    It’s Rock, It’s The Blues, It’s Whatever Is Catching My Attention At Any Given Moment.

    Mostly Though, It’s About What You Have To Say.

    You Call In And Talk About What You Are Interested In.

    Otherwise, I’ll Just Play Some Tunes, And We Can Kick Back And Get Some Peace.


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     adjective \'prak-ti-k?l\

    :  concerned with voluntary action and ethical decisions<practical reason>


    Origin of ANARCHY

    Medieval Latin anarchia, from Greek, from anarchos having no ruler, from an- + archos ruler — more at arch-

    First Known Use: 1539

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” - JFK


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    Pope "Two-Face I" Rod Parsley Mimics Medieval Pope Boniface VIII (25)

    in Christianity

    Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church and Valor Christian College is a notorious, Scripture-twisting Prosperity Gospel Wolf.  He is also a halfwit, devoid of any ability to create his own scams.  Parsley's inability to create his own cons forces the Ohioan blowhard to be a notorious copycat!   Pope "Two-Face I" Parsley is such a copycat that he even mimics medieval Pope Boniface VIII which was the first pontiff ever in history to add substantial gains to the coffers of Rome by collecting revenues derived from FIRST FRUITS.  Don't miss this very informative program!

    Wolf Tracker is a tireless protector of Christ's global flock and an avowed enemy of all Prosperity Gospel Wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing in order to fleece the saints!

    Please tell your fellow church members, saved family members, saved neighbors, saved co-workers and saved friends about this riveting and uncompromising internet radio program!

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    Ethicist and Art Historian Bruce Cole

    in Art

    What does art mean to our nation? What are the implications of national monuments? Join us as art historian Bruce Cole, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington D.C., talks about art and our national heritage.
    From 2001 to 2009, Cole served as the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Appointed by President George W. Bush and unanimously confirmed by the Senate in 2001 and again in 2005, Cole was the longest serving Chairman of the NEH. Under Cole's leadership, the NEH launched key initiatives, including We the People, a program designed to encourage the teaching study and understanding of American history and culture, and the Picturing America project, which uses great American art to teach our nation's history and culture in 80,000 schools and public libraries nationwide. He also created the NEH's Digital Humanities Initiative and Office, which made the Endowment a national leader in this new frontier of humanities access and knowledge. Under his tenure partnerships were developed with several foreign countries, including Mexico and China.
    Born in Ohio, Cole attended Case Western Reserve University and earned a master's degree from Oberlin and a doctorate from Bryn Mawr. He is also a recipient of nine honorary doctorate degrees. For two years he was the William E. Suida Fellow at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence. Cole has held fellowships and grants from the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, the Kress Foundation, the American Philosophical Society, and the Center for Medieval and&nbsp;Renaissance Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a corresponding member of the Accademia Senese degli Intronati, the oldest learned society in Europe. He has written fourteen books and numerous articles.

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