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    Cooking better than his mama!

    in Cooking

    We discuss how to cook like his mom, maybe even better!

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    After Success

    in Education

    We will discuss how to maintain momentum after achieving success.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Cornbread Casserole, and the "adventure" recipe will be Savory Meatloaf. 

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    Planning the Future

    in Education

    We will discuss how to realistically plan for future success.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Corn Bread Casserole and the "adventure" recipe will be Savory Meatloaf.

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    53 - Burning Loaf and Geek Debates

    in Entertainment

    When you're at a BBQ and the topic of conversation is Hoverboards ... and you draw a crowd, rather than make folks turn and walk away ... THAT's a good BBQ. That's Burning Loaf and it was pretty damn geek-friendly and fun! Listen to learn about why you should give a damn and maybe start your own Burning Loaf tradition! 

    Burning Loaf is a guy-only event where a HUGE meatloaf is tossed on a BBQ, everyone drinks and hangs out AND they raise money for a local charity! This year, they raised about $17,000 for the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano County!

    Here's a link to get your own Burning Loaf started!


    Your geek-safe-place awaits, dear listner. 

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    in Entertainment

    Former model Manouschka rediscovered her curves and went on to become one of Hollywood's premier celebrity chefs. She appeared in two seasons of Food Network's "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills," in interstitials (ads pre-expected webpage) for the OWN network, and on E! network's "Giuliana and Bill." For five years, she has chronicled her single adventures with people, food, drinks and fab-u-le$$ meals that she whips up in between, teaching other singles how to serve up chic, easy and affordable meals. One of the first celebrity chef contributors to the iPad "Appetites" app of the week pick, she loearned all she knows about cooking from her mother, Jacqueline and her professionally-trained Haitian grandmother, Olga.

    Chef Manouschka has also used her newfound celebrity to raise money for worthy causes, including over $60,000 for Rwanda and Haiti.

    She has cooked for numerous celebrities, including, Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, Lorraine Bracco, Selena Gomez, and Meatloaf, to name a few. She can be seen in the new NBC hit show, "Food Fighters," hosted by Adam Richman, on September 2nd. 

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    Radio Free America - July 13, 2014

    in Politics

    A Discussion of Libertarian Politics in Delaware and Across the Nation, with a Little Bit of Music Thrown In, Just for Fun.






    Icicles in My Meatloaf

    by Little Ed and the Blues Imperials

    We Go Down Fighting

    by The Suicide Denial


    Podsafe music courtesy of Music Alley


    UD Backs Out O Data Center Deal

    Data Center Details

    Banco Espirito Santo

    Libertarian Party of Delaware

    Steve Newton for 22nd District

    Donate to the LPD

    Will's Facebook

    Jess' Facebook

    Legislative Links

    DE Legislators



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    "Meatloaf" and Wedding Planning?

    in Culture

    Listen to Wedding Bandleader David Rothstein explain why you shouldn't judge the quality of something based on only one experience with it. 

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    The EZ Way with Eric Zuley & A-List Talent Agent Wendy Alane Wright

    in Entertainment

    Today on the Brian The Hammer Show Brian welcomes:

    -Eric Zuley aka EZ, an award winning Branding Strategist, Producer, Entrepreneur, Host & Humanitarian, founded WTV Networks which was formally What U Need TV a current Youtube Channel with over 12,000,000 viewers. Today WTV is a popular Web TV News Blog World Wide Network, with over 2500 Hollywood & Business based interviews. Eric had a award named after him by the Multicultural Motion Picture Association signed off by the city and county of Los Angeles. This award was was called the "EZ Achievment" Award and was presented to Eric by Chris Donovan the current director of the Spirit Awards and former director of the Golden Globes. The first recipient of this award was Larry Namer the Co-founder of E! Television. Eric is currently residing as a board member of the MMPA & ASYM along side individuals like Sally Kirkland, Rupert Merdoch and Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garretti to name a few. Eric Zuley turned into his clever handle given to him by his fans EZ started a TV talk show show called "The EZ Show" This show can be accessed by his digital application entitled the "Eric Zuley EZ Way App" produced by Eric Zuley and Pepper Jay Productions a 40 year old production, this show is now currently a TV series on IMDB on its third season. 

    -Wendy Alane Wright, Wendy is a Talent Manager who has worked in the Management or Publicity of many stars including Neil Patrick Harris, Johnny Galecki, Sarah Michelle Geller, Mayim Bialik, Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, David Faustino, Steve Guttenberg, The Cranberries, The Bee Gees, Keith David & Meatloaf to name a few. She started her own management company WAW Entertainment and today her current clients have appeared in numerous national commercials, movies, webisodes, short films and on TV (ABC, Comedy Central, NBC, BIO, plus many more)

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    Curtis Harwell and Sarah Kingston Discuss Recipes and Q and A

    in Fitness

    1. What is one kitchen trick you know and use that you don’t think many others know about? I don't know anything that someone else doesn't - my one thing that I do a lot is put shredded up spinach into everything.. chili... smoothies... enchiladas...spaghetti sauce..turkey meatloaf... I like to think that it adds come nutrients that wouldn't be there otherwise and you don't even notice it.

    2. What is your most used kitchen tool? My knives of course - and my favorite Calphalon pans... My husband and I eat a lot of cheese so we have two cheese graters because one always seems to be unwashed.

    3. What kitchen item can you not keep on your shelves long enough? Goat Cheese! I love goat cheese and I put it on everything - salads, bread, sandwiches, pretzels as a snack. It is soooo good!

    4. What is a kitchen faux pas in your house? Putting my favorite knife in the dishwasher - I'm lenient with the other knives but want my favorite one to stay in good condition.

    5. What’s your hangover meal cure (could be cure-all if you don’t consume alcohol)? For me this is more of a what is my favorite post run breakfast... I LOVE left over roasted veggies with some sort of protein like left over turkey meatloaf topped with sunny side egg!

    6. What foods wouldn’t you touch as a kid that you can’t get enough of now? I was not very picky as a kid. I loved vegetables, the one exception is onions - I used to hate those - now I understand that they bring a lot of flavor to a dish - though I still can't eat them raw.

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    The BROOKS Show (Season 2 - Episode 7)

    in Entertainment

    Her panties had a meatloaf stain in them... smelt like meatloaf too.

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    Episode 2: The Cupcake Negotiator and Dance Moms Recap with Glamorosi

    in Moms and Family

    Welcome to the Second Episode of the Urban Woman Radio.

    Segment One

    Last week there was video of a 3 year old making an impassioned plea to his mother to have cupcakes for dinner. Who among us wouldnt like tor skip the meatloaf and go into the chocolate frosting ? True to Social Media Form, Facebook Vigilantes were calling for an immediate butt whooping for this future Johnny Cochran.  I guess these people have no idea what it is like to raise a child like this. My ten year old is very skilled in the art of negotiating.  Rather than ask for what she wants she performs an acrobatic routine that spells out what she would like.

    I will also continue to discuss the book: "Is that Me Yelling" by Rona Renner. So far I have not made much progress in that area.

    Segment Two


    We welcome back Glamorosi Magazine for another recap of Dance Mom On last week's we saw the arrival of a new dancer Fallon. I think her time with the Abby Lee Dance Company was VERY short lived. I was surprised at the behavior of the Veteran Moms.  It was bittersweet to see Abby's mother at the Assisted Living Community. The girls did a performance. Nia did her famous Death Drop. Nothing says Assisted Living like a Death Drop.

    Cant wait to chat with you all !