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    Join the Tv Tantrum of Jamie, Karen, and AJ as they discuss the latest and greatest on TV. On tap for tonight Falling Skies, Defiance, Dark Matter, The Strain, and whatever else sounds good.


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    CALL IN NUMBER:  347-884-8745


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    Aug 4th 2015, 10pm(PDT)- Demonologists Farah & Ken Deel drop by to scare the pa

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    Spaced Out Radio Tuesday night August 4th is a very BIG DEEL! as Dave Scott welcomes Kenneth and Farah Rose Deel!   http://www.demonologytoday.com/

    Ken and Farah are Catholic Spiritual Warfare Counselors, field investigators, “Demonologists”, A rare Husband and Wife team in the trenches of the Paranormal /“Spiritual Warfare” investigations as well as education, with a combined 80+ years actual experience and studies related to Ghost and Demonic hauntings, possessions… “Cradle Roman Catholics”, trained “Catechists”, currently they are working under the authority of the RCC as a special “Healing Ministry” in “Spiritual warfare”, as Counselors, field investigators, and “Demonologists”. They are also providing education of Clergy and Laity, in public and private forums and venues on these related topics, in Lectures, books, Course-ware, and multi-media presentations. Which includes up to a higher level education on related topics and testimony from personal experiences. 

    Kenneth Currently has five books published which includes: “The Catholic Demonologist Handbook”, and their more recently published books including a non-denomination edition: “The Christian Demonologist Handbook” and a companion study guide “Catholic Demonologist workbook and study guide” and the "Haunting Self Help Guidebook" in which Ken’s wife Farah has Edited co-authored. 
    In coming months Kenneth and Farah will be busy with more books on related topics and a even documentary is on the horizon, which will be announced on the Demonology Today Radio Show when more information is available.

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    SmoothDrama interview with Patwa Records artist Universal Genius

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    Come listen to Mr F the N Word, Mr Jay and Ms Drama, talk about topics from all over the globe. Interview with Universal Genius artist /producer / Ceo of Patwa Records Entertainment. If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email us at smoothdrama@smoothdrama.com. Feel free to also peruse our site at www.smoothdrama.com.

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    Live or Hologram?

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    "The LaPass RePort" Tech Tips Tuesdays on "Live or Hologram"

    Brought to you by: LaPassProductions.com
    New Media Consulting+

    "As technology gets smarter, so do our clients"

  • The Gettin It In Show: Africa Thru My Eyes

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    To visit a place that’s responsible for the birth of all people on this earth, must touch ones spirit. The media paints a picture of the motherland in such a way that Black Americas view it as bad or not safe health wise. Our special guest traveled to Africa and experienced her for all the great things that she has produced. We are going to take a journey with our brutha as he explains Africa thru his eyes.


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    .ALSO @ 9:30 Ida WILL PUT DR. A ON THE SPOT . Dr. Alale has since become renowned for her knowledge in the effects of EMF and solutions as well, having invented a device which helps to protect one's home or office, one's car and one's body itself.FOR MORE INFO. CALL 803)767-9214 EMAIL NATHANONTHESPOT@OUTLOOK.COM NANOS "Flat Battery Bioharmonizers" are electrical safety devices that reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation in electronics, especially cell phones.

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    How to manage Social Media for your business.

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    Social media done well can skyrocket your business success. If you're feeling overwhelmed with your social media tasks, or frustrated at the lack of results, let Darlene Hull at HotSpot Social Media show you how to create and execute a painless and profitable plan that works. 

    You can find Darlene online at www.HotSpotSocialMedia.com and www.SocialMediaInABox.ca


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    A Taste Of Ink Rewind featuring Author Helen Walls - Downing

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    Awake in Hell Synopsis -

    Meet Louise Patterson. She's dead. She's also in Hell: A place where everyone must face the challenges of being damned. This includes below code living arrangements, a supernatural closet that makes getting dressed every day punitive, and absolutely horrible coffee. When Louise was alive, she was one of those “Go Big or Go Home” kinda people. As an underworld dweller, she’s getting used to the fact that living “larger than life” may have had some not-so-great consequences in the afterlife. That is until she loses her job in Hell. In her search for gainful employment in Central City, Hades, she finds a post-it note that gives her something to look forward to for the first time since arriving down below. Louise discovers the “Second Chance Temp Agency” along with its enigmatic CEO Mr. Deedy, who gives her so much more than a job. Foul-mouthed and seemingly unlucky, Louise gets pulled into a truly Hellacious adventure--filled with demons, ghosts, angels, magic, temp jobs, wardrobe malfunctions, and quite possibly…redemption.

    Meet Author Helen Downing who aspires to be many things in life. An actress, a writer, a trophy wife, a publicist, and a bang up media sales executive. In reality, she’s a chubby, middle-aged, twice-divorced battleaxe who is addicted to sci-fi and social networking. Please buy this book. It’s her only chance of ever fulfilling her full potential, and possibly getting into heaven.

    Interested in being a guest or being a business sponsor on VERTIKAL Live Radio? Contact ads@vertikallifemagazine.com or call 1.202.642.9377


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    Grown Folks Talk With Shaun Upshaw

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    Joining us in the studio this Tuesday August 4, 2015 will be Pastor Cornelius Lindsey? of The Gathering Oasis? church. We also have Apostle Kendall D. Alderson? of Rebirth Fellowship Worship Center? as well. The topic for the night will be "Will The Real God Please Stand Up? Are Preachers Today Preaching More For Personal Agenda Or Preaching God's Purpose For Your Life?"

    Be apart of our LIVE studio by dialing (347) 324-5327. Let's have some real conversation GROWN FOLKS!!


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              "Get Ready", "Get Ready" "Get Ready" For THE SIMMIE BRAXTON SHOW "Simmie to the Max".."  Now Brace Yourself for Braxton", "He's In A Bracket, All By Himself" Saturated "Verbal Rapp-Ability With a Twist and A Urban Pop Culture Feel...

               Simmering With Updates On Trending News And Current Events Informing Enlightening And Educating The Masses With Unadulterated Truth That The Mainstream Media So Often Leaves Out Interviews Promoting Integrity Accountability and Transparency The Essential Components to "KEEPING It REAL". finding the "WIN WIN" solutions No Wonder People Are Talking About Simmie Braxton